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Nuclear war no worse than climate change – Blinken

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Warmer temperatures are the number one “existential threat” to the world, the US’ top diplomat has claimed.

The threat of nuclear annihilation is no more serious than the threat of climate change, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has claimed. Blinken’s critics argue that Washington is risking nuclear war by arming Ukraine.

In an appearance on 60 Minutes Australia on Sunday, Blinken was asked whether nuclear war or climate change represented “the greater threat to humanity.”

“Well, you can’t, I think, have a hierarchy,” he replied. “There are some things that are front and center…including potential conflict, but there’s no doubt that climate represents an existential challenge to all of us.”

“So for us, this is the existential challenge of our times,” he continued, adding that this “doesn’t mean that in the meantime there are not severe challenges to the international order like Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

With July set to go down as the hottest month in history, the UN has called for “accelerated action” to reduce carbon emissions, including a global end to coal use by 2040. Earlier this summer, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry demanded an overhaul of the world’s agricultural system to reduce carbon emissions from farming in a bid to avert “half a degree of warming by mid-century.”

Russian experts issue collective rebuke to call for preemptive nuclear strike
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In Ukraine, however, President Joe Biden’s administration continues its policy of open-ended support for Kiev’s military. The US and its NATO allies have armed Ukraine with long-range missiles and are currently discussing the supply of American-made fighter jets to Kiev, amid repeated warnings from Moscow that such weapons dramatically raise the chances of an all-out war between Russia and the West.

Kiev’s forces have also made repeated attempts to target Russian nuclear power plants, the Kremlin warned earlier this month, accusing Ukraine and its sponsors of “nuclear terrorism.”

In the US, warnings about the imminent threat of nuclear conflict have primarily come from the isolationist wing of the Republican Party. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump have been two of the loudest voices calling for an end to the US’ support for Kiev, with Trump declaring in April that the world was facing “the most dangerous period” in history because of nuclear weapons and “incompetent” leadership in Washington.

“Every day this proxy battle continues, we risk global war,” Trump said in March, arguing that “we should support regime change in the United States” to avert this risk.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Bizarre, demonstrates how out of touch with reality the US and its vassals, including this banana republic, s*** hole, are….

    • They’re not out of touch. They know exactly what they’re doing.

      The whole thing is one gigantic globalist long-con to launder billions and terrify Normie McDumDum into cheering on the introduction of climate lockdowns and digital communism (which are apparently just conspiracy theories).

      Never attribute ignorance to that which is adequately explained by malice.

      This scumbag is just another BS peddler doing his masters’ bidding, nothing more.

  2. Blinken, the same man who circulated a letter to 17 Intel agencies for their signatures, claiming Hunters laptop was Russian disinformation! Yeah, he’s the one!

  3. I am not sure, but I am reminded of a really horrible VHS tape series called “Faces Of Death”.
    These ‘people’ could have their own segment.
    Probably the last one.
    Why are they still roaming free?

  4. The potential of nuclear war and the “climate change” are both problems that “the deep state” have created: The former because of their intent to make and refine these weapons and the latter because the free energy technology of Tesla (who died in 1943) and others has been hidden from humanity.

    If we had good people in charge, nuclear weapons would not exist and there would be abundant free energy for everyone and no pollution.

  5. Biden and his clique are set to destroy Europe, so they think they can then attack China. Always looking or provoking a conflict somewhere.
    The USA be cursed !

    • Yes they are more than just unhinged climate change fraudsters they are the ones changing the climate to suit their narrative. There is no place left on earth now where the weather is not manufactured aka geoengineered. In conjunction with Directed Energy Weapons they can direct the weather how they want, storms droughts etc. Worst still the spraying of our skies is starting to reach a tipping point. They are now stepping up the geoengineering spraying programme to cover up the damage they have already done and weaponising it to spray all sorts of gunk on us to further a demonic depopulation agenda. You see the geoengineering is depleting the ozone layer. No wonder Bill Gates wants to blot out the sun. We dumb earthlings on our little planet in a few short years, about 10 according to ‘Geoengineering Watch.com’ will not have to worry about nuclear bombs going off as being the cause of our demise but more about how the sun is literally going to microwave and convectionally fry us and every other living thing on earth. This will include having a dead sea and ocean, 70- 80% of plankton has already been depleted in some areas. Well done Geoengineering Scientists we are well on the way to become a sister planet to Mars. That is with the same Mars landscape, no water no plants or trees no way to grow food no grass just a rumble ground 70-80 degrees C daytime temperature no ozone layer and 100% ultra violet rays from the sun. Yippee yankee doodle !!!

  6. Most ALL of the Biden Cabinet are J3w$..and are pushing the support of Ukraine becoming Khazaria once again.
    As Aleksander Solzhenytsyn noted in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’, the Bolsheviks were all rabid Zionist Talmudic Khazarian J3w$, and that;
    “You must understand that the Bolsheviks were neither Russian nor Christian (they were J3w$); they hated Russians and Christians. They murdered 65 million Russians! The fact that the media is in the hands of the perpetrators is proof that their crimes will never be reported.”
    Solzhenytsyn’s last book before he passed is titled ‘200 Years Together’, and has been banned in several Western Nations due to Zionist pressures!! How’s that for an example of a so-called ‘Free Press’???
    Victoria Nuland and Avril Haines are the two J3wi$h women in the Biden Cabinet who started the war against ethnic Orthodox Russian Christians in the Donbass in 2014. (“F*** the EU!”- Victoria Nuland)
    The terrorist State of Israel which has the highest assassination rate, gets billions in grants and foreign aid, and NEVER repays loans, is also behind the modus operandi, with the governments in The West being blackmailed, bribed, and extorted for their money to finance the war in behalf of the Khazarian J3w$, who are out to steal (which they do best…) the Donbass and western Russia and the resources located there as well!


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