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Zelensky will be Ukraine’s last president – exiled opposition leader

The country’s political system has become mired in betrayal and militarism because of the head of state, Viktor Medvedchuk has claimed.

Ex-Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk, now in exile in Russia, denounced Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in a column published by the Russian media platform Smotrim on Friday. The politician claimed that the current Ukrainian head of state may well be the last, and he will only have himself to blame.

Medvedchuk branded Zelensky a merciless “professional traitor” whose pattern of stabbing everyone in the back for his own gain has ruined the country.

After being elected president on a platform of peace with Russia and reconciliation with Donbass, Zelensky “ceded power to radical nationalists, adopting their rhetoric and behavior,” Medvedchuk wrote. In doing that, he betrayed the people who voted for him.

“Zelensky simply got scared of becoming a peacemaker since it would require him to oppose aggressive forces inside and outside of the country,” he argued.

Instead of delivering on the promise of fighting corruption, he and his team “saddled the financial flows.” And after hostilities with Russia broke out last year, the president “realized that the war can be profitable” too. According to Medvedchuk, Zelensky acted as a US tool to pressure European nations to sacrifice their economic well-being for Ukraine.

“In fact, Zelensky betrayed the interests of not only Ukraine but also the EU,” he claimed.

The column mentioned the recent arrest of Yury Kolomoysky, a once-powerful oligarch whose media empire allowed Zelensky to become a popular comedian before running for office. Medvedchuk claimed that it was another example of the president’s backstabbing.

“Having betrayed everyone, [Zelensky] is now alone. He has no allies, only a flock of flatterers, who will sell him out if given a reasonable price,” he wrote. Zelensky has built “a criminal dictatorship of Nazism and militarism, and that is why he will be the last president of the nation, which he had betrayed with such cynicism.”

Medvedchuk led a political party, which had the largest opposition faction in the Ukrainian parliament, before 2022. Amid the conflict with Russia, Kiev branded him a traitor, cracked down on his political activities, and seized all his assets. The politician was arrested and handed over to Moscow in a prisoner swap in September last year.

His column was a comment on a Time profile of Zelensky, in which insiders described the president as delusional and calcified in his determination to pursue a military victory. Aleksey Danilov, a senior Ukrainian security official, said the anonymous sources who spoke to the magazine should be identified and punished for disloyalty.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Future-tense in 6 months to a year as follows;
    The Palestinians get ALL of their land returned to them under intense international pressure-
    The Israelis end-up moving to the Ukraine after signing peace treaties with conditions with the Palestinians and the Russians-
    The Russians keep the Donbass, and demand that the Ukraine (now heavily Zionist in population with ex-Israelis) will NOT join NATO and will cease all hostilities against Russia, and not foment Zionist Bolshevik attacks against Russia or any of it’s neighbours-
    Zelensky, Netanyahu, and Biden are charged with being war criminals for their actions of genocide, holocaust, holodomor, and violations of International Human Rights and for violating the Geneva Convention against the Donbass, the West Bank and Gaza-
    The U.S. uses the billions of dollars that Israel once received to re-build Palestine as part of a ten year compensation package for participating as a third party against the Palestinians and supporting the criminal, terrorist ‘State of Israel’-
    NATO is eventually disbanded at the same time that the EU is also disbanded, followed by the useless, and antiquated UN-
    With peace returning to the MIddle East and parts of Africa, the reverse flow of migration begins, returning the illegal immigrants back to their homelands to develop their individual nations-
    Arab investment in Palestine would be most welcomed and investment targets secured with future yields (ie the gas field under Gaza, the Gaza Riviera hosting first class hotels, activities and cutting-edge technologies.

    • Yes, that’s one thought-out scenario…
      Hal Turner is reporting that the reason that the other Arab and Moslem Nation / States do NOT want the Palestinians in their countries is;
      1. Average IQ- 68; (survival instincts always turned-on lowers IQ’s…)
      2. Prone to violence; (reacting to the YEARS of the same being inflicted on the Palestinians…)
      3. Are a hateful lot who transfers the hate to their children; (growing-up in the constant dysfunction of a warring police state…)
      4. Have no viable skills (due to no higher education being under attack constantly…)
      Another option is to move the Palestinians to a part of Africa where New Palestine can be established, OR-
      Move the Palestinians into the northern part of Israel where they are closer to Hezbollah for support, without the worry of being attacked by the same, and Israel gets the southern half of the country next to their ally Egypt.
      After all, since Israel has all but destroyed Gaza and are now working to do the same in the West Bank, Israel can pay for the clean-up and rebuilding.
      And, both Northern Palestine and Southern Israel can share the wealth gained from the immense gas field under Gaza, which is why this situation was ‘False Flagged’ in the first place!
      Still, I do not support Israel at this juncture due to the immense violations of International Law that is murdering children, women, and non-combatant men.

  2. Of course 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated and carried out gradually in the time frame of several weeks by the Israeli Mossad.
    This was to sow additional conflicts and instability in the Middle East in behalf of Israel via proxy wars.
    Just watched the late U.S. Congressman Jim Traficant’s video of his interview on Fox News w/ Great Sustern.
    Also just saw the Bottom Line on Al-Jazeera with the interview of Miko, a former Israeli IDF Soldier who calls-out the terrorist ‘State of Israel’.
    See also Scott Ritter’s latest / past 5 videos.
    Israel needs to go away, and the Jews living there go elsewhere, and I think that is exactly what is going to happen!
    World Opinion, un-sustainability, and the gas field rights being signed over to Palestine, and the construction of the Gaza Canal that benefits Palestine with a source of income.
    The U.S. is already getting prepped for the influx of J*** from Israel; as the U.S. is now offering Visa-waivers for Israelis, and once they arrive on U.S. soil, you can bet that the Zionist Government ion the U.S. Congress will fast-track U.S. Citizenship.
    That is, IF there isn’t a Civil War ll on U.S. soil based on the illegal immigrant invasion and pre-positioned Chinese Forces being activated!
    The U.S. has been referred to as “Israel West’ for several years now, and has had Zionist Noahide Law and Talmudic methods inflicted on the sleeping U.S. populations in keeping with J***** Bolshevism!


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