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Rodney Hide slams ACT leader David Seymour

Former ACT party leader Rodney Hide has criticised current leader David Seymour in a letter published on the Breaking Views website today.

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According to the ACT party website, the guiding principles of the party are:

That it is inherent in the nature of human beings as individuals that they are the owners of their own lives and must be free to act according to their own judgments so long as they accept and respect the like freedom of others;

Freedom of thought, conscience, religion, belief, and expression including the right to adopt, hold opinions, and express those opinions, is essential to a free society and must be promoted, protected, and preserved;

That the proper purpose of government is to enact and enforce laws, and to take such action as may be necessary to secure freedom of the individual from the actions of others, including those others who constitute the government, which could constrain individuals from exercising ownership of their own.

Yet writing from the comfort and safety of his Beehive bunker, Seymour derided the protesters, even though they would appear to be exercising the same rights expounded by ACT in its principles.

It was then that Hide hit back with his letter – read the full text here.

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  1. Well done Rodney for having the courage to speak out against the tyranny being played out before our eyes , he is a lone voice in the wasteland of spineless politicians.
    History will not judge those that turned the other cheek well, in Ardern we have someone who uses coercion, fear and now the jackboot of the police to crush a peaceful protest, any similarities to Germany in the 1930s is purely coincidental ! Yeh right

  2. Well done Rodney. At last someone with a sensible view, Its a shame though he doesnt show a presence and talk to them.

    I really don’t understand why the people in parliment are not simply listening to the group outside parliment, They are making themselves look like fools and showing their true colours. I really thought people in the NZ were different and I am so so sadden that they prove me wrong. The governement (jacinda) and the so called opposition dont care about peoples feelings, how they are hurting. The truth is slowly creeping out of the wood work about covid and the jab. And these guys in parliment will get their comeuppance

    • They don’t care what us peasants have to say. They hate us. We’re just a cash cow, there to be milked for every drop. Every now and then when we have the temerity to dare and expect them to keep a promise or maybe serve OUR best interests instead of their own, they become especially nasty and snarky.

      These politicians aren’t stupid, no matter how much they pretend to be. They know every single thing they’ve done has been deeply unpopular, they know the vast majority of the population has no appetite for QR code’s, segregation and apartheid. And they know the TRUE vaccination numbers are likely as inflated as their case counts (and just about everything else they’ve lied about).

      Why go out to meet with the protesters and risk being exposed for the liar you truly are? Why bother trying to de-escalate the tension and simply meet with people in good faith to address their political grievances (the way you’re SUPPOSED to do in a democracy), when it’s far easier just to double down and say vile things like “it’s not even worth talking to them…”

      They know the protestors feel OPPRESSED and IGNORED, and so their answer to that is to oppress and ignore the people HARDER. They know what the result of that will be. The people aren’t going to calm down and go away, they’re going to get LOUDER and ANGRIER. The elites are actually counting on this.

      They’ll have their media minions aim their cameras at every single instance of someone getting out of hand or pushing back against a cop, and they’ll selectively edit and spin everything to their advantage so a walking void like Heather Du Plessis Allan can sit in front of her microphone and say “you see, this is why these idiots cannot be reasoned with”.

      Half of the political left are brainwashed simpletons who genuinely believe the mental garbage they’re fed, the other half are pure concentrated evil incarnate, who’ll do and say anything to get power.

      A reckoning is coming, a big one. Worldwide.

  3. what about Marcus Lush saying he couldn’t understand what his caller was on about. Marcus, Let me explain in baby language for you, so you might get it.
    The caller enquired, about your thoughts concerning Trevor Mallard asking reporters not to go down to talk to the protesters. Was this a very bad thing for our freedom of reporting.
    Sorry you probably still didn’t get. Try:
    When Government influences the reporter man, are we worse off or better off.
    I know you still don’t understand. Oh well your council job is quite suited to you then.

  4. Congratulations Rodney! It’s extraordinary to see a politician come out publicly in support people’s rights. Forced vaccinations without informed consent breaks international laws even in an [manufactured] emergency. The rule of law and human rights have been suspended across the world. We’re effectively being governed by fascist dictatorships. As such, we can expect the crimes of the NZ Government against the people of New Zealand to escalate! God help us.

  5. Thank you, Rodney, for showing the courage and heart which this group of politicians all evidently lack. You have more balls than all of them combined. None of them are real opposition to this fascist Government.

  6. David Seymore joined ACT because he thought ACT meant that you acted to be a politician His first performance when he pretended to miss the vote on gun control was weak and unconvincing so now he just ad libs his way through copying what the rest say hoping no one will notice he is a fool


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