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Counterspin directors arrested – computers, phones and cameras seized

Counterspin Media news

A message on Counterspin Media Telegram Chat this evening said directors Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer had been arrested.

The message was posted just after 7pm.

A message in the chat posted at 8.19pm stated the pair had now been released.

Counterspin arrests news

Update to follow.

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  1. Time has come for NZ to have “anticipatory bail” system under law. Countries such as India have these laws in order to protect the public who disagrees with the Government or Rich. Anyone can approach the court confidentially (if needed) and get this anticipatory bail. A person holding such a bail must be immediately released and cannot be taken to a police station. See

  2. Arsedern is in a race with Turdeau to see who can implement WEF total control first. She has just stepped up a notch.

    I see the paid media whores are going hell for leather with their one sided propaganda this week. What a bunch of spineless greedy sellouts. Helping to herald fascism in this country. In reality, just a bunch of self serving useless idiots.

    Don’t feed or enable MSM. Turn them off permanently, don’t buy their papers. They can’t preach to the masses if we aren’t listening.

  3. After Brain Tamakis speech at the Parliement I’m not surprised. Tarrant was an actor brandishing toy replica air guns and was not streamed live on FACEBOOK

  4. NZ needs more like Kelvin Alp & Hannah Spierer. They could substitute for the whole of the Labour Party in Parliament.
    Enthusiasm is not a fault: without it frogs would be stuck in the mud. The PM and her side kicker Mahuta have far too much without the intellect to justify getting out of bed.

  5. So the government once more using the police as their own personal thugs. Time the police did their jobs and concentrated on the huge crime spree that is going on. But maybe that’s why it’s going on. The Police have become a political force, rather than a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to crime.
    Shame on them all.

    • The police are supposed to protect the people who pay them – that’s us the taxpayers, the citizens of this country. Shows you how corrupt some of them are. I mean honestly how did they sleep at night after what they did to those protesters?

      Dragging peaceful people by their hair? Kneeling on a teenagers head? Eye gouging someone who was just standing there? Throwing bricks? Yes I saw the video of the cop doing it. Pepper spraying people then blaming those same people when the cop walked into their own pepper spray? I honestly have lost all faith in the cops. What a shame. I can’t believe I actually wanted my son to be one at one stage to – you know – uphold the law. I didn’t realise they were an extension of a dictators Jack boot. hard to undo that damage once its been witnessed by thousands of people. . Shame on them really.

      “Safer communities together “ – get me a Tui.

  6. I guess 5eyes broke into their computer. FBI tactic of getting into someone’s PC using backdoor methods and then make a search and then get a forced confession. We are importing “stuff” including the woke propganda as well as security state intimidation and punishmnet tactics.

  7. They are trying to shut them down
    And shut them up
    It is as simple as that
    Now that the narrative is crumbling
    And Ardern and ‘her’ merry band of proselytes are back peddling in obfuscation of the truth
    And being exposed for who are what they are
    And whose agenda they serve
    An orchestrated litany of lies
    Or a white-out


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