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Petition calls on parliament to reject ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty’

WHO Pandemic Treaty news

The petition has been proposed by Tauranga lawyer Kirsten Murfitt.

The WHO Pandemic Treaty is a series of amendments to international health regulations which will give World Health Organisation bosses the sole power to declare regional and global health emergencies, such as pandemics. Opponents say that once declared, unelected and unaccountable officials in WHO will have the legal power over democratically elected governments to dictate and control health measures in response, which may include the implementation of vaccine passports, lockdowns and mandates.

Murfitt is calling on New Zealanders to sign a petition requesting members of parliament to reject the amendments.

The deadline set by WHO for governments to opt-out is 1 December 2023. The Treaty is planned to come into force in May 2024.

Murfitt also sent an Open Letter to MPs, Cabinet members and Ministers this week requesting they opt-out of the amendments.

‘Most New Zealanders are blissfully unaware of the amendments to the IHR [ie. the existing International Health Regulations]. If adopted, the amendments will move political power from the New Zealand voters into the hands of an unelected and undemocratic organisation,’ she wrote.

‘The government must act democratically and debate the adoption of the current amendments and the substantial amendments to the IHR in a public forum. New Zealanders must be given the opportunity to understand the full ramifications of amendments and vote on whether New Zealanders wish to adopt the amendments or not.

‘It is for New Zealanders to decide whether they wish to give their sovereignty away by giving the WHO the right to control their lives during any event with “a potential to impact public health” rather than the Government of the day. If the substantive amendments are adopted, the WHO will have the right to impose lockdowns, mandate international health passports, mandate experimental vaccines and medicines and prevent certain medicines from being used.’

The petition closes on 27 November and can be signed online here.

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  1. Good job, another piece of dystopian bull**** from the WHO, which, no doubt, will be signed by the quislings in this govt or the next…..

    I wont be complying with unjust treaties of this kind, whether the s*** stains sign it into law or not…..

  2. They want the amendments complete just in time for the next pandemic that they will release. Global criminals. Makes “Bond villains” look like Sunday school teachers.

  3. Health decisions need to be local, not halfway around the globe in Geneva!
    Remember, this was the organization that let Chinese aircraft continue to travel around the world, potentially spreading the virus.
    The reason? It would be xenophobic!
    A spreading virus has no nationality​, impossible to be xenophobic towards a virus! 🤔

    • Most people still can not get your head around the fact that there was NEVER ANY VIRUS !!! It was all a big scam a rort where Big Pharma was encouraged by the US ‘Deep State’ for massive profits of course, to produce a Bioweapon that would systematically, in controlled stages, reduce a huge swathe of the worlds population. Guess what they have partially succeeded. All this Genocide BS is controlled by Wall Street the City of London the Vatician Washinton DC and the Central Bankers bribing Govts. funding both sides of all agendas uncluding local and World Wars. They are the new ‘Untouchables’ they are in a position of power where they can never lose. There may come a day where the right to live in peace may come down to ‘Revolution’ as in 1776 in North America. But since then the what is now the USA has been ‘dumbed down’ and captured by a ‘Deep State’ of Criminals with Tyrannical Globalist intentions. It all reads like a script from a James Bond movie but 90% of the worlds population still dont believe it is real. Thats the worrying part, the Globalists bank on this naivety.

  4. Exemptions to mRNA injections in NZ 2020-2022 11,500 bureaucrats admitted to. There will be more. The police were exempted – and all the politicians and their families – and the media – and the televised shots being given to Hipkins and Ardern were pure theatre.
    Gates is on youtube telling the world he will use so called ‘vaccines’ to reduce the population of the world by half. The plan is to do what was done in 2020-2022 again. And again. Until they have achieved their target.
    Why don’t people believe him?

  5. What is the give a s*** threshold for this petition, does anyone know? How many signatures are usually required before parliament have to actually address it?

    • Ah, never mind. There is no threshold apparently.
      So this will be given as much attention as the excess death rates then…

  6. Signed thanks. I note it closes 4 days before the government has to sign the amendments. It will be interesting to see if this can throw the cat among the pigeons! Especially if a big number of kiwis sign it.

  7. Signed…!
    Also everyone should go online to ‘Parliamentary Petitions’ and look for the petitions that are still open.
    Then, go thru the listing and sign the ones that are important and matter to you.
    Of note;
    ‘Close the Israeli Embassy in New Zealand’ and
    ‘Make New Zealand a Nation of Armed Neutrality’, and
    ‘Stop Kim Dotcom from being deported / extradited to the U.S. and
    ‘Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza’ which is dated from weeks ago, indicating an ongoing 75 year old problem.

  8. Yeah I won’t be complying with any of this WHO bull – EVER.

    Our politicians need to know they will be made to pay personally if they allow Chris Luxon to sign our rights away without our consent. Make no mistake, New Zealand is a small place.

  9. 2025. That’s when ‘they’ say there’ll be another pandemic. Let me guess, if there’s another Trump presidency? “They’ are probably the same people who seemed to have a crystal ball or something, with incredible foreknowledge of Covid-19… ‘They’ were scenario planning the year prior…all the ‘planning’ forecast the lockdowns and other draconian measures whilst discarding long established protocols our health bureaucracies have known since 1918 flu. This was priming and goes towards accounting for why world health institutions collectively went daft! The exception being Sweden who maintained their sanity, human and civil rights!!!

    Bill Gates, who pumped then dumped his stock in Pfizer finally admitting the ‘vaccine’ didn’t work as anticipated… is too heavily invested in both the WHO and in any medications they might compel a nation to administer. Let’s not hand our health system over to a US oligarch who is more interested in adding more billions of dollars to his already incredible bank account than with people’s lives. This is the same man who believes our planet has too many people and sees ‘vaccines’ as the ‘remedy’. One scary dude! This is what happens when people have too much power and money. They go a bit psycho and develop a God complex!

    The head of WHO was installed by Xi Jinping,. Need we say more? China doesn’t need war ships, just another pandemic and they can seize control via a health system and disable their target…

  10. We all know where this ends. Compulsory lockdowns, compulsory medical testing, compulsory vaccine passports and compulsory ‘vaccinations’.

    Hopefully NZ First can throw a giant spanner in the works in the next few weeks.

  11. See the last sentence of the article “The petition closes on November 27 and can be signed here”, click the link on the word ‘here’


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