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Listen: Rumours of military-style lockdown ‘very irresponsible’ – Billy TK Jnr

Billy TK Junior news

A video circulating on social media this week alleging the government will impose a ‘military lockdown’ within two weeks has been labelled ‘very irresponsible’ by Billy TK Jnr.

In the video an anonymous woman claims the mooted lockdown would be ‘much more severe than last time, with our transport very much shut down.’ It would coincide with ‘the running out of fuel in this country’ and result in ‘very intense pressure to jab people based on contact rings etc.’

The woman said her claims were based on ‘very strong intelligence’ and that the government had recently passed legislation giving them the power to lockdown schools for 72 hours with parents having ‘absolutely no access to children.’ School medical officers would have the power to force vaccinate children.

‘If you go through a roadblock or checkpoint in places you will have your ID checked, and if your name flags as an unjabbed you will get probably detained and a huge amount of pressure put on you. So it’s looking reasonably grim.’

The Christchurch ‘Red Zone’ was one area to be used for purpose of detaining people.

Billy TK Jnr responded on social media, calling the claims ‘very irresponsible to put out’. TK Jnr explained he knew the woman making the claims, as she was part of his Advance New Zealand team.

‘This is why I really do make great pain, make great effort to ensure whatever I put out there is substantiated to have a great chance of being very accurate.’

While we were with dealing with a ‘terrible situation’ today there was ‘no evidence whatsoever that military personnel and checkpoints are going to be set up in the next couple of weeks in an effort to close us all down and force jab us.’

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  1. French yellow vests protests is going on for 2 years. Thousands were attacked and the injuries made them disabled and many cant even walk. Hundreds killed too. Yet, the media is not placing any news on this. France is running as a military state somewhat with rights of citizens severly curtailed. Elections held were far from fair, and the MSM media is all out for Macron and smearing the opposition. More on this is here.

    I will not surprised if Agent Jancinda is making contingency plans as ordered by her Globalist bosses. Will it eventuate? I dont know and only time will tell but we should be prepared.

  2. When no proof of isolation of the covid virus is available are we simply dealing with a war against humanity?
    What quality does the Rats test have? Does it exceed 5% false positives? Is the PCR test still being run at 40 replications?
    I find it strange that the WHO bigheads speak and the numbers increase worldwide to order.

      • The similarity of this coincides with the Locomotive Engineers / Train Driver strikes that are starting on Monday 18 July 2022 in some Western Nations. with the shortage of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) that trucks, locomotives and *diesel-run power plants need for proper operation (*hence, the ‘rolling black-outs…).

        I trust Billy TK, Jamie Lee Ross the Outdoors & Freedom Party, plus Voices for Freedom 100%. We should ALL be concerned and plan according for such a scenario.

        DO NOT allow yourselves to be coerced or put into a false sense of fading restrictions that restore your ‘liberties’. That is when sudden tyrannical clamp-downs occur.

        This so-called Covid Omicron is the result of main-line flu that many can no longer resist biologically due to the Covid19 bio-weaponised vaccines destroying their natural immune system. Flu is thus being mistaken for Covid19 Omicron, and often gives a positive result as Covid.

        Remember; Omicron de-scrambled = Moronic, and THAT is what’s being allowed to run the ‘Health Show’ globally. & make no mistake; the PTB and the Zio-Communist Elite want 90% of us all dead.

        When the vaccines are not fully successful (due to people quitting the ‘boosters’) then the nukes will probably fly due to aggravated Western provocations towards Russia. Those weapon will finish the job that the vaccines didn’t!!!

    • Doesn’t matter if proof of the virus exists or not. it is coronavirus, the 5th such we face each year, Other than those who are already dying, we all get over it every year, But the Jab now that is criminal.

      As we can see from the data, jabbees are MORE vulnerable to infection with each jab while naturally resistant people’s immunity last for years and even then, are largely protected by each subsequent exposure.

  3. Yeah Billy, you where desperate to start a movement but the first people who sign up a mostly spergers and unstable people, give the one chance and then boot them out or they will bring you down.

    • Unstable conspiracy theory nut jobs have been proven correct time and time again with their analysis of geo-political events and the shifting economies that are dying on the vine, to be replaced via the ‘Great Reset’..
      If you are referring to ‘spergers’, do you mean persons with Aspergers? If so, most ‘Aspies’ are usually highly intelligent, with a great degree and capability of analysing events, scenarios, and forecasting the outcomes.
      Look up famous people with Aspergers…
      Billy TK has authenticity in his political party and sound in his beliefs. Why?
      Because he was arrested, along with Vinny Eastwood last year protesting in front of TVNZ.

      • I am saying Spergers are unstable people that join your organisation that are either unstable or maybe are stable people that are there just there to undermine you ( work for the Govt), either way if they are detrimental to your cause, cut them loose, that sounds like you actually,,,,,,

        • Identify these Spergers. Or is it you just son;t like Billy?

          As far as I am concerned, I am with Billy T on this issue. As fara s I cna see it’s Spergers that are getting jabbed and wearing N95 mask like the village idiot I saw shopping in Countdown the other day who was evangelising N95 mask technology to the poor cash register staff.

  4. Does one REALLY trust the government, being controlled by Zio-Communist Globalists?
    You trusted them with telling you the jabs were safe…
    Look at the end result…
    Based on governments inducing holodomors, holocausts, genocides, and prolonged wars on theirs and other populations and citizens, this is proof that one CANNOT TRUST ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT.
    Any government (capitalist, socialist, communist, republic, democracy) is bad government if you have psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists running the show…
    learn to be somewhat of an anarchist and live apart from the orchestrated and perpetrated bullshit that we are feed and forced to comply with.

    • You are pissing into the wind, they have got most of the population shot up except for maybe 5% of the adult population, they will call that a win, now all they need to do is shoot up the children and its game over.

      • There are WAY more unjabbed than they will ever let on.

        Furthermore I know some jabbed people who are even angrier than the unjabbed at being forced to take it and now waking up to the fact it isn’t an approved vaccine and there is no long term safety data – NONE. Never underestimate the wrath of a person who has been lied to and cannot undo what they have done to their body.

        • Yep. Ardern and her propaganda machine MSM tell lies all the time. When they tell us 96% are jabbed why on earth would we accept that as gospel?
          I know a shed load of people who are not jabbed, have never downloaded the covid tracer app (as I have never downloaded it). I know a lot of one or two time jabbed who refuse to get the boosters too. Several people I know got the first jab, had such bad reactions that they refused to get the second and one of them even renewed his driver’;s license 3 years early because, “he doesn’t trust that bitch Ardern and what she might do next”.

          I know there are a ton of us pure bloods out there, and we’ll not get jabbed. ever.

  5. I for one will not right her off based on the lunacy of the government at present. How do you know that she doesn’t have accurate inside information in this matter. Do you really think billy that the government is going to give you a heads up? Where were you when we got the siren alert on our phone a while ago? Ardern has proven that she will defend her rules based order at any cost. She can and will be that brazen and in your face about it. She will receive her orders and implement them immediately. Don’t sit back billy pay attention and don’t be naive where the government is concerned. I bet she’s got some psycho plan in place for all of us kiwis ????

    • I am with you, but Billy is simply telling someone to not cry wolf. But yes, Ardern will do anything to retain power and not to fail her masters. See what daddy has been doing in Tokelau – he’s an ex-policeman, there will be shed loads of those sorts right now plotting how to get everyone infected.

  6. You can’t trust anyone these days, least of all the government and media. Everyone is literally on their own. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

  7. A key fact many of you may not be aware of, is just how tiny and ineffectual our Army is these days. They would be hard put to lock down one medium sized town, let alone do anything more of consequence.
    And your Defence Forces cannot be used against our population without an Act of Parliament being put through. One would hope National and Act would scream the house down.

    • You have issued the point. The NZ population has been disarmed except for those who had the sense to er, dispose of their semis before Ardern came to power.

      The Police and Army combined are around 25,000 armed people. Then there’s Ardern’s paid enforcers, the gangs. they are also armed with the police fully aware they are.

      If you think Ardern will hold back then I think you are deluded.


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