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‘Labour is coming after your car and street’: Simeon Brown labels ‘Reshaping Streets’ proposal ‘outrageous’

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Kiwis should reject the outrageous Government proposals revealed yesterday which will allow councils to more easily and quickly change street layouts, restrict cars and replace carparking with bus lanes, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Today’s ‘Reshaping Streets’ announcement from the Government is a radical proposal that reveals Labour’s deeply ingrained anti-car ideology,” Mr Brown says.

“Under this proposal, Road Controlling Authorities around New Zealand will have significantly heightened powers to carve up streets at their own discretion.

“This means less consultation with communities when it comes to creating cycleways, removing on-street car parks, installing speed bumps and reducing speed limits.

“These proposals mean that road users are effectively taken out of the picture. Consultation will instead take place while ‘pilots’ are already underway.

“Transport Minister Michael Wood says, ‘People live, shop and meet with friends and whānau on our streets.’ But people do not hold meetings and go shopping in carriageways, which are designed for vehicles. People need to drive, including sometimes over short distances, for many reasons, including because of mobility difficulties. An ageing population does not deserve to be housebound or penalised by Labour’s anti-car agenda.

“Kiwis could also lose access to their street due to ‘modal filters’, which would effectively allow the banning of cars, or some types of cars, from some streets. Additionally, streets could even be used as playgrounds at certain times during the day.

“These proposals are radical and take road users out of the picture.

“People have a right to access their home with a vehicle, but that right could be in jeopardy when local road controlling powers are given absolute authority without having to go through suitable consultation.

“These proposals should be thrown in the rubbish heap. Increasing road safety should happen in consultation with communities – not by giving enormous powers to unelected bureaucrats.”

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  1. Also they want EV cars because then we are limited to how far we can travel and by 2025 they will all be programmed so if you are a naughty boy or girl they can turn your car off and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I vote we don’t buy EVs off the car manufacturers. Hit them in the wallet.

  2. Welcome to The New World Order, Great Reset, Agenda 2030 (that’s the year they say they want it all in place, so not that far away) or whatever else they want to call it.

  3. “Out the front of this place, there are people who I think we all feel for. There are some people who are confused, there are some people who are scared, there are some people who have been manipulated by an avalanche of misinformation.
    “There are some people who have been hurt over the past couple of years and they’re lashing out.
    “We feel for those people. But underneath all of that, there is a river of filth.
    “There is a river of violence and menace. There is a river of anti-Semitism. There is a river of Islamophobia. There is a river of threats to people who work in this place and our staff
    “I would say that there is a river of genuine fascism in parts of the event that we see out the front of this Parliament today,” he said. “I just urge colleagues in this House – decent and honourable members of the centre-right parliamentary parties in this Parliament – that a lot is actually on them to not give succour and comfort to an emergent and dangerous far-right movement. I just ask those members to reflect upon that.”.” Michael Wood Labour. February 2022.

    • The thing that makes me laugh about the left is supposedly in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s they were the alternative to the so called political mainstream, they were for the workers against The Establishment, they were Rock n’ Roll. Now all they do is push the mainstream policy’s of the globalist elite. They have become “The Man” as they use to say in the classics. If you are Independent or conservative in anyway politically you have become the New Alternative, the New Rock n’ Roll.

    • It’s the same small-brained, baseless slander Castro’s son employed up in Canada.

      People protesting vaccine mandates, losing their businesses and being driven into poverty were apparently just racist, sexist, homophobic etc for being unhappy.

      Nothing but smear, lies and fraud. Politicians truly are the vilest filth walking this earth today. Almost every problem in any country on a map can be laid at the feet of its political class.

      They used to at least feel some semblance of shame. They used to have the decency to hate us commoners quietly in private, now they do it openly.


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