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NZDSOS: mRNA vaccines – reproductive risk or reward?

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has reviewed and published more data on the m-RNA injections Warp-Sped out to the world and given to pregnant and fertile women without substantiated proof they were safe for either mother or baby.

The studies were always going to be too rushed, risking disaster, and have had significant adverse consequences. The rollout continued while adverse event reports began flooding in to the American VAERS database – and others around the world – which generated especially severe safety signals for pregnancy, reproduction and menstruation. However, these women’s health issues remain universally ignored and dismissed by authorities, along with many other serious adverse events. “The Medsafe New Zealand Risk Management Plan (RMP) submitted by Pfizer as part of the provisional approval process shows in Table 1 that use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding is ‘missing information “, noted a spokesperson for NZSDSOS, itself labelled by the government’s spin group as a member of it’s “disinfo dozen” list.

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NZDSOS has significant concerns with the lack of trial data in pregnant women. There is only one trial related to maternal vaccination registered so far in the U.S. National Library of Medicine clinical trial database. This involves a mere 349 participants and is awaiting publication. The most long-term primary endpoint for this study is monitoring outcomes until only 6 months after delivery. This small trial is statistically insignificant – minuscule, frankly – for a vaccine being administered to millions of pregnant women and billions of women of reproductive age.

“So it appears all pregnant women receiving these vaccinations are actually vaccine trial participants”, said the spokesperson. “The studies meant to reassure us that the vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant women remain incomplete while we are being told by our authorities that Covid-19 vaccines are “the safest vaccine ever”, including in pregnancy.

‘Untruths’ from NZ Govt’s Unite Against Covid-19:

mRNA news

The previous version of the above notice contained the following sentence, subsequently removed following a request to the MOH under the Official Information Act: “No parts of the vaccine or the spike protein produced reach the ovaries or the testes”.

This suggests they know that it does reach the reproductive organs. Where is the urgent advisory to the Team of 5 Million?

In New Zealand, primary care and hospitalisation data is provided to Helen Petousis-Harris’s GAVI-funded Global Vaccine Data Network. Whilst this will provide for longer-term capture of adverse events there is no indication it will be public-facing or available for an independent analysis. “Petousis-Harris also advises Pfizer, who sponsor her, which is a clear conflict of interest”, said the spokesperson.

“An Israeli study on Covid-19 Vaccines and Ovarian Reserve is currently in the data collation to publication phase. It is not due for release until February 2024. Vaccinated women considering whether and when to start a family shouldn’t have to await this data, this is an important issue which should be discussed as a part of fully informed consent when receiving the mRNA injections”, said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

“Information deep in the Pfizer documents notes an important observation on pregnancy loss. Of 270 pregnancies known to be exposed to Pfizer covid-19 vaccination prior to February 2021, there is a record of the outcome for only 33. Out of the 33 cases, only one of the pregnancies had a normal outcome, the rest being mostly miscarriages or stillbirths.”

It is also important to note that 238 more women conceived during the trial whose pregnancy outcomes were “unknown” to Pfizer. “This is pivotal data, surely. How hard did they try to follow them up?” questioned the spokesperson.

Science writer Etana Hecht discusses findings from researcher Dr Naomi Wolf and senior maternal-fetal specialist Dr James Thorpe, who states that says he has witnessed “many complications in pregnant women, in mothers and foetuses, in children [..] What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented [..] The numbers reported amount to severe safety signals.. it’s way off the charts,” said Dr Thorpe. He has roasted our vaccine cheerleading GP Dr Nikki Turner in no uncertain terms, in a two-part interview with Counterspin Media (episode 75; episode 76). He accuses her of capital crimes. We await her response with interest.

Local accounts from experienced New Zealand midwives are bearing him out.

Responses to OIA requests do not reassure either. Stillbirths in Waikato, Lakes/Rotorua and Nelson/Marlborough DHBs had already easily exceeded the 2021 totals by June this year. We know there was a sudden spike in perinatal mortality in September and October 2021, 3 months after pregnant women began vaccinations.

When the same Dr Nikki Turner gave her IMAC webinars to medical staff at the rollout’s start, including to midwives, she assured that our women would be followed in ongoing studies. There are none. We, too, have to ask: did she lie? NZDSOS calls to the medical fraternity to stand by the Hippocratic Oath in its entirety, to ‘first do no harm’ and uphold fully informed consent when advising women who are wanting to become pregnant, or who are already. It is NEVER more crucial to defend medical ethics than in this area, along with protecting our children. “This is something we are not seeing happening in New Zealand”, said the spokesperson. “Women must be informed of known AND unknown risks of any new drug or therapy lacking long-term safety data or completed research. It is absurd to see this information being overlooked and the narrative of safe and effective overruling any objectivity in relation to reproductive health. How is this not criminal?”

Read through NZDSOS’s full analysis here.

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  1. Lies spread faster than truth because it takes time to know all the facts. Science is damn slow but Pfizer lied calling it “Speed of Science” decision. Our NZ MoH and all jabbers know the all the instantly after watching CNN and they are irrefutable. If you question their narrative, you must be a right wing extremist, hater, stupid etc. They are even propsing a new law to control anyone questioning the narrative (us vs them fringe smear).

  2. It’s astonishing that the jabs were recommended as being ‘safe and effective’ for pregnant women and their unborn babies even though they were excluded from Pfizer’s clinical trials.

    Incompetence, gross negligence, medical malpractice or something more sinister?


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