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Fed Farmers formally request extension of Nitrogen fertiliser reporting date

Nitrogen fertiliser news

Farmers have asked the Minister for the Environment to extend the date from 31 July to 31 December this year.

An online tool which was supposed to have been developed by regional councils to allow farmers to report how much fertiliser they had used during 2021/2022 was not ready, and there were no alternatives available to submit the information.

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‘Needless to say, this is very disappointing and reflects poor organisation on the part of the government who created these regulations in the first place,’ said a Federation Farmers advisory sent out by email.

‘The National Environmental Standard for Freshwater makes it clear that dairy farms are to report their nitrogen use by 31 July. There have been some assurances from regional councils they will not be enforcing this regulation until October. This still leaves dairy farmers in breach of the law if they do not comply with this reporting date.’

Federated Farmers were also concerned that farmers had been told the date had been pushed, when it clearly had not been. ‘While it is tempting to blame regional councils, these are central government regulations that have been brought into force without the proper implementation systems in place.’

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  1. The longer they leave it the better. Seeing this is being driven by the UN WEF Branch and the Netherlands are having 30% of their farm lands confiscated so a spurious global warming can be tamed (despite their being global warming for almost 9 years.)
    Are confiscated lands going to be returned to Maori in NZ?

    • I believe that plan is to say that foot and mouth is here and the govt will force farmers to destroy stock. They already did this with mycoplasma bovis. We need to talk about this openly and spread the word to ‘out’ the govt plan. Shame this govt out of office. National will do the same so don’t be fooled by them either. I believe Chris Luxon was put there on purpose by the overseas powers that be, as was Key and they tried to put Bridges in also but he didn’t last long. Collins was not chosen, that’s why they hounded her out.

      You will notice that John Keys Govt increased dairying, encouraging people to buy and convert land and spend lots of money on machinery and buildings with low interest loans. I believe their plan was to indebt farmers so when they crash our economy and the world monetary system, the farmers will be forced to sell their farms to clear the debt. THATS how the govt or some multinational (blackrock????? Remember Jacinda visiting there on her overseas trip recently) will buy the farm. That’s how they will implement the WEF plan of “you will own nothing and be happy”. Another way the govt is squeezing farmers is with this “significant Natural areas” crap. Making some of their land unavailable for farming. Probably won’t be long u til they seize that land for ‘conservation’ to be owned by govt (or Maori).

      Make no mistake, this Govt or one run by national will implement the same stuff. They try and make us think we have a choice but in reality it’s just more of the same Sh1t whether it’s labour or national. We must get them BOTH out. The New Zealand farmers need to unite with all other freedom fighters even if they wouldn’t normally agree with them and we MUST push back. (in a PEACEFUL way) to wake up more people. Our mainstream media need shaming for their appalling govt propaganda and for not reporting what’s really happening. They are ALL sell outs.

      Nee Zealand is the worlds Guinea pig, with our small and compliant population. So we must NOT be compliant. We must push back. We must unite. This whole co governance agenda is more of the same divide and conquer rubbish. Of course there are always greedy people who will be bought for money – you can see who they are by what has gone on recently with 3 waters etc.

      We must unite with people like Brian Tamaki who can rally large numbers of people – Christians, farmers, anti mandate people, no matter the colour of their skin and other freedom fighters. We are all fighting for the same cause, right to be free of govt overreach and unjust laws and to live our lives and provide for ourselves. The govt WANTS to make people dependent- then they can control us, herd us into intensive housing. The people working in the govt departments right now actually already call it HERDING. How disgusting is that? I also don’t believe the govt really wants to help Maori – why did they target Maori and Pacific people with their poisonous jab juices? That looks sinister to me more than anything.

      The World Economic Forum has decided New Zealand will be the test country for Artificial Intelligence- look it up it’s all there to see. They installed 5G while we were in lockdown (maybe that’s why Auckland was in lockdown for so long???? Big job doing it there so needed longer lockdown) and ALL our streetlights are now those new LED lights. (look for yourself) They have the capability to be used as facial recognition cameras (look it up). The WEF calls cities that are fully 5G and with these LED lights, intensive housing – “smart cities” (look it up).
      So yeah folks, our govt isn’t working for us, they want to control, monitor and cripple us. They want our land and assets and they don’t care who gets harmed in the process.

      Now I know that all sounds like crazy nut job conspiracy theory, but all my conspiracy theories from last year have come true and the rest can be backed up by doing a simple google search. Don’t be fooled into thinking any of this is for our benefit. Get used to the fact that our govt DONT CARE about us. They aren’t giving you money because they are worried about us, they are bribing us into compliance and dependence. WAKE UP.

      Well that’s my 5 cents worth anyway lol (got a bit off topic ????)

  2. Well everything is going according to the plans as far as agent Jabcinda is concerned on the agenda to use “food as a weapon”. Grocery prices are already out of control; kiwis pay nearly twice for groceries when compared to UK/US. Once the nitrogen scheme comes into force, farms can be sold to Globalists and public control can be exercised more easily. The charm offensive of Jabcinda is not working as good as it used to be. So new control measures are needed for agent Jabcinda.


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