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NZDSOS: Malicious medical injustice

Medical injustice news

Justice Ian Gault made his decision in the case of Baby W and gave temporary medical guardianship of the baby to Te Whatu Ora (to be undertaken by Starship hospital doctors).

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) said, “the government has taken a huge gamble by assuming that most people will be affronted by the possibility that their vaccinated blood could possibly harm a little baby, and will support Te Whatu Ora against the insulting and demonising ‘anti-vaxxers’.”

“The government forgets that many vaccinated are regretful, if not injured already. By diminishing world expert witness Byram Bridle as a “vet with a PhD”, on the day that our own vet with a PhD, vaccine developer Dr Carlton Brown, delivers a tour-de-force document of damnation to every single key player, those calling the shots will regret forcing a win in this single battle in the war for humanity”.

Gault J appeared to face a fait accompli when NZBlood absolutely refused to co-operate, and a canny government barrister simply did his job thereafter. However, this is yet another ‘narrative’ case where the government produces no or flimsy science in the face of alarming proof of harm from its opponents. NZDSOS says, “Gault J could have affirmed the Bill of Rights (BOR) and Health and Disability Commission (HDC) Acts, the Rights of the Child, and all the other legal arguments presented to him, and yet he chose not to.

“We have said before that judges should be forced to recuse themselves if they are vaccinated (like MPs, judges were NOT mandated) since they may not understand their own biases, which will reject arguments that they have made a disastrous personal health decision. If they own shares in companies profiting from the pandemic then that should be declared too,” said the spokesperson.

“This is a very sad, frightening and dark situation, not just for Baby W and his tremendously dedicated parents and wider family, but also for all New Zealanders, aware or not”.

Again, New Zealand has the government dictating medical decisions for New Zealand citizens, by appearing to control the courts to do this. “The wishes of New Zealanders are immaterial. The BOR, the HDC Code of Rights, medical ethics, informed consent have all been swept aside once again, in full view of the world whose eyes are watching”, said the spokesperson. “Legal protections spanning the Magna Carta to He Whakaputanga to the Geneva Convention and onwards have been side-swiped to usher in… well, “something wicked this way comes” “.

This outcome sadly was to be expected if one has followed court proceedings in NZ over the last 2 years. Our legal system and courts seem not fit for purpose. They appear not the place for justice, common sense or even common decency. The judges don’t like the science, or are unable or not allowed to engage with it – that is if the government bother to turn up with any.

The judicial branch of government does not appear to be separate from the legislative and executive branches. There is no separation of the powers, certainly in the time of Covid.

Autonomy of the medical profession has also been sidelined, despite the pyrrhic victory by NZBlood and the Starship doctors, every one of whom will have been vaccinated, willingly or not, and subject to the same biases and denial spoken of above. The government continues to sit in the consultation room between doctor and patient, glaring at both.

Previously patients and parents would have been heard, taken seriously, respected, and accommodated where possible. Every element in the Health and Disability Code of patient rights is to that end. It is heart-breaking to witness the depths to which the profession has sunk.

There are many potential problems that could arise from synthetic mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, and vaccine-induced spike protein.

  • mRNA itself is inflammatory (NZ Blood has conceded that there is mRNA in the blood for up to 14 days, though this minimises what is actually known).
  • spike protein is harmful, damages the lining of blood vessels and can cause myocarditis (heart inflammation) far more commonly than Medsafe is telling us.
  • the lipid nanoparticles are inflammatory and proprietary (who knows what secret ingredients are present?)
  • there is no long-term data regarding the safety of the vaccine and the short-term data we do have is dreadful.
  • there is no data regarding the safety of transfused blood, and plenty of precedents for concern – HIV/AIDS, BSE, Hepatitis C (where the government of the day sat on very important information for several years, and 550 people at least were infected, avoidably).

Are you prepared to be dictated to by the government as to what medical procedures you must undergo? If not, you need to Stand Up Now and be counted in whatever way is appropriate for you – writing letters, sharing posts and information, speaking privately or publicly, supporting others practically or financially, holding signs, speaking up as a whistleblower… just turn up.

We appeal to health care professionals, and at this time a special appeal to Starship staff, to contribute to our Truth Project.

Despite the deliberate cruelty of forced separation from her breast-fed baby and her husband, deliberate sleep deprivation and not being allowed to hold and take photos of her baby pre-op at the hospital, baby W’s mum encountered some caring people too at Starship. There was one particular nurse in ICU whose kindness shone through and saved mum’s sanity.

We are already a good way down the slippery slope of forced medical procedures and we all know where that has taken humanity previously.

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  1. Totally agree. Yet all health care area are suppose to display HDC , the code of right in view of everyone. What for? It means nothing now days. People in authority are getting uglier each day.

  2. Law enforcement and the entire judiciary (and i use this word very loosely because currently there is NO JUSTICE for mRNA Jab injured and people who refuse to inject poison in their bodies- a poison that is SANCTIONED by the government) is totally compromised. The worst of the worst are doctors/nurses and the two bit judges. Ian Gault will go down in history as an individual who ABUSED his power and deliberately put a baby’s life at risk against the instructions of his parents.

  3. hello kiwis,
    All my sympathie. We in europe also are acquointed with medical ignorance and arrogance, corrupt judiciary and corrupt governments. The few medical doctors who refused the jab are non actif ( forbidden to exercise) as nurses.


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