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NZDSOS: Unsafe and ineffective – Israeli government covers up vaccine side effects

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With the sudden drop in New Zealand’s two-tier society and government-issued mandates two weeks ago, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) received startling information on Israeli safety data, or the lack thereof, which has significant implications for those injured by the mRNA injections.

The Israeli Government only started collecting safety data in December 2021, one year after rolling out the vaccines to the public. They then took a further six months to analyse this data, all the while, declaring how safe and effective vaccination was to prevent serious illness and the spread of COVID-19.

Steve Kirsch, a US writer and engineer said, “they gathered the data and found the vaccines weren’t safe, so they lied to the world about it. The Israeli Health Authority knew the vaccines were harming people and that the side effects of the vaccine were neither always mild nor short-term. In fact, in 65% of the neurological cases that mentioned duration, the symptoms were all ongoing”.

Kirsch said during the early phases of the study, Israeli officials or scientists didn’t know how serious the harm was because they only looked at the data for the top five categories. “Cardiovascular was number six, so they have only looked at a fraction of the data.” Despite this, the study findings indicated long-term side effects, including some not listed by Pfizer. Furthermore, causality was established between the vaccine and the injuries.

The Israeli Ministry of Health then published a manipulated report, stating the side effects were ‘not necessarily caused by the vaccine’, even though the researchers themselves said the exact opposite.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS has said “this not only has severe implications for Israel, but also significant ramifications for the vaccine campaign in New Zealand. In continuing to ignore international data, the New Zealand government, its Ministries and its regulatory bodies are opening themselves up to accusations of willful harm. NZDSOS stands by its principles of providing fully informed consent, including the experimental nature of the vaccine and the understanding that long-term effects will not be known for years. More and more evidence indicates this mRNA gene therapy has caused deaths and permanently injured thousands of people. Is our government still refusing to acknowledge these?

“New Zealanders have died after receiving this novel gene therapy and New Zealand is owed a full explanation of what the actual data is saying”, said the spokesperson.

“As with Pfizer’s troublesome early post-marketing data which was buried and only later released by court order, which Medsafe received, by the way, the pattern of lies, denial and wilful deception just gets clearer”.

Our question now is, how far-reaching are the side effects, how permanent is the damage, what will the New Zealand government, its advisors and experts say to those injured and how will they compensate them?

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  1. I can only come to the conclusion that our government wants to harm us. Otherwise why would they mandate it. Why would they ignore vaccine injuries and death. Why would they not say anything about myocarditis for months all the while people were getting jabbed not knowing about it. It’s sick is what it is. Our government is evil.

    • And it’s not just the govt, but all of parliament. No opposition parties have pressured the govt on safety or efficacy when the was proof that the jab was useless at stopping infection and transmission from Israel, and evidence of the high rate of serious ADR’s here and internationally. Yet none go against the vaccination drive.

      120 MP’s and none are asking those questions for NZer’s. Sure does seem sick and evil.

    • Agree 100%. This is purposed killing by government and its many arms. There is no other conclusion as one of the manifold duties is to examine all evidence. Ignorance now is not a defence

      Nor can the police be involved in their criminal prosecution as they are part of the murder.

      The bell tolls….

  2. How many journalists would submit to a blood test to prove they had the mRNA spike protein circulating in their veins? How many of those promoting the injection would be prepared to submit? The government which should have led by example, exempted itself. The police are exempt. The more any one of these grifters promotes the ‘vaccine’, the more I suspect them as being one of those who has exemption. The worst thing that could happen in the minds of these ‘vaccine’ promoters is that they be held down and given the full course of REAL mRNA jabs and boosters.
    Anyone who thinks this is NOT a population reduction programme is not listening. Gates and Schwab have told you themselves. You are too many. You are not wanted. You are being culled.

  3. So when did anyone say Informed consent was not given?
    Was there a process of talking about options with your healthcare provider so you could have made an informed decision about your health care.
    This includes the option of saying no to a treatment or procedure.
    There really was a lot of info out there to review if you wanted to look for it. Unfortunately the pro jab camp only wanted to provide people with very biased information. Did they inform people, about the risk? IMO poorly, though yes. Be it, that info was hard to find and complex to read? Telling people severe adverse reaction is rare, is still informing them.
    Many of my jabbed friends are crying foul, about being misled, though when you look into their decision. The decision was theirs. Irrespective of how poor the information was provided, it never quite stated the jabs were 100% safe, there was that, “severe side effects are rare” statement. Problem being, that statement never really has been defined.
    There were many reasons people decided to get jabbed. Most of whom, decided the risk for them outweighed the benefit. Was the medical benefit overstated? IMO, at the time yes, now in hindsight even more so.

    Though So people got jabbed, because they decided to get it.

    • I agree we all knew that this was a trial jab and for that reason I decided against it. Not enough was known and still isn’t long term. It’s definitely up to us to refuse, our government won’t stop it so it falls on individual choice and hopefully more people say NO!!! My sister and I debate on “ Is the government wilfully harming us… or are we committing suicide” Genocide by jab or suicide by choice.”


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