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Green MP Efeso Collins passes away at charity event in Auckland

Efeso Collins death news

Green Party Member of Parliament Fa’anana Efeso Collins has passed away following a sudden collapse during the ChildFund Water Run in Auckland.

The incident occurred at 9am today in Britomart, where Collins was participating in the event to help raise funds for Pacific communities.

Despite immediate lifesaving attempts by emergency services, Collins was declared dead at the scene. At 49, he leaves behind his wife Fia and two daughters.

Collins was an advocate for youth and the Pasifika community, having served on the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Auckland Council, and recently ran for mayor with Labour Party support.

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    • You gotta feel sorry for the people who swallowed the narrative. Just a few days ago a 48 yo NZ teacher dropped dead at school.
      RECORD high deaths in December 23.

  1. Sorry for the loss for his family. However I unfortunately am having trouble feeling sympathy for anyome who pushed that poison on other people. I know that’s harsh but there are a lot of us out here still suffering from PTSD for being treated like Sh1t when we did nothing wrong. Our kids suffered too and will likely be damaged or traumatised for life.

  2. You know I am sorry, he, I am sure was a good man. Though don’t like the politics from that party either. All I can say is this disturbing line that is haunting my head.
    “When will they learn when will they learn”?

  3. A female i know early 50s dropped dead last week, healthy and out of the blue, another one added to the list that I know. Its insane.

  4. ‘Passes away’?
    I think you meant ‘dies’…..?

    Anyway, this was the man who enthused so profusely about people being injected with the experinental mRNA poison in 2021.


    “I think Saturday (vaxathon) is like our call to action, and it can be a really fun environment that young people will come along to maybe do a few TikToks while they’re standing outside and have a great day.”

    • Thanks for the link, they were all so self righteous and now look what’s happening to people. Well I think those who chose not to get the clot shot were the ones with the most positive outcome!!

      The deaths so far are nothing to what’s coming.

  5. Very sad news ,good people are die ing or getting side effects every day from this poison, time for a proper inquiry into this poisonous vaxx,comonLuxton grow some kahunas.

  6. Very sad for the close ones and friends. Don’t wish it to anyone out there.
    However real question is there anyone out there in msm wit h ball balls to come out and ask the question?

  7. Sadly for his family he was not close enough to the “depopulation policy makers” to qualify for a placebo. I do wonder where the line runs though. Did Jacinda, Chippy and Bloomfield get a placebo? Will never be proven of course, but makes for good speculation.

      • I think they may have. Useful idiots. I think only the ones really close to the masterminds (Fauci, Bourla) got the placebo. Includes for Trudolf tho, is even on video incl actor who has no clue how to set a jab.

    • I actually reckon ALL sitting MPs got the jab in parliament- placebos for all.

      I don’t believe media got the real thing either.

      I know 2 people (married couple) who got turbo cancer (different types) and died within a week of each other. Chances are they both had jabs at same times and same batch. Clearly some batches were worse than others. What was a major red flag was when the vaccine vials had to be diluted into 5 or 6 syringes. Um 5 or 6? So not precise then? What happened if the person doing the dilutions messed up? Too many opportunities for variation for my liking and that’s not even taking into account all the other HUGE red flags. Didn’t stop transmission, new technology, myocarditis, not tested on pregnant women etc etc


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