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Shock announcement: Ardern resigns as PM

Ardern resignation news.

Jacinda Ardern announced today that she has resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

The Labour Caucus will vote for a new leader and Prime Minister at a meeting on Sunday.

Current Deputy Grant Robertson will not be seeking the leadership.

In a statement read out in front of media this afternoon, Ardern said:

‘This summer I had hoped to find a way to prepare not just for another year but another term, because that is what this year requires. I have not been able to do that. And so today I’m announcing that I will not be seeking re-election, and that my term as Prime Minister will conclude no later than the 7th of the February.

This has been the most fulfilling five and a half years of my life. But it’s also had its challenges. Amongst an agenda focussed on housing, child poverty and climate change, we encountered a major bio-security incursion, a domestic terror event, a major natural disaster, a global pandemic, and an economic crists.

‘The decisions that have had to be made have been continual, and they have been weighty.

‘But I am not leaving because it was hard. Had that been the case I probably would’ve departed two months into the job. I am leaving because with such a privileged role comes responsibility – the responsibility to know when you are the right person to lead, and also when you are not.’

‘I know what this job takes, and I know I no longer have enough in the tank to do it justice.’

A NZHerald opinion poll asked readers if Ardern had made the right decision to stand down today. 35,000 votes were cast as at the time of publishing this article, with a huge majority of 77% saying ‘yes’ – an indication that the New Zealand public had also tired of her.

Ardern also announced that this year’s election will take place on Saturday October 14.

Reaction on Twitter was swift and brutal as thousands of kiwis and foreigners alike voiced their relief at the departure and condemnation of her brutal anti-democratic policies which have left New Zealand a divided nation as never before.

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  1. She will have to be hung as an ordinary citizen now ,not as a politican. dont matter they will all end up in the lake of fire,Filthy traitorous sub humans all of them

  2. I apologise to the people of New Zealand, this all started here in the U.S.A. We made the mistake of trusting our politicians and this is what they brought on the world. I’m so sorry.

    • That’s a kind sentiment Harry, there are some evil people in the world but you aren’t one of them.

      The U.S. does seem to be spawning the greedy but they are active elsewhere too.

      There are a whole huge bunch of good, genuinely kind, Americans but their voice has been stolen by pure evil. Shut down at every moment.

    • All good Harry, not your fault, our leaders knew what they were doing, and went ahead anyway. I’m sure they were well compensated for their hard work. Blessings… 🌻

    • Nasty governments do not mean nasty population. Populations also have to suffer hidden agenda of governments and their consequences as for example wars

    • Thanks for the apology but they are empty words without compensation, DM me and I will send you my BC account number and await `all` your BC.

  3. Yahoo!!!🎉👏 is it to early to hold street parties the length and breadth of nz👍 To everyone who fought long and hard for 3years against the mis/disinformation from that podium of lies, take a bow. Let this be a caution for future mps and parties, we the people will be relentless in protecting our family’s and freedoms. Clearly the pressure of the people is very weighty indeed. Can’t wait to see what msm are going to do now that their beloved comrade has jumped ship. For you Ardern the people of this nation will never forget what you have done to us, and the personal harm you have caused. Bye bye wef witch🖕

    • My thoughts as well. Look over your shoulder for the rest of your miserable sad life Jacinda. You wrecked our country, you wrecked our families, our Christmases, our businesses, our trust, our jobs, our kids lives – it’s all on you. I hope Klaus paid you well to do what you did so you can afford your own personal security wherever you go for the rest of your days. You will need it. Not just here, but everywhere in the world, yes everyone knows who you are and what you have done EVERYONE.

      Good riddance, already I feel a weight lift off my shoulders and to whomever takes up her poison chalice- you either do the right thing by the people of New Zealand, or we WILL hound you out of office just like we have done to her. We won’t stop until we get justice for the injured and dead, our Bill of Rights permanently entrenched, and an end to this separatist racist He Puapua crap.

  4. Gutless, selfserving, bovine creature. Greedy and Stupid.

    housing, FAIL, virtue signaling.

    child poverty, FAIL Virtue signaling.

    climate change. BS, waffle, self serving, virtue signaling.

    “we encountered a major bio-security incursion,” Waffle and verbal diarrhea.

    “a domestic terror event,” took centre stage at the expense of others misery, in her usual self adoring manner.

    “a major natural disaster,” no one should have been on White Island. It’s an ACTIVE VOLCANOE FFS!

    “a global pandemic,” Which you made it all about you taking centre stage again and hurting our country not to mention the countless amount of people in it.

    “and an economic crisis” which you and your crappy govt. created.

    Good riddance, but you’ve done the damage, NewZealand will never be the same again. We won’t forget you for a long long time.

  5. Ding dong the Witch is gone. When the heat is on, get out of the kitchen.
    The lying satanic dictator is a coward, she can run but she can’t hide.
    Karma is coming for her.

    Unfortunately a lot of the damage she has done is permanent, vax deaths
    and injuries, closed businesses, smashed health system, homelessness, crime.
    The only decent thing she ever did was resign.

  6. If this is a take over and Mahuta is to be Prime Minister, she will fail.

    But before she does she will do her worst. What a drradfull thought. From the pan to the fire.
    An even bigger fight on our hands. It will be her turn to exploit NZ and take. Will there be a fair election?

    • Especially IF Mahuta (totally inexperienced in Foreign Affairs!) or Kiri Allen (radicalised leftie and a severe problem to NZ Farmers) comes in ‘appointed’ as the Labour Party PM.
      Howdy Dooty (Hipkins) would just continue the Jabcinda and WEF policies, so I see no respite in that being appointed in as PM…and that would bode worse for all of us!
      Please, VOTERS – vote for the third parties, especially for the Outdoors & Freedom Party, the only political party leaders that demanded accountability for the bio-war (Covid) that was waged against the people of New Zealand with the devout encouragement of evil, psychopathic people in the Masonic Bee Hive, and the lying self-delusional MSM.

  7. Ding dong the witch 🧙‍♀️ is gone.
    Talk about jumping off the titanic. Knows she can’t answer the hard questions pre-election. The county’s in a downward spiral. Jump now and tell us how well everything is, without be able to be challenged. Typical BS and lies. I pity the new leader. Why do you think Grant Robertson doesn’t want the job.
    What a disgraceful 5 yrs. What an absolute criminal wastage of public money over that time. What appalling segregation her Government caused to family’s, individuals, companies. Ineptitude on a grand scale.
    Stuff ups that you expect from children who don’t know any better. “Be kind” words become a joke, when not followed by the same actions. She hasn’t been kind, she’s been ruthless, tyrannical, uncaring and prepared to tell stories to suit her narrative. Her team are no better. The worst bunch of no hopers there ever was.
    Disgraceful effort. Total incompetence and corruption.
    If there was a bunch of Primates running for office, I’d vote for them over this lot.
    Things are looking up folks. Before you clean the shed, you need to throw away the junk. The sheds already smelling better.

  8. I really hope people of NZ dont make another MISTAKE and elect NATIONAL as the ruling power, they are worse than Arden and are the other side of the coin.

    There needs to be either a fracture of the vote(split over several parties) or a NEW party needs to gain a lot of ground for the people to come out on TOP, the OLD control structure needs to be booted out.

    • Exactly our task is to enlighten as many people as we can. I used to vote national until John Key wrecked the country and the housing market with immigration and students. I will never vote National or labour so long as I live EVER again. They are both DEAD to me.

      I am voting Matt King and Democracy NZ. We are going to take our country back and this is the first step. We will have the Bill of rights entrenched, for starters.

      Buckle up folks we aren’t slacking off, we are going to ramp up the pressure on these liars in our parliament. Tell everyone you know to vote the Globalist sellout puppets OUT!

      • Recently there are several new ‘parties’ forming, each with its flavours of well-meaning individuals.
        And that is all good, because it reflects the disappointment of actors and constituents. However, NO NEW SPLINTER PARTY WILL BE ABLE TO SOLIDIFY OPPOSITION. All the new parties need to convene, coagulate and form a COALITION. This is not the time for ideology, religion, background, history, personality or ego to hinder WE THE PEOPLE to dismantle the current lot from parliament. ALL the parties in there are unacceptable to govern our people. They ALL have colluded in the destruction of our civil freedom, liberty and health.
        I will NOT vote for any entity not realizing that reality.

        • I agree, but trying to get some of them to agree would be difficult. Therefore we need to all go in behind who has the best chance and that is Democracy NZ. I just know they will be featuring in the polls but the media will be too scared to report it. So they should be too. Democracy NZ is the way of the future. They days of the globalists playing with our democracy with their paid off puppets in national and labour are GONE.

          Wake more people up. Get rid of blue and red. (and green et Al also).

          Stop saying a vote for a minor party is a wasted vote and BE THE CHANGE that enaures it’s NOT.

          I hope Matt King gets Elliot Ilkolei (hope I spelt that right Elliott) on board cause he is awesome! Love that guy.

  9. “I’m resigning because I’ve done such a good job and I’m so proud…”

    Uh huh, that makes sense 😒👍

    And its not because “she knows she’s gonna lose the next election” either (apologies to the political geniuses in my office, but you’re wrong).

    Since real elections essentially ended in 2016 we can dispense with that horse excrement entirely.

    There are other forces at work behind the scenes, things we will likely never know. Watch that presentation again: The way she reads the words off that page as if it were the first time she was seeing them, the break in her voice at the pivotal moment…. it tells you much more than the phony speech itself.

    Maybe the order came down from Davos, maybe someone in another party found a skeleton in her closet, or maybe just maybe all the heart attacks, cancers and died suddenlies are ticking up to the point where the vaccine dam is about to burst and she’s getting out while the gettin’s good. It’s fun to speculate, but again we’ll probably never know the truth (which I suppose is a very fitting way to end her term).

    The fact that Robertson is basically refusing to step in as acting PM until the election (a dream job for any politician, and one he’s already done many times) is very creepy as well. Something’s going on.

    • Absolutely something is afoot. And odds on it won’t be pleasant. But we will survive as long as we keep the Faith and support one another. 😺

    • Yes Unquaccinated I think you have hit the nail on the head. The ‘vaccine’ dam is about to burst and they all know it. Bloomberg jumped the ship and also Robertson does not want to be part of the fray either. Ardern will probably skip out and take an overseas posting somewhere with the WEF WHO or the UN until the heat dies down. If you look at what is about to happen in the US the whole ‘Covid’ house of cards is about to fall down. Most DAs in the US dont want to be the first to procecute any of the ‘Covid’ criminals because they have to stay in line with the Govts. narrative. But all it is going to take is one small town Sheriff to prosecute a case against Big Pharma for injury and or death and it will be like a nuclear event. There are about 3 of such cases in the wind now and the word is these are going to succeed. This is why all the rats are scurrying off the sinking ship.

  10. Jacinda can’t even resign without it being a lie.
    4 months ago its reported she said conclusively, she would not bale out early and she was there to win this election. Not in those exact words. I guess you’re allowed to change your mind. Just like the promise of No new taxes she once made and then changed her mind, and as with many other examples. So when does saying you’ll do one thing, but then do something else become a breach of trust. When you realize its not a change of mind, its a (Lie). She has become very comfortable in telling you what suits her.
    Let’s get a leader and indeed politicians that do what they say they’ll do, and who will listen to the people, and what they want. Not a tyrant.

  11. The only time that ***** has ever cried and it’s for herself. That’s what a narcissist she is.

    She never shed one tear for peoples vax injuries or deaths, for the elderly man watching his wife of 50 years being buried from across the road, for the mum giving birth alone while her partner was locked out, for the terminally patient dying alone with no family member to hold their hand. The damage will never be repaired. We are traumatised from what you and your govt of useless idiots have done to us. Karma is coming for the lot of you.

    No we don’t feel sorry for you Jacinda. You’re evil and you know it. Now f*** off already.

  12. About bloody time, mind you we knew this was coming and she wouldn’t be around for the next election. Her work is done here and she will move on to her next assignment whatever that may be.

    But let us never forget the damage she has done. Let us never forget the lives she has ruined. And remember always how she lied to us all.

    Now that we have learnt that lesson we must be ever watchful in the future, a future that is down to you and me to manage for the benefit of all New Zealanders. In the meantime, on the 14th of October, the Labour Party must be swept into oblivion…

  13. I agreed with most every sentiment expressed above.

    Adern is loathed. Her very presence is repulsive to me.

    And yes, she will need to understand her security detail will not always be there now

    I challenge her to walk down any street in NZ without them. But of course she will head overseas now she’s crippled this country. The devastation she’s caused is without equal in this country’s history

  14. She is jumping ship so she doesnt have to face up to her evil crimes. Everybody interviewed in the street by MSM “loved” her. So that was sanitised as well.
    Tucker carlson of FOX got it right. Anonymous who is going to vote Democracy NZ may have the answer. But a couple of other things to consider – Winston is on the comeback trail. Also beware of the sleeping giant HeartlandNZ. They nearly won the Port Waikato electorate last time and me thinks there is something brewing there.

    The thing that worries me is that there is a degree of ineviability that National will win (didnt the republicans think there was going to be a clean sweep in the mid terms In the end that came down to personalities). Luxon has no personality. He represents the so called elite (remember he is member of WEF).
    Are we going to have to protest again at Parliament?

  15. A couple of rumours/anecdotes from other sites:
    1. Apparently Auckland viaduct restaurants are sold out of champagne this eve
    2. The Curia poll due out tomorrow will be devastating for her

    • I texted my friend and told her to have a glass of Moët for me (I don’t drink). Perhaps I should make an exception! 🥂party time!

  16. Oh I am human. 🙄 how convenient. Where was your humanity when you ruined peoples lives, wrecked our economy on purpose and divided the people?

    Yeah nah love you can’t resign your way out of the damage you have caused.

    Worst PM in New Zealand history.

  17. Keep a roll of piano wire handy with that thing’s name on it. If it’s good e’nuff for some to have a Simon Wiesenthal center to track down and prosecute the perpetrators of a previous mass crime – WELL into their old ages if necessary – then, surely, it’s good e’nuff for ALL of us, don’t you think? Fair question. EXTREMELY fair in fact.

    • God bless her?

      What for taking Jesus name out of Parliaments prayer in Labours first sitting in 2017

      What for the full termination abortion laws that were passed in the late evenings of the first lock downs

      Or the Covid mandates that forced tens of thousands of hard working NZers out of work?

      A woman that lied and lied and lied and rejoiced in the fact she created second class citizens

      Who set families and friends against one another and created a culture of hate and condemnation

      Jezebel was eaten by dogs and she was righteous compared to Adern

    • Dear me we Christians are ignorant hypocrites. Ignorant of Gods Will and hypocrites in judgment.

      God bless her? Just like the Anglicans bless civil unions and the Pipe blesses pedophile priests?

      Our prime minister was and still is a monster. Non human.

    • If you take on the role of God and wreck misery and death onto the people you swore to defend, then you have forsaken any blessings. People tell me that if there is any justice, Cindy will go to hell. I say to them that she is in hell already. She’ll never be whole again.

  18. You can’t be ‘kind’ and a communist, history clearly shows the two are mutually exclusive.

    Farewell Jabcinda and your crocodile tears.

    In my experience narcissists only cry when they get caught.

  19. I’m not the slightest bit surprised she’s resigned, anyone who thought otherwise is asleep. She is the consummate narcissist, couldn’t bear the humiliation of being ousted at the next election, so Queen Rat jumps off the Titanic early, and the band plays on…
    Maybe next job she could buy a dairy, that’d be a shock, realising she had to make a profit for a change.
    Klauss and Bill might say well done good and faithful servant but I doubt God will.
    Be very careful how you vote this time, I have
    A feeling that Master Luxon and Cindy are two cheeks on the same a…

    • is that Zee Monsta Klaus Schwab’s “a-“? It must be a multiple cheek “a-” because there is at least a Trudeau as another cheek.
      Maybe they are just “a-” pimples? They are the true tools for scum like K. Schwab, Gates, Kerry, …. well, make that the whole lot at the WEF.
      And Luxon is one of them.

  20. Waaaaay too late. The Spectre has poisoned almost the entire nation. Herr Schwab and Co. will be pleased. All they have to do now is wait a few short years whilst the ‘vax’ does its work planetwide. ‘Mission’ accomplished.

    • 18 months to 5 years per Robert Malone.

      And it’s already in full swing, expect the deaths to keep ticking up as the year goes on.

  21. “You are in prison,” “If you wish to get out of prison, the first thing you must do is realise that you are in prison. If you think you are free, you can’t escape.”

    Maybe she figured it out and is now `truly Woke`

  22. Jabby will need a darn good disguise to set foot out in the world……may even take a change of sex…..🙃. Wouldn’t want to be her, even if she does head for the UN

  23. The resignation of the dictator is a strong sign of the coming collapse of the deep state. I share the joy with the people of New Zealand.

    What’s Coming in 2023: Global Revolution & SSP/ET Disclosure

    OPERATION SANDMAN now activated – Saudi Arabia announces END of dollar dominance in global oil trade … the dominoes begin to fall on the US empire


  24. Kia Ora my fellow country men and women. I can tell you there’s heaps of kiwis cracking out the champers here in London.

    • Brilliant! I have seen comments from people in Portugal, Bulgaria and Florida saying they are glad she is gone and they don’t even live here! She is hated all over the world.

      She showed no empathy for people injured or dead from the vaccine she forced on people so no, I have no sympathy for her or her family or her fellow politicians. Why should we care about them? We know now very clearly they don’t give a sh1t about us. So yeah bring it on, 2023 is karmas busy year for those people.


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