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Damen, age 40, shares his story of a life changing COVID vaccine adverse event

Health Forum NZ True COVID vaccine stories

Hi my name’s Damen. I’m 40 years old single dad of an amazing 11 year old son.

For 8 years I’ve been the coach for his rugby team after playing rugby myself for a number of years. Rugby has always been our thing and it has always brought us together.

Damen Health Forum NZ True Covid Vaccine stories

In late July of last year I had my first Pfizer jab to keep my job and to protect my son. I turned 40 on August 12th, two days after my 40th birthday I had what I thought was a heart attack on the sideline of my boys rugby game, the pain was something I never want to experience again.

Now I’m 6ft, 95 kgs, always had a physical job so I considered myself fit. At the beginning of 2021 I decided to get a WOF for my body as I knew I was coming up to 40, so had all my bloods done, you name it I had it with my GP contacts me telling me I was all ok every test had come back normal. NO UNDERLYING HEALTH CONDITIONS!

After being rushed to an A&E I had an ECG attached to me all the while being in a massive amount of pain the nurse and doctor had told me it wasn’t a heart attack and the pain was being caused by Myocarditis. The nurse gave me a paper bag to breathe into while they called an ambulance, from there I went to Middlemore Hospital.

I sat in Middlemore for 6 hours, saw one nurse who gave me two Panadol.

At around 7pm just hours after the Myocarditis I suffered a major heart attack in front of my mother and son, I had a 95 percent blockage in my LAD (‘widow maker’).

They rushed me to Auckland hospital just in time. All the doctors told me I shouldn’t be alive due to the massive blockage. I was stented, after 3 days I was back home. The day I was sent home we went into lock down. I couldn’t visit anybody for support at all.

I still have nightmares about having to act normal while the attack was happening kissing my boy and telling him dad was ok when in reality I thought I was going to die.

It’s almost been a year since this happened.

I can’t run around with my son anymore, can’t work like I used to, I’m on so many pills I suffer from deep depression and anxiety. I break into a sweat just seeing stairs, I don’t sleep, I’m tired all the time with no energy. I’m struggling to keep my rental property and my job as I’m unable to complete an 8 hour day.

This poison has ruined my life and the stress that comes with been financially affected amongst other stresses, I fear is going to lead me to have another attack.

That’s my story.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Damen’s story is published by DTNZ with the kind permission of The Health Forum NZ. If you would like your vaccine injury story to be shared in this ongoing series, please contact Lynda Wharton by email at thehealthforumnz@protonmail.com.

The Health Forum NZ:

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  1. Tragic. Deepest sympathy. I’m so glad my family and I refused the jab but I can see why people were compelled to take it to keep their jobs. This political establishment in this country are, in my opinion, reprehensible. I wont be voting for any politician or party that supported this ever again.

    • I totally agree, who do we vote for ?as voting for nats or act means more of the same(they were in support of jabs and mandates)what to do???

  2. I am speechless. So sorry Damen that this has happened to you. Thank you for sharing your story.

    Thank you to Dailytelegraph for sharing Damens story.

    Our mainstream media should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for not allowing vac injured people to speak up. Our Director General refused these poor people medical exemptions. Utterly disgusting. Our media, govt and many medical professionals have gaslit these people to such a degree that it should be a criminal offence.


  3. If there is any pinch of decency and honesty, Jabcinda would have compensated victims of jabbing using ACC or other public funds. Instead she spending hundreds of millions to media propaganda. Such is the way a Santanist pursues her/his agenda.

    • And dividing this country along race lines. The co-governance wheels are in motion. No political party has the cahunas to put a stop to this madness. I would hate to see what this country would look like in 5 or 10 years. Most hardworking would have already left.

    • Not sure if I trust Russell. He was married to Katy Perry who is on tape saying she sold her soul to the devil to get famous. Pretty sure she went to Epsteins island and I think her current husband Orlando bloom. (happy to be corrected on that one) Russell has the Freemasons number 33 tattooed on his arm/hand/wrist can’t remember where exactly but look for it, he is pictured hugging that sicko twisted little man Noah Yuval Harari (Mr ‘the future is under the skin’ – read microchip)who has disturbingly just written a childrens book and Russell is also pictured covering one eye – the old symbolism of Satan worshiping Illuminati so yeah I don’t think he’s on our side EVEN though he sounds like he is.

      Part of the whole Freemason thing is they have to tell us what they are doing. Russell never offers any solutions. It’s like they are that cocky they will succeed they are mocking us. Controlled opposition.

  4. What is so frustrating is that all Damen’s so called medical professionals (prostitutes), will dismiss his unfortunate condition as coincidental. Damen, knows the jab caused this, though to get the cooperation and treatment he deserves, he’ll have to go along with the scam. Many affected are not speaking up, because they don’t want to be labeled anti-vax. Rather they go with the narrative, because the need the treatment for their condition.
    Speaking to my doctor friend recently, she too is shocked how many fellow quad jabbed colleagues are being afflicted with what is now diagnosed as being “Long Covid”. Heart attacks, myocarditis, pains, strokes, shortness of breath, severe fatigue, just to name a few. She, is disappointed, she can’t have her second booster yet because she recently had covid.
    I spoke to my recently retired teacher friend, schools are struck with sick teachers, she was asked if she could relieve.

  5. My heart goes out to Damen.

    It’s criminal that the government, medical profession and MSM mislead, bullied and coerced people into taking this ineffective dangerous jab. I cannot believe that these people are still pretending that adverse reactions are mild and ‘rare’.

    A recent German study* reports that 1 in 5000 (doses) are experiencing ‘serious adverse events’. I suspect the real number is far higher due to underreporting.

    *Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlGXFRs4ZOA&t=7s

  6. Oh Damen,
    Your story is heart wrenching !
    Know that others like myself feel deeply for you.
    You will move through this eventually.
    Please keep holding “ Hope “ before you.
    I am praying for you.

  7. So sorry for Damen. You are a hero for standing up and speaking out. Register with NZDSOS. There are treatments out there to help you. Also in USA there are clinics set up to help spike protein/long covid injuries. Alternative natural treatments are out there (not sure if I can name them here). But do register with NZDSOS and get help. You are not alone. X


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