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NZ First campaign launch, Winston: ‘Let’s take back our country’

New Zealand First launched its campaign for this year’s general election at Mt. Smart Stadium today.

Leader Winston Peters called the election ‘the most critical in our lifetime’.

Legendary rugby league coach Sir Graeme Lowe spoke briefly before welcoming keynote speaker Peters.

‘New Zealand First is asking for your party vote, to keep the system honest,’ said Peters.

‘New Zealand is at an inflection point, and a change of government is critical. One thing the last three years have proven is that certainty, common sense and experience is critical to good government. The Labour Party has proven an utter mess.

‘New Zealand First is the insurance voters need to avoid an ideological lurch in either direction.’

Peters said the party opposed:

  • Co-governance
  • Three Waters takeover
  • The name of the country being changed
  • Separatism in policy and in law
  • Woke culture

The party supported:

  • Policies based on need, not race
  • Rule of law
  • Free speech
  • The right of New Zealanders to disagree with the government, and not be punished for it

‘Over the last three years Labour and its cohorts have taken our country away from us… We’re asking you to join us, and let’s take back our country.’

Peters also took aim at ‘gender content’ in the school curriculum, a practice he promised to stop, calling its proponents an ‘unelected cabal of opinionated virtue-signallers’

‘They have got no authority to do this, they have never asked you, and this election is about stopping them right here, right now.’

The next event on the campaign trail is a public meeting at 1pm at Semenoff Stadium in Whangarei on 30 July.

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  1. “Let’s take back our country”

    Maybe you shouldn’t have given it to Jacinda in the first place 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Maybe whatever you were offered/paid behind closed doors wasn’t worth it 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Maybe you should think twice next time around 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Just saying.

  2. Winston Peters never gave the country to Ardern. Key, Bennett and English made it impossible for him to go into coalition with National. Don’t you remember how they tried to make it look as though he was a benefit fraudster? Remember how the media headlined it? Do you think they would have respected him as a coalition partner? As for fraud – remember how Key and Bennett both lived in state houses and pulled the ladder up after them when they got into a position to do so? Remember how Key contributed to the housing crisis by selling many thousands of homes to his property developer friends? Do you remember how Bill English claimed thousands off taxpayers as we subsidised his house in Wellington? Said his primary residence was in Dipton. He never paid that money back.
    When Peters went into coalition with Labour he actually prevented Ardern from implementing her agenda for three years. Winston Peters is the single reason the WEF agenda is running three years late.
    As for an offer made behind closed doors, you may apply that to every other politician sitting in parliament right now. All the ones who stood in the Beehive looking down at the river of filth on Parliament grounds. As I recall, only one (ex) politician turned up to speak with them.
    So who do you vote for? David Seymour? Rode a bike and told the world he didn’t own a house until we found out he was executor of a trust for – how many? Will we ever know how many trusts or shares or overseas bank accounts they have in tax free territories? Who would vote for any of the dimwits in Labour, in particular that little tyrant in waiting? He will be worse than Ardern I assure you. Did Luxon ever speak out for us? No – he was too busy off somewhere learning to speak maori. As for the Greens transforming the country into a windmill economy…

    • YOU should go for ‘prime chief’, mate.
      winston is way past his credibility.
      And call me stupid: but I think this new conglomerate of new grassroot “parties” could be the undoing of the current fascist club:

    • None of the traitors to the PEOPLE of NEW ZEALAND during he worst trepidations since WWII ought to be ever in the limelight of discovery. The scourge to the country is the “Lying legacy media”.
      Luxon, Hippy, Jabcinda….all stooges of WEF klauSSS Schwab.

  3. Winston, you were a traitor to the people of New Zealand. YOU enabled the damage Jabcinda did to us just for your own importance.
    If you were really concerned to get done whet you propose in your party policy, you would form a grand coalition party with ALL small but honourable parties.
    Talk to Liz Gunn.


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