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Press Release 16 February 2022 – Parliament Protest

Full text of Parliament Protest Press Release for 16 February 2022.

We are extremely disappointed that no response has yet been received from the government to our letter sent on Monday seeking an urgent meeting to open dialogue.

Multiple MPs, including government ministers, confirmed they had received the letter requesting such a meeting.

We have spoken with a highly experienced mediator who has offered to facilitate a mediation between us and the government on a pro bono basis. This was confirmed in writing to Government MPs today, with the mediator advising on his availability.

It is clear that the police now accept that the protest on Parliament grounds is lawful. On the traffic front, we have made significant progress moving vehicles in key locations in the CBD and any aggressive action by the police in this respect would be completely inappropriate. This is a sensitive situation but we are confident of a successful resolution.

We are in regular dialogue with the police, local businesses and Wellingtonians. Evidence of our progress can be heard in this news clip where the owner of the iconic backbencher pub Alistair Boyce speaks with broadcaster Kate Hawkesby.

We are encouraged that the Police Commissioner this morning correctly concurred with our statement that “mandates have been a common theme” to the protest action.

This communication summarises the views of the majority of groups present at Parliament:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • The Hood NZ
  • Voices for Freedom.

**End of release**

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  1. How disconnected is Hawkesby and mainstream media, in that they don’t actually go down to the coal face and actually speak with many of the different protesters? Unreal.

    • My wife & I together with friends are arriving tomorrow from Tauranga to join the protest movement for 3 days. We have alway recognised the incompetence of this government, and have been grateful to all the individuals there who have protesting on our behalf.
      However since the behaviour of the House Speaker Mr Mallard has highlighted the overall IQ level of all those in the ‘waspnest’ we have felt compelled to do whatever we can to remove all the people in it.

    • Seems to me the protest is a better way for us all to live, self organising community, respect, multicultural, etc etc. We don’t need your mortgaged system.

  2. Don’t watch the TV news or listen to radio.Even when you watch or listen to their drivel and are hating it the advertisers are still getting their message out there.If no one is listening advertisers will begin to question the value of using mainstream media to advertise their products

  3. No-one can hide and hold back the truth forever.
    Soon it will become like a tsunami and the loss of people’s faith in this government and its media puppets, its so-called ‘science’, its medical ‘experts’ , doctors and data modellers (manipulators), will be enormous – never mind the number of ensuing lawsuits and collective anger.

    That’s why the govt-and-its-media are desperately smearing and attacking back. They’re losing their seeming control, and the MSM is doing what they’ve been paid to do: remain muzzled followers and parroting propagandists for the money.

    Are MSM, Muzzled Salaried Misinformers?
    The evidence out there and we, the people, will decide.

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.” George Orwell.

    Most of those in the media will know the truth by now. If they don’t they’re incredibly unaware, brainwashed and close-minded or, frankly, stupid – not qualities desirable in any journalist we should trust to provide us, the public, with honest information.

    More than enough concerned Kiwis have sent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of emails to the MSM; attached medical and scientific papers from esteemed credible researchers and experts, provided data links and, most shockingly, testimonials from vaccine-injured kiwis and their witnesses, and from loved ones of those who have died due to this ‘vaccine’.

    For those media who have chosen to ignore this ongoing stream of honest information, and who do not due their diligence then continue their fraudulent actions, we know who they are and they know this.

    Is this perhaps why some are now playing ‘toe-in-the-water’ and ‘talking secretly to the enemy’ games or reporting with two mouths from their observational sidelines at the Freedom camp – as if they never knew.

    Don’t they know the game’s up?
    The horse bolted long ago – it’s living in the Freedom Camp, and all those risking their jobs, and losing them, all those working hard for truth, all those who are signatories of repeated requests to meet with the govt, and all those hundreds of thousands of decent, truth and freedom loving Kiwis in Aotearoa and living around the world.

    Either do your lot now for the freedom and democracy of New Zeland, or live with more lies and ultimately a dictatorial tyranny it will be extremely hard to recover from, if ever.

    Remember how angry some older journos and kiwis were when they rioted, yes rioted violently!, against the Springbok tour back in the day, because of racial injustice in South Africa. Some still dine out on stories of their involvement in those protests as badges of ethical behavioural honour.

    Hopefully all those demonstrating journos and protestors are now protecting their very own people, their brothers and sisters, and young innocent children right here in New Zealand.

    History and people always remember and never forget. Forgive maybe, but forget, no.

  4. Love Covinda’s reference to the imported style of protest. We’re under an imported style of government. Ardern is no stranger to the methods Soros and his funded institutes use to train young socialists (as Ardern was and downstream, is now) to run governments and all agencies stemming from governments. Complete removal from any dialogue about her housemate trying to obtain rapid antigen tests and complete detachment from citizens with genuine concerns across the country… and she’s got a degree in communications. Dictatorship or arrogance? Both.

  5. If people do not rebel against this totalitarian , Orwellian, state rubbish , we are going to loose our democracy and country.
    We all have rights, they are being removed, “for our own good” ????

  6. Here’s what Michael Woods MP had to say about the protestors on February 17 in Parliament…

    “We feel for those people. But underneath all of that, there is a river of filth.”

    “There is a river of violence and menace. There is a river of anti-Semitism. There is a river of Islamophobia. There is a river of threats to people who work in this place and our staff.”

    Wood said this shouldn’t be condoned and overlooked with the idea that “it’s all just good people and maybe we should talk about it and maybe we should put the mandates up for negotiation”.

    “I would say that there is a river of genuine fascism in parts of the event that we see out the front of this Parliament today.”

    Fascism by way of the mandates has caused people to lose their jobs in New Zealand. Read this again and try to work out how he equates this to people who hate Muslims and Jews. He’s so far out of touch and he’s an MP of this country, the only source of truth.


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