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‘Establishment’ asked Facebook to ‘censor’ Covid posts – Zuckerberg

The Meta chief admitted that the social media platform removed millions of posts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Facebook was asked by the scientific “establishment” to remove various posts related to Covid-19 which later proved to be “debatable or true,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during a podcast interview this week.

Speaking to the Russian-American interviewer Lex Fridman in a podcast released on Thursday, Zuckerberg said that policing Facebook’s attempts to remove mistruths is “really tricky.”

“Just take some of the stuff around Covid earlier on in the pandemic,” Zuckerberg explained, “Where there were real health implications but there hadn’t been time to fully vet a bunch of the scientific assumptions.”

He continued: “Unfortunately, I think a lot of the establishment on that kind-of waffled on a bunch of facts.”

Zuckerberg said in August 2021, in an interview with CBS during the height of the pandemic, that Facebook takes down content the platform views as “harmful,” as it violates the company’s policies. He also stated that at the time, Facebook removed around 18 million posts that were judged to have spread misinformation about the virus.

US president Joe Biden was among the critics of Facebook in the summer of 2021, suggesting that it was a vehicle for the distribution of “bad information” on social media which he said was “killing people.”

“My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally that somehow I’m saying Facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation,” Biden said in July 2021.

Speaking to Fridman this week, though, Zuckerberg said that the “establishment” had encouraged his platform to endorse various information about Covid-19, but also “asked for a bunch of things to be censored that, in retrospect, ended up being more debatable or true.”

In 2022, Attorneys General in the states of Missouri and Louisiana alleged that Facebook was among several Big Tech companies to have coordinated with US infectious diseases chief Dr Anthony Fauci to “discredit and suppress” online debates concerning whether the Covid-19 virus originated from a lab leak in Wuhan, China.

In February, the US Department of Energy concluded with “low confidence” that the virus likely originated from an accidental lab leak in China – a finding whose allegation Beijing has called “baseless.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. So, what does this mean: In the technological society in which we live, 2000 years after Lord Jesus walked the Earth, we have technology that not only cannot be relied upon but actually lies to us because of the dishonest people behind it. People’s lives could have been saved if they had access to timely information about HCQ and IVM curing COVID19, and also warning people of the vaccine dangers. Instead, people who have loved ones and friends are maimed or dead because of these lies. I wonder if “information flow” was better in the Stone Age? Something to think about the next time you look at the MSM or social media.

    • Spot on!
      And I wonder, why some of these big wigs, who have been harmed themselves, whose loved ones have succumbed, the ‘elite’ who discern scientific ‘truth’, the icons like Ed Dowd who hold irrefutable statistic data by corporations who profit from statistical data (insurance and pension/social funds, I wonder why THESE people are so meek and docile.
      Feels like the quiet before a storm.

    • Nothing has change in 10,000 years, Leaders have always lied, directly or through various forums and proxies, now they will lie using machines as a proxy but only the foolish will fall for that one, again, like soo many times before.
      You just need to use common sense and have a default starting position that `you are being lied too` like we always have.

  2. fakebook and other anti-social media are nothing less than surveillance tools.

    Just as google sometime usefull but to be used with real parcimony

  3. Influenza disappeared during Covid. Nobody seems to think this odd. The whole pandemic fear was government authorised, media driven, and police enforced. When before in peace time history have you ever seen such a concentrated war time level propaganda machine at work? Treasuries were emptied and the inflation we have now is purely and simply due to the amount of money spent by government during 2020-2022. NZ got a ‘free’ jab but see how you pay for it now! All this was done to get an experimental mRNA injection into as many people as possible. Why? Trials were hidden. There was no quality control. Sudden death is a real thing, ignored by the media. Has anybody noticed the recent rise in reports of declining fertility and population collapse?
    There was no effort to save lives. Hospitals were closed. We couldn’t get a doctor appointment. Remember? Anybody who thinks Ardern and Hipkins had the mRNA injection on TV are too gullible and naive to live.
    Everything was all about the injection. Ephesians 6:12.

    • “Influenza disappeared during Covid. Nobody seems to think this odd.”

      There are between about 20 million to 40 million cases of flu in the USA every year until the 2019-2020 season when there were about 1850 cases.

      So, either one of the following is true:
      (1) Flu in natural and was renamed COVID19 in order to give an excuse for lockdowns and coerced vaccinations because nobody would accept this for flu.
      (2) Flu was also engineered in a lab somewhere and released every year until 2019 when they decided not to release flu but release COVID19 instead.

      Perhaps the yearly flu vaccine was “conditioning” in order to get people used to the idea of a vaccine so that when COVID19 came out, most people did not “smell a rat” with the possible dangers.

      The 36 million COVID19 cases in the USA is between the 20 to 40 million norms for the flu, and the COVID19 apparently had a 99.97 survival rate if you caught it, just like the seasonal flu. So perhaps it really WAS the flu.

      • I think the flu was simple out competed by covid, covid was more infectious and dominated, people tested positive for covid but where they testing for the flu, maybe people were getting infected with both but if they only test for covid, covid is all you are going to find.

  4. RNZ is being hauled over the coals for a media journalist(s) who reported the truth about the Russian / Ukrainian War, that being;
    Since the West seems to abide by the Talmudic Zionists based on any and all of the lies that the same report in the media, and considering that they own Western Europe and North America via Mossad infiltration(s), ‘Ukraine’, (which is actually medieval J3wi$h Khazaria…& the J3w$ want it back in order to promote ‘Greater Israel’…)
    See the latest Neil Oliver videos titled ‘They Lie’…
    Maybe I’ll file a complaint with the BSA on the fact that the re[porters at RNZ are correct in reporting the truth about the Ukraine losing the war…and should NOT have been chastised for doing so.
    Jabby may be out of the country, but her globalist / communist minions are still doing the bidding for her.
    See also Patrick Lancaster’s recent videos; he’s on the ground in Donbass reporting on the Ukraine shelling civilian areas in that region.
    Ukraine has lost the war!
    How do we know this?
    They are begging for equipment, ammo, etc from other nations.
    This is in keeping with the Talmudic J3wi$h instruction that demands the killing- off the White Gentiles and White Goyim, and taking / borrowing the equipment from them to do just that!
    & Israel has NEVER paid back any loan made to it!
    Everyone is quick to apportion Éntitlement Guilt’ to Whitey, but NEVER to Israel which that murders, attacks, blackmails, assassinates and steals land and property either thru the Banks or outright property appropriation.
    At least one thing is for certain; those M1-A1 Abrams and Leopard lV Tanks are not as wonderful as the masses think…!
    And neither are the Ukrainian Infantry and Combat Engineers, whose average lifespan at the front is 4 hours!

  5. Jayem is right on the money, but most people are completely clueless, I have utter contempt for the idiots on MSM.

  6. Biden supports Ukraine to keep his bribery crime hidden. It’s coming out anyway, all the taxpayer money was wasted covering for him!


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