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Mahuta says training Ukrainian military demonstrates NZ’s ‘independent foreign policy’

Mahuta news

New Zealand will increase the number of military staff deployed to train Ukrainian soldiers by a further 120 personnel.

30 personnel were deployed in May.

‘Today’s deployment of 120 New Zealand Defence Force personnel will again travel to the United Kingdom to support the training of Ukrainian armed forces infantry recruits,’ said Jacinda Ardern.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta said the deployment is ‘a demonstration of our values and our independent foreign policy. Our ongoing role contributing to the international response supports Ukraine in protecting its territorial integrity and sovereignty.’

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  1. It’s a Claytons drink war…”a war when your not having a war”….these warmongering politicians need a stiff drink to knock themselves out..it’s disgusting .it’s time to end our involvement in this war, we should only be sending peacekeepers or medics

  2. My O my, is there no end to this woman’s naivety. But to think, even for a moment, we have an independent foreign policy is beyond laughable. But at least the boys and girls, after a bit of “training” will be able to pop over to the coast for a swim and a relax in the sun…

  3. Yes the NZ military are teaching Ukrainian forces how to use their pronouns and wear their Covid masks on parade. But Nanaia you should go. If Helen’s face launched a thousand ships yours should sink them. Maybe Jacinda? She’s surplus to needs here.

  4. For me its a demonstration of this Labour govts pro US. pro Western establishment stoogery. And I for one don’t support it!

  5. Being a Lewinski to Clinton certainly preserved the dignity and honour of Monica; Clinton did not have “sex” ; he claimed you know.
    NZ=Lewinki; Clinton=Ultimayte Scum (US).
    Go After Yanks (GAY) politics of Jabcinda and Laxon. Poodle Mahuta has to wag the tail. Sad indeed.

  6. $40M given to create war when we can’t even house our own people. Zelensky the dictator has put in prison opposition parties. Mainstream Media absolutely silent, opposition parties silent. We have no place pushing WEF dictator policy.

  7. What planet is mahuta on?? The foreign policy shows we are US NATO slaves. If we were independent we should declare neutrality.

    • Neutrality? What is it? Mahuta is in the process of manufacturing consent for NZ joining AUKUS grouping. US military personnel already announced about in in an Radio NZ interview. We will be buying at least a couple of nuclear powered submarines in the future, which will cost us tens of billions of dollars. Ultimate Scum (US) is provoking China in the soiuth China sea. US is provoking in Korean peninsula for long and has made the largest spending in the Korean peninsula since world war II. They way the Taiwanese issue to be blown up further which calls for more propaganda in our region so that we will pay our dues to the big MIC. Less trade with China and more military spending awaits us in the coming decade. More poverty, and fall in standard living are inevitable. Agents such as jabcinda and laxon are there to seal the deals for the Globalists.

  8. I would never allow my son to go fight someone else’s war.

    Furthermore I think it’s disgusting to waste taxpayers money doing it.

  9. Remember the Afganistan withdrawl? US made its unilateral decision, and nomne of the allies were informed. NZ has to beg and last in the queue to get our army out. We betrayed hundreds of Afgans who worked for us and left them there. Thousands of Afgans worked for US/UK/EU/AU/NZ armies are in Albania and they are not supported by anyone for migration. NZ is a low level servant of US and there is respect or dignity in our role in international conflicts.

  10. Mahuta and Jabcinda deserve Bandera medal. “They/Them” Wokes should start an online campaign asking Zelensky to award the medals to them.


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