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Posie Parker to leave New Zealand, Wellington event cancelled

Posie Parker news

Women’s Rights activist Posie Parker is to leave the country after police could not guarantee her safety.

That’s according to Sean Plunkett of The Platform.

Plunkett tweeted out the news early this evening.



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  1. Why would she stay when she’s already proved her point?

    New Zealand is a country of violent, intolerable anarcho-fascists propped up by a communist regime/cult and a corrupt media. No free speech, no right to defend yourself, no say in how your children are educated.

    Jesus, they’ll rip the infant from your arms in the middle of the night if you have the temerity to ask for clean blood.

    We should just pull the plug and let the whole thing sink into the pacific at this point.

    • Dead right, Kellie-Jay Keen, we know her name, and she brought her point of view without saying a word, she shone a spotlight onto the problems women today are facing and the rest of the world saw too.

      And sadly I agree. Down the gurgler she goes.

      This counter protest was paid and backed by the govt. It’s all part of the Covid scam. Money was doled out left right and centre. The Greens received huge amounts to do exactly this. Agenda 2030. What a despotic concept.

  2. If there is a backlash against homosexuals from this and I suspect there will be, it is possibly at their own hand for being useful idiots playing their part, a small group as it may be. A great deal of homosexuals do NOT support this. It is erodding rights that have been fought for and won and is exactly what has been done to women. It will be gay people next. How to control people in ancient times.

    • Homosexuals ARE to blame for this. Maybe a bitter pill to swallow, maybe hard to hear, but true nonetheless.

      Homosexuality IS unnatural, no matter what angle you approach it from: intellectually, morally, religiously or biologically. We are SUPPOSED to pair bond with the opposite sex and produce genetic offspring, that is quite literally how life on this planet has ticked along since the very beginning. Homosexuality is a departure from nature and a genetic dead end.

      The ancient cultures on this earth, one by one all came to understand that too much “tolerance” eventually always leads to societal collapse. The Egyptians found out, the Greeks found out, the Romans found out, the Persians found out. A society that abandons its moral foundation in favour of sin and indulgence always finds its end within a few short decades.

      This is why homosexuality came to be viewed with so much hostility and fear, because it was understood how utterly dangerous it is.

      In our modern society it used to be that if you wanted a good life with decent spouse and happy children and a big family, you had to live your life according to the will of God. Choosing (yes CHOOSING) homosexuality meant that you would forfeit all of that, and condemn yourself to a relatively empty and lonely existence, to that genetic dead end I mentioned. The gays were obviously unhappy with that. Human beings are jealous creatures, we want what other people have – even if we’re unwilling to behave ourselves and follow the rules that others do. Equity above equality (sound familiar?)

      So they pushed to “redefine” (ie erase) the definition of marriage so that they could marry too. They demanded to be allowed to adopt so that they could fill that horrible longing for the family they’d chosen to forgo. All of the reward with none of the required effort. All the rewards the pious spent centuries struggling for without having to be pious and self-controlled themselves. “Live your best life! Do what you want, take what you want, there are NO consequences!!”

      And anyone who DARES say anything about it is denounced as the literal spawn of Satan.

      This “trans” business is all just an extension of that descent into nihilism. Men who want to cheat nature and be women, who lust for the endless praise and affirmation, and want real women who don’t like it to be shut up and shut down.

      Our empire will fall too, just as the ancient ones did, it’s just a question of time at this point. See you all in the next dark age 👍

      • No that’s not a bitter it’s just the sender that is.
        I guess you thought I just needed to be told somethng, it’s nothing I haven’t heard already for the last 50 odd years or so, it’s like water of a ducks back.

        But thanks, you reminded me it’s not my problem anymore and sorry I bothered you. Sorry to everyone here you probably need to vent.
        Do pray. You may need to🙏
        and thanks for the history lesson. 👍

        • Nah, just needed to vent as you say.

          You didn’t bother me friend, we’re more or less on the same page I believe. Sorry if you thought I was raving at you, maybe something was lost in translation. I get a little carried away sometimes and before I know it an entire wall of text has gone up.

          I’m obviously not proposing we start rounding up gay people and throwing them off of buildings as some countries do, just saying I’m sick of having to pretend it’s all TOTALLY NORMAL and fine. It’s not. Just look at where we are now, nothing is fine anymore. And it’s only going to get worse. This whole thing of wanting to be tolerant and kind and respectful of people’s personal choices comes from a good place, it really does, but the little white snowball has completely gotten away from us now and is turning into a damn avalanche.

          I don’t hate gay people, but what I DO hate is the weaponisation of their “movement” and the way it has splintered into all this other insidious filth targeted at children. What I hate are the cringey talking points we’re bombarded with 24/7, all the woke catchphrases and pseudo-intellectual fakery and “born this way”-isms that are so far removed from objective reality that men can now (apparently) be women and women men. The world is becoming an episode of black mirror. These people (the zealots) need to read more history.

          This woman came to our shores to talk. To talk, that’s it. And she’s been beaten and driven out of the country for it. Holy shit!

          If there ARE gay people as you say willing to stand up and fight back against this garbage then I’m grateful for it, but I stand by the things I’ve said above. If we’re ever to save our society from collapse, we need to get back to God and traditional marriage and the nuclear family and everything else that made our society what it once was. Just the opinion of one very fed up duck!

          • Thank you Mr.🦆,
            No offence taken. I do appreciate your thoughts and wisdom and you write very well and I agree most people lack knowledge of history, I have some reading to do.

            Kellie-Jay Keen I believe came saw and she conquered. She may not have had her podium but she said a whole lot. We owe her our gratitude that’s for sure for delivering her message. She taught me something. I certainly do not want to take away from that.

            I believe too we are stuck in some nightmare we live each day brought on by those who want to change the world. I suspect like many for their own means.

            The structure of our society is Christian and that simply can not be denied and for that I am one.

            My legal partner, legal for co ownership etc, for over thirty years studied three years as a young 15 yo with the Jesuit priests in Merida mx., he is a good man. The Jesuits whom he studied with were also only kind and compassionate. With a vast knowledge and experience of life.

            The book of Gospels has many metaphors for Christ but I’d like to leave you with this quote, the lyrics from Leonard Cohen. You may know it and apologies if you think it presumptuous of me. Haunting is the last line.

            And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water
            And he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower
            And when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him
            He said all men will be sailors then until the sea shall free them
            But he himself was broken, long before the sky would open
            Forsaken, almost human, he sank beneath your wisdom like a stone

  3. Realise that the Greens are the Muslim party. Green is their colour Islam is their ideology. What do they do to homosexuals? A lot trans to become prostitutes if not they are murdered.
    Shame on Marama Maggot.

  4. The trans community seems to me to be mainly men who claim they are women i.e. trans-women. There seemed to be very few women who claim they are men i.e. trans-men. The trans flag is the pink blue and white striped one although trans people still appear under the LGBTI flag. It has become a little clearer what these men are after. We really need another two or three women’s events then I think everyone will be able to see. They really exposed themselves with their reactions to Posie Parker and women in general.
    Kudos to the men and women who stepped forward to support Posie. Good on Brian Tamaki for showing up. Women now know for sure who they can depend on.

  5. A minority that expects tolerance but shows next to none itself….not to mention a government that, once again, shows us they hate free speech….


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