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NZ Herald hitpiece on Chantelle Baker – ‘Dumbest piece of fake news today’

NZHerald news

Foreign-owned and government subsidised news outlet NZ Herald mocked for basic errors and grifting.

A ‘hitpiece’ on independent journalist Chantelle Baker in this morning’s NZ Herald has been called the ‘dumbest piece of fake news today,’ by Rebel News Australia journalist Avi Yemini.

The article was penned by journalist David Fisher.

The first piece of misinformation was in relation to Baker’s age. The article said she was 30 years old, when in fact she is 29.

The legacy media publication is also accused of photoshopping the image used in the article to distort Baker’s features and make her nose and chin look bigger than they are in reality, leading to claims of mysogyny and journalistic ‘filth.’

‘NZHerald have intentionally distorted her face in what is a pathetic and dangerous attempt to dehumanise her. I didn’t think I could despise the NZ MSM more than I already did yet here we are,’ tweeted @MalakaiTM.

DTNZ is unable to comment on the contents of the article as none of our staff bother to read the NZ Herald anymore.

The article’s introduction, which was available to the public, claimed Baker had ‘turned the support generated at the Parliament protests last year into a donation stream that has funded her new career’.

Responding to this claim, Yemini said the fact the article was published behind a paywall ‘lacked self-awareness’.

‘Even if you’re considering to pay to get access to that rubbish – don’t, because even the most basic facts David Fisher couldn’t get right,’ – a reference to Baker’s age.

‘Many have decided we are not clicking on any of the MSM sites anymore to pay them. They must be finding it tricky if they have to bring out the lead guy. Even that isn’t working. People see the headlines and think it’s alie. No bother reading it. Lost their credibility,’ wrote one commenter.

Another wrote, ‘Lolol the irony. The herald also gets our tax money from the government, so anyone like chantelle who doesn’t agree with govt ideology gets a hit-piece done on them.’

As this article was being prepared for publishing Baker tweeted her opinion of the NZ Herald report, just after 5pm:

‘Far out. I’ve just read the whole article from @nzherald and the blatant lies to mistruths are astounding. From how many we have working with us, to how I’m funded, to our trip, to the water for Wairoa. What a hilarious, complete mess they made of trying to write about me!’

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  1. I don’t read any NZ herald articles and I’m not about to if this is a senior writers best efforts….very sad NZ herald

  2. I find the Herald to be thoroughly absorbent and much better than 2 ply. Apart from that it’s good for nothing

  3. TO HELL WITH HERALD and other MSM FILTH! Presstitutes ALL of them!
    And who the hell is david fisher?
    DTNZ, not sure if I appreciate you reminding me of a totally truth-and-reality irrelevant, however socially malignant “OUTLET” of propaganda, Goebbels would be proud of.
    Who wastes time to read anything MSM, let alone herald? Have you seen their/them/hims/setz subscriber numbers during the last 20 years?
    But DT, I forgive ya. 😉

    And Chantelle: CHIN UP !

  4. Sue them Chantelle. The photo shop is a disgusting piece of work.

    David Fisher is a disgraceful, desperate low life pond scum.

    These idiots will be the next oh the chopping block after yesterday FM.

    I got offered a free subscription- no thanks I would rather spend money on blank paper to start my fire.

    The herald is nothing more than propaganda, disinformation, lies and defamation.

    Sue them for everything they have got.

  5. Really NZ herald? The nose you have given Chantelle is positively miniscule compared to the unphotoshopped teeth of your queen of thought and speech. I get it I do!! There is no way in hell that you could fit those gnashes on the front page of the nations toilet paper, oops I mean propaganda rag, oops I mean grubby little tabloid, oops I mean NZ herald. You will have to excuse me, but I was bumped by a motorcycle and my words are not what I actually mean, no siree sh*t comes out of my mouth at random but you know what I mean don’t ya? Yep you know more than most. Leave it to the herald to push hate speech and misinformation, you can’t even get her age right!! Why are we not surprised.

  6. Haven’t bought a Ferald for years, and if this is the sort of behaviour to expect from a senior writer then their standards are pretty disgusting. They really are showing their true labour/greens cult propaganda colours by going into full election campaign mode. They will really have to employ some grown ups at all levels if they hope to remain in business.

  7. “DTNZ is unable to comment on the contents of the article as none of our staff bother to read the NZ Herald anymore.”

    Savage! I love it 😆

  8. Another deliberately inaccurate and defamatory hit piece from New Zealand’s unethical corrupt gutter press.

    It’s very noticeable that these so-called journalists always resort to smear campaigns rather than address the actual issues.

    NZ Herald owes Chantelle Baker a retraction and an apology.

  9. Chantelle Baker should sue David Fisher and NZ Herald for defamation.

    The relentless misinformation and disinformation emanating from NZ Herald is concerning.


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