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NZ Mainstream Media campaign to rebrand vaccine injury as Long COVID (Part 1)

In this special two-part video report, CoronavirusPlushie uncovers the legacy media campaign to repackage vaccine injury and side-effects as ‘Long Covid.’

‘No wonder people have Long COVID syndrome – the body is trying to clean out this spike protein that’s not supposed to be there 15 months after you’ve had the infection’ – world renowned medical expert Dr. Peter McCullough.

Is it Vaccine injury or Long Covid?

CoronavirusPlushie presents the case for an ongoing campaign of gaslighting and propaganda from the mainstream media, who want you to think it’s the latter.

‘The symptoms of ‘post vaccination syndrome’ are almost identical to symptoms of ‘long covid syndrome’. The difference is that if you manage to get your G.P to accept you have post vaccination syndrome then you are eligible for support through ACC.

Vaccine injury is a treatment injury and if ACC accept a claim, then people get financial support for all ongoing health investigations and treatment needed associated with that claim. If your G.P says you have ‘long covid syndrome’ then there is no help.

How do we distinguish post vaccination syndrome from long Covid syndrome? Is anyone going to ask? If Vax injury is diagnosed as long covid how will anyone be held to account? Where is the justice for those injured by Pfizer? Perhaps ACC could introduce a new ‘long Covid syndrome’ claim. That way people get the help they deserve whether it was the disease or the ‘cure.”

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    • Yes funny how those type of blisters are listed as a side effect of the vaccine on Pfizer’s own documents!

  1. You may have noticed that the budget “boosted” the support for the diability sector more than twice the usual.

  2. It really is a case of blame anything apart from the jab. A recent cases I know of two young people (under 40), both double and boosted, ended up in hospital. One had unexplainable heart pains, the other had stroke like condition. Both were discharged with nothing wrong. now that Covid has ripped through the community, all the jabbed will be blaming their new found illness to “long covid”. The elephant in the room, is the 200K New Zealanders, many of whom have now had covid, now show have lesser rates of “long Covid like ailments”. Whilst the jabbed are riddled with “long covid related afflicitions”.

  3. The MSM government-owned and Sinclair New Service propaganda machine is almost laughable, but what amazes me is that the MSM ‘reporters’ continue to spout the lie!
    How many have a conscience and have resigned their positions?
    This is indicative of their psychopathic natures and the lack of spiritual discernment between the telling of the continual lies and what is actually the truth.
    They will continue to spout off their gaslighting mouths and will not stop until we are all dead…!
    I deleted Stuff and the NZ Herald off of the ‘Favorites’ list- the Herald expects us to pay for the lies they spew off in print and video, and Stuff is nothing more than Jabcinda’s mouthpiece that calls truth tellers ‘conspiracy theorists’…
    The Aussies have a new government, but under the Labor majority, nothing is going to change there.
    Political activists who are targeted are now being arrested and held without bail; kinda similar to the J6 Washington DC GULAG internees being held without trial under Obama’s NDAA, thus violating both Constitutional and Human Rights even under the UN Charter.
    Check out ‘Aussie Cossack’ who has held the Oz Police accountable for their actions of harassment and targeting individuals, and see that he is now in jail, held without bond, for the next 6 weeks. This happened during el-ection time so that he couldn’t vote.
    Aussie Cossack named a politician who is a sex offender / paedophile, and the judge then locked up the Aussie Cossack for exposing the truth as it related to an in-office politician.
    The offender walks free, & the Aussie Cossack remains in jail in austere conditions!
    See Aussie Cossack’ on Telegram, as his YouTube channel was wiped earlier today!
    ALL this shit will be coming here soon if Jabcinda isn’t voted out of office!
    & Luxon is no better, as he will continue with the Globalist WEF / NWO Agenda under the guidance of Zionist banker ‘Sir’ John Key…!!!!!!!


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