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Guy Hatchard: The Grim Covid Industry

COVID industry news

Lincoln National, America’s third largest insurance company has announced a 163% increase in death benefits in 2021 paid out under its group life insurance scheme which primarily covers working age 18-64 year olds.

Lincoln National attributes its consequent operating losses to “non-pandemic-related morbidity”. In other words a lot of people are becoming seriously ill and it is not due to Covid infection.

Back here in New Zealand, Stuff reported yesterday:

“District health boards say specialist shortages mean they are unable to provide safe, quality care to patients, with one board saying it needs 50% more doctors to keep up with demand.”

Staff are reporting exhaustion and overloaded wards, especially cardiac and respiratory wards. The Hon. Little, health minister, fully justified his name by laying much of the blame for the crisis on the flu season which hasn’t yet arrived—due later in June and July. Mr. Little is apparently never one to shrink away from the notion of backwards causation in time.

The NZ Herald headlined yesterday—our ‘whole health system is falling to bits’.

“New data, released under the Official Information Act, revealed nearly 3000 patients waited longer than six hours to be treated at New Zealand’s busiest ED last month.”

Mr Little didn’t mention that he sacked a lot of hospital staff through vaccine mandates—available staff who are still prevented from working. Many of whom are possibly better protected from Covid than their vaccinated colleagues through the natural immunity acquired through prior infection. He didn’t mention the overseas experience—UK hospital staff, none of whom were ever vaccine-mandated, no longer even have to routinely wear masks (let alone the general public). In contrast, NZ hospital staff were mandated to receive boosters before 25 February or lose their positions.

Who are the real government copywriters?

I am left wondering who actually writes the government’s Covid policy announcements and advertising material. This week we were regaled on social media with multiple slots advising us that if we have had Covid already (which is most of us) then the natural immunity you have gained is worthless without a booster shot. No risk is too high when it comes to proving these shots really do work if you have enough of them.

I have a feeling that whoever is churning out the government advertising PR is not actually reviewing published data. They are more likely to be qualified in journalism and focusing hard to make up whatever they can to satisfy a ‘vaccine or bust’ brief. The idea that natural immunity from prior infection doesn’t work is fantasy copywriting pure and simple.

A paper just published by the BMJ argues that, on the evidence available, pandemic policies should have recognised proof of natural immunity as a sufficient basis for exemption to vaccination requirements. It further concludes that there is no compelling evidence for the superiority of Covid vaccine-induced immunity.

My reading of the official current New Zealand Covid data unambiguously backs this up—the unvaccinated are gradually becoming less vulnerable to Covid infection and hospitalisation (presumably gaining natural immunity) but the vaccinated are not, their level of protection is gradually declining. The reason must lie with the characteristic effects of the mRNA vaccine.

From Friday, District Health Boards will no longer exist when the centralised new government entity Health New Zealand takes over. In a show of responsibility, Minister Little has announced a ‘high power taskforce’ charged with clearing the long hospital backlogs. Do you, like me, lack confidence in Labour’s centralised government control? Would you describe our health crisis as the result of long hospital backlogs rather than a failed pandemic strategy?

Or would you ask some hard questions and expect answers? Whoops, you can’t ask questions of Jacinda Ardern. If you do, you lose your job, get sprayed with water or pepper, and are forced to listen to loud music through the night.

Jacinda, we lament:

In the North, South, East and West,
We gave you our votes and our best,
You were toasted in our talk, and our song;
We thought that love would last forever: We were wrong.

Your cabinet stars are not wanted now; put them out every one,
You packed the parliament and threatened the young,
You poured away the budget and usurped the good;
Nothing now can ever come to anything that it should.

We’re mourners now and march to muffled drum…

(Apologies to W H Auden Funeral Blues)

Truth cannot remain hidden

The government messaging has so far been overwhelming. The government can pretend, it can make up stories to placate an increasingly informed and suspicious public, but it can’t hide the truth forever. New Zealand is becoming aware that a foreign mega entity is draining our coffers and injuring our best with impunity.

Sometimes I am reminded of the history of World War 1. From Gallipoli to Verdun to Somme to Ypres. No doubt the generals, far from the trenches, considered that each successive push over the top would succeed when all previous had failed miserably. All the while the casualties mounted. Poor New Zealand was there, like today, at the behest of foreign powers whose sense of the value of human life was attuned to a game of dice—over the top again lads.

Billions of dollars have poured into the coffers of Pfizer, the medical establishment, universities, and the biotechnology industry. This has happened all over the world and has created a vested interest in continuing the pandemic along with all its trappings and contractors. The miracle is that none of these protagonists are liable for the injuries and deaths. They have legal immunity and their profits are stupendous. No one is required to shoulder any blame.

As the German pacifist Kurt Tucholsky satirised the horrors of war:

“The war? I cannot find it to be so bad! The death of one man: this is a catastrophe. Hundreds of thousands of deaths: that is a statistic!”

Today he might just as well have said ‘pandemic’ rather than ‘war’, or are we actually in the midst of an undeclared bout of modern germ warfare? A war conjured up in secret biotech laboratories. A heartless and grim conflict where the injured are not just mere statistics but, thanks to propaganda, are not even aware of the true cause of their novel maladies. Everyday we hear we are winning the war, just one last push, one more boost, over the top to the promised land.

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  1. Economies must be collapsed destroying the whole middle class with total control on poor under the NWO. Satanist Obama publically stated that all individual rights and freedom must be surrendered for the NWO; watch https://rumble.com/v197zbq-new-world-order.html (1 min also includes Biden and Klaus Schwab).

    What is happening to public health is just part of this agenda. Agents Jacinda & Luxon are for NWO. We all must learn to live happily without any decent public health renting in a home owned by BlackRock in the future. If you are depressed, anti-depresents will be free. If yoiu are sick, vaccines and all antibiotics will be free. Manufactured food with just carbs and fats with lab grown meat for protein will be made available depending on your social credit score. Peasents will be encouraged to grow some vegetables if they can but not essential.

    The above may sound extreme but a possibility.

  2. Huxley’s classic book ‘A Brave New World’ coming to life, with a mix of Orwells 1984.

    In order to really understand what is going on we should be reading “Tavistock: Social Engineering of the Masses” by Daniel Estulin.

  3. Even the media mercenaries cannot hide the truth at times.
    New data shows New Zealand is failing on every social and economic human rights metric
    The country is not delivering adequate rights to education, health, housing and work, based on what it could be achieving with the money available
    When it comes to the right to food, New Zealand’s record is steadily declining

  4. The story is true because we know that insurance companies are being wiped out by claims at a horrendous rate for death cover. we know natural immunity by infection and recovery is always effective its been the basis of all vaccines before the 2019 redefinition of what a vaccine is. (WHO,FDA,CDC,NZ government). The worry is that now that NZ and other countries are being destroyed by the elite of the left – meaning those envisioned to a socialist utopia – and with inherent or created wealth (Schwab to Gates). But yet they are blind like children believing in their own science rather than scientific method because a. It profits them (vaccine sales) and b. Its an inconvenient truth that things don’t work or harm people – which is part of de-pop plan anyhow.
    As science is perverted, true scientific method and practice is likewise usurped. Just look at the fudged and highly faked study presented to FDA/CDC by Pfizer to get EUA for vaccine roll out to children 6 months to 5yrs old – so badly run they even vaccinated the control group after only 6 weeks of study so no data could be compared between groups later and then they reduced the over all group to 7 children to make the effectiveness claims out of 3000 test volunteer subjects – lets wonder about what money those parents were paid to Guinea pig their children.
    So science and government corruption betrays us – Jacinda Arden’s little trip to Black rock recently – is not that open to discussion? These are the enemies we face corporations and Pharma but unlike open warfare you have no choices you can’t hide they have bigger and better guns with social pressure and our sheep herd mentality when you spent the last 50 years dumbing down education you get a generation of individuals unable to critically think or ask serious questions when you own the media they also join the choir and you control the message and the medium. We can only blame ourselves we get the politicians we deserve we vote them in as indicated often with hope in the lies they spread or like all of NZ because their in this party or that have a nice family worked in airline industry or were starting a nice family we don’t get told the sub texts what they intend to do . What laws they are going to pass how badly they understand the law , how unconcerned they can be and certainly no-one last election thought to ask how that you’ve closed the borders and we are covid free will you destroy that by opening the borders when newer weaker variants are out there so you can introduce more restrictive legalisation in the tsunami of fear following delta.
    The ideas that NZ went to war in 1914 under the control of foreign powers is a cunning but basis view point often misused by kiwis,Aussie’s and others to nudge their distaste for the European mother lands of their descent. In 1914 the government of NZ was well placed to reject war as in 1939 and could have do so. London had influence it is true but ultimately the ANZAC’s went to war to show London that their was freedom of choice (as in the Boer war) and that loyalty to the Crown was high but independence of thought and freedom higher remember the NZ government had allowed women the vote -first for example.
    The First World War was as principled as the second – Germany a massive European and world power with colonies in Africa,pacific,indo china etc. Was willing to crush the rights of small nations like Belgium and was free to do so because other powers had not created a military pact (pan European) and would not until NATO after WWII. Britain was not obligated without choice to defend France but indeed could provide aid and would have used naval power to block naval support to German forces. In fact Germany believed Britain and her commonwealth / empire counties would not go to war so much so that they barely defended much of there overseas counties. But the principal of small nations being over run and destroyed by the German army was too much in way like Ukraine/Russia today – abet the risks being much higher today and the stomach of nations for war or to support war (costs) not there because the sense of nationalism and globalism is not there.
    The Kiwi and Aussie chiefs of staff and imperial staff officers did learn unlike the pandemic staff that throwing units over the top didn’t work but in stable mate war you have to still do things to relieve pressures on the front line – remember the western front ran from the coast of Belgium to the Black Sea off Thessaloniki thousand of miles over alpine mounts and through cities. We tend to just cast our minds eye to just the small corner of Flanders fields because that was our responsibility but Britons, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis,Indians,South Africans, North Africans ,French, Arab nations soldiers lie in many forgotten fields. How often are the Irish,Indian,English or French soldiers / sailors who all fought with us at Gallipoli recalled by ANZAC day thoughts they too were brothers in arms who suffered and died in the same struggle , how often is it forgotten that the person who ended the campaign was not the NZ prime minister or secretary of war or the Aussie PM or minister of war but rather the Imperial chief of staff Field Marshall Kitchener a man not wishing to throw men over the top and perhaps how different the war could have gone had he not been killed later in course of the conflict.
    But to return to the point the officers in the field learned slowly to use artillery ranging correctly to protect men against well defended positions , air power started to play a joint arm role and stealth approaches under such artillery cover with tanks had become the norm by 17-18 the soldiers of the Commonwealth went home undefeated and that meant we would survive World War II and thus while we can hold the view held by the German imperial staff of ourselves as Lions lead by donkeys – those donkeys won and many of the best were their to ensure ultimate victory in 1945. Many good Kiwis in fact who likely give over the top orders because there was no other way to relieve the line else where rem back then there was no airborne troops, special forces, commandos, and certainly no Lancasters, spitfires, stealth bombers U2 surveillance or blackbirds.
    So if we liken the pandemic to WWI we see the vaccine ineffective like a trench line facing another line, we see other counties doing science (correctly) and we see our frontline staff under serious P but we have no means to relief the Generals of Little and Ardern just keep like Hitler hoping that the wunder weapons will stop the advances and we can return to nice kiwi reich they have created. Therefore sadly there is no critical thinking general able to say stop withdraw, regroup and lets get some knowledge around what they say this Pfizer EUA medicine is. But no its become a Verdun were victory breaks the country and makes it so weak that the next wave of the WEF attack will like biltzkieg overwhelm NZ freedoms and make us all own nothing but be happy and or sheep people akin to Vichy France what a terrible future because we accept this current governments lies and have no MSM or political opposition to this strategy of self destruction.


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