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Protests to highlight plight of unvaccinated nurses

Nurses For Freedom NZ protests

The plight of unvaccinated nurses will be highlighted once again as Nurses for Freedom NZ (NFFNZ) attends the TFRC protest in Wellington on the 23rd August.

Over 2000 public health care workers including over 600 nurses and midwives are unable to work in hospitals around New Zealand because they chose to exercise bodily autonomy. This number does not include those working in the community such as lead maternity carers or those working in non-government organisations such as private hospitals and aged care.

The predicament for nurses working long hours since the pandemic started is now more significant considering there was a 4000 nursing staff deficit before covid, Nurses for Freedom NZ spokesperson Deborah Cunliffe says.

“We have asked to meet with the Nursing Council of New Zealand, whose primary function is to protect the health and safety of members of the public by ensuring nurses are competent and fit to practise. But they will not meet us.

“We have also contacted the New Zealand Nurses Organisation which represents more than 55,000 nurses and health workers. But they have not agreed to meet us.

“We have repeatedly asked to speak to key cabinet ministers but they won’t meet us.

In addition to tomorrow’s protest, Nurses for Freedom NZ encourages all nurses and health care professionals to join them for a second Nurses National Action in 15 towns and cities around New Zealand on Wednesday August 31.

The venues include Christchurch, Kaitaia, Taranaki Base Hospital, Waikato hospital, Whangarei hospital, Blenheim-Wairau hospital, Hastings hospital, Palmerston North hospital, Dunedin Public hospital, Golden Bay Hospital, Middlemore, Warkworth, Gisborne, Masterton hospital and Tauranga hospital.

Cunliffe says it is madness to stop hundreds of nurses, midwives and carers from working just because they remain mandated even though they are willing to support a health system in crisis.

There is simply no sound scientific justification for the continuation of vaccine mandates. CEO of the College of Midwives Alison Edy has written to Health Minister Little asking for a robust review of the evidence given the critical midwifery workforce shortages.

Whilst hundreds of health care professionals and support staff are still subject to the mandates, others continue to leave due to booster requirements or vaccine injuries.

“We are very clear about our professional objectives which include the mandates being dropped and unvaccinated nurses returning to work.

“We support the right for other groups such as TFRC to state their objectives and manage these responsibly but are very clear on what we want for our members.”

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  1. I can’t believe NC of NZ refusing to meet. Then they moan and bitch about being overworked???

    OMG, how can you trust ANYTHING your average nurse or doctor tells you. I mean these people KNOWINGLY are injecting poison into the general public. They KNOW the dangers these will cause their fellow NZers. Just let that sink in.

  2. The health system is on life support while the beauracrats who collect fees and big wages couldn’t care less. Same old…same old. It’s time for nurses to stand together regardless. The CDC says there is no distinction between vax and unvax and other countries have dropped mandates. Time to change the rotten system

  3. Dr Fauci: Dont criticise science because I represent science.
    Jabcinda: Dont criticise Truth because I am the Truth
    Dr Baker: Science is the Truth; So, follow Jabcinda, the Science

  4. I’m afraid while we have an uncaring and ideoligally lead government in power, nothing will change. Be kind, care about each other and so on are just complete bs from the worst people ever to sit in parliament.

    • See also the Russian 1993 movie titled ‘The Chekist’, and what ‘Greater Zionist Israel’ has in store for many of us!
      Bolscheviks = Communists = Khazarian Jews!
      Solzhenytsyn confirmed this in ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ and ‘200 Years Together’.
      Almost ALL Kapos in the camps were Khazarian Jews who looked down upon us Ashkenazi, Hasidic, and Orthodox Jews, and considered us expendable!
      Khazarian Jews are not Jewish at all; they adopted the Talmud as a business model, and instituted Noahide Law to keep other Jews inline!
      DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!!!! And do not trust anything that come out of Israel!

  5. Remember those who are on your Health Boards at the Regional Hospitals!
    Then, VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN OCTOBER 2022 for refusing qualified Nurses who are needed their livlihoods based on them not taking an untested bio-weapon and denying extended health care for New Zealanders due to disenfranchising the Nurses who are upholding the Nuremburg Code, NZ Patient Rights, and the NZ Bill of Rights / Human Rights!


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