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‘The Irish not so lucky with Mallard appointment’ – David Seymour

Trevor Mallard news

“Today’s announcement that disgraced Speaker of New Zealand Parliament Trevor Mallard will be taking up a cushy diplomatic posting in Ireland is an outrage,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“To send someone with such a lengthy political rap sheet and zero diplomatic ability is an insult to our friends in Ireland.

“This is a man who has falsely accused a staff member of rape, who inflamed the Parliamentary protest with his immature behaviour and who refuses to be held accountable for his actions.

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“He took the Office of the Speaker only to have the worst approval rating of any politician in modern history. Now he’s being rewarded for his bad behaviour.

“This appointment goes to the heart of the Ardern Government’s rotten values. The message to New Zealanders everywhere is bad behaviour gets good rewards under the Ardern Government.

“To all those people who toil away, fearful of losing their jobs for poor performance, getting a five year post on light duties in Dublin after screwing up year after year is unfathomable. People might come to the conclusion, why bother?

“The cynical timing of the announcement, 15 minutes before the 6pm news amidst another scandal speaks for itself.

“If ACT were in government, we would show a lot more respect to Ireland and appoint somebody more appropriate to be a diplomat.

“The Prime Minister and her colleagues should have shown leadership and integrity and not given in to Mallard’s petty demands for an overseas posting.

“The only theory we can come up with is that Jacinda Ardern wanted to get rid of him and at least the Irish have a sense of humour.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. Jabcinda just proved that she pampers bullies; Rowdy and bully Trebvor is a shame and is the lowest graded politician, whoc must have dumped from politics decade a ago. Trademe frauds and motel fights were not something you expect from a politicians. He is now representing NZ in world stage. He has zero diplomatic skills and the only ything he know is to bully and gajole. NZ diplomacy has become a laughing stock.

  2. Shut up Seymour you had your chance to speak up when the mandate’s were imposed and the freedom convoy arrived, but you hid behind Jabcindas skirt! You’re a traitor and have no business representing newzealanders

    • I tend to agree with you. He had the chance to say something, instead he supported the separatism and got jabbed himself.

      Nothing but an idiot.

      Still, I would rather people voted for him than national or Labour. We must not vote for those duplicitous crooks. They are like a two headed snake, 2 cheeks of the same arse. Both unworthy of any trust.

      • Do not vote for any of the parties or politicians currently in the house excluding Gaurav Sharma and instead give your votes to the new parties showing up, Do your research on all of them BUT always remember NOT one MP spoke out or defended the NZ bill of rights or your medical rights. Also Covid did not lock you down, every one of these pricks did

        • Absolutely PT. We need to get it in peoples thick heads that this 2 party business is just part of the global elite parasites cunning plan to make it look like we have choices and democracy when the leaders are selected by them. Simon Bridges was also a WEF young global leader.

          So, we need to campaign accordingly. Vote for anyone EXCEPT Labour, National or he Greens and add the Maori party to that too because they just want apartheid and I am not into that.

          I am still on the fence about Seymour, he let himself down by not standing up against mandated vaccines and vaccine passes.

          I would like to see people running under a Freedom Coalition umbrella. Something like the Alliance???

          I do support Matt King but he needs to be careful not to rule out the other Freedom parties OR the Tamakis. I like what Brian and Hannah have to say and I like that they are big on the importance of families. I also think there are many thousands of people the Tamakis have provided guidance and a pseudo family to over the years and the good that comes from all of that is frankly immeasurable. I have taken part in the Freedom and Rights Coalition marches despite not being affiliated with them in any way and I have to say the overall feeling of being with those people is awesome. Such a good inclusive and welcoming genuinely lovely bunch of people.

          So…..keep waking people up that National and Labour are literally the same and get some support for some REAL change.

          Eventually I would like to see us as a country go away from this whole “party” system and just have a local MP representative and they can campaign on what their policies are and vote accordingly in parliament. (Gosh they might actually have to do some REAL work for their money lol) Believe it or not Gaddafi actually had a really good system set up and so even things he wanted to implement were sometimes voted down by the regional representatives. While he was in charge in of Libya the standard of living for people was very good. Housing, education, family support, cheap fuel/energy for all. Of course we were all brainwashed (myself included) that he was a dictator and ‘bad’. His last words were apparently “what did I do?” And the standard of living and life in Libya for the citizens has drastically deteriorated ever since.

      • I agree with you, we need to stop the lobbyist to give any funding to any party. Every voting person can give up to 100 dollars to their preferred party and the all get the same amount of media time. This just may turn the politician to work for the people instead for the party sponsors. All government privileges should be stopped for politician who no longer in or got voted out. Why should the milk the majority of taxpayer after they have been betrayed for years.

  3. Glad to see the back of Mallard. Sickening he is still being paid by the taxpayer. From cradle to grave.

    When we overturn these megalomaniacs and create our new system, we will rid ourselves of these type of hypocritical parasitic bullies.

  4. Actually, this is probably the only time I have agreed with anything, Seymour has uttered. It is extremely bad form to be sending that dickhead to Ireland, or any other place we may enjoy a good relationship with. But a few other options do spring to mind, which would suit us and Trev perfectly. Russia, Finland and Norway always nice this time of year, but best place must be somewhere warmer. So, Trev it’s off to the Congo you go.

  5. Remember Trevor Mallard and Steve Maharey got into a fist-fight only a few years ago?
    How’s that for typical Rugby behaviours brought directly into the Parliament…! DISGUSTING SOTS!!!
    Stevie-Boy goes to Massey Uni, and Trevor goes off into the sunset to play with the NWO Leprecauns…!

  6. Why the Congo? Leave Africa out of it. They have enough of their own problems. They wouldn’t want Sprinkler Head Mallard any more than we do, particularly his sad taste in music, bullying and wastage of water. There’s a lot of rain and boggy mud in Ireland so he’ll feel at home there.

    Although he’s now out for a duck – floated away on that river of filth emanating from the bowels within parliament’s walls – he’s most definitely not ambassadorial material, embarrassing most certainly.

    But let’s console ourselves he’s at least a fine export of New Zealand govt leadership’s hallmark qualities of: dictatorial bullying, grand scale wastage of tax payer’s hard-earned fast-dwindling money and, last but not least, great unkindness.

    It’s also undeniable that staying loyal to the honchos of the Labour undemocratic party, means no matter how cruelly, unjustly or even illegally you behave, you’ll still be paid by the taxpayer, as will all your legal bills, in full, defending any law-breaking in your personal life too.

    But wait, there’s more, even a highly paid political future somewhere. Again paid for by most of the people this government continues to stiff-neckedly refuse to listen to, even to blocking out parliament’s windows, and cancelling ferries and aeroplanes. How utterly immature and pathetic, those shades of Mallard. But now we know for certain it wasn’t just him. This speaks volumes about the levels of courage, integrity, democracy and kindness huddling within those now unhaloed walls. Perhaps this was done precisely so those outside could not see clearly to what is happening within. Such non-transparency.

    Those shaded blocked out high windows, suddenly cancelled ferries and flights are perfect symbols of how this government now operates.

    If anyone from within their controlled cabal then dares break ranks after considerable suffering, crying for justice and public help, be sure they’ll be swiftly done away with and left to fend for themselves.

    I smell the definite odour of non-benign dictatorship on the winds from Wellington.

    • The whole Government are just a bunch of lying deceitful bullies, the other parties including the “opposition” are no better.

      If any MP doesn’t want to be guilty by association then I suggest they come out NOW and very strongly SUPPORT Dr Gaurav Sharma. Time to do your jobs and do what’s right FOR THE PEOPLE you are supposed to represent.

    • OK, I’m convinced, Ireland it is. There’s plenty of Kiwis there to show him a rope. Sorry, the ropes. My mistake….

      • You make a sound argument for Ireland as Duckman’s safe haven. Plenty of booze and rugby. In fact he will be able to see some really good rugby players for a change… ????

  7. If I were to write a letter to Ireland it would read like this….. Dear Ireland thanks so much for your interest in our wayward duck( mallard) as you can appreciate the people of nz are in the middle of a massive cull from our barnyard (parliament) We have a horse that’s bolted, the aforementioned mallard duck, oh and chickens about 150 plus chickens unfortunately most of them have no backbone so are proving a bit tricky to find new homes for. You should be warned that the duck in question is prone and likely to turn on the hand that feeds it, should you find that to be the case and decide euthanasia is the best solution then you will have no argument from us. If your stable is empty we offer our horse for free it feeds on lies and propaganda is a nightmare to keep in its stall, at this point I think it only fair to be honest with you and say that the horse is the reason that the chickens have no backbones, crushing them at every opportunity however the chickens keep returning to the stall so it’s obvious that there is fault on both sides. Let us know if there is more room at your farm for our animals though we appreciate that you are probably full to the brim. There isn’t much time for ones that are left … and we all know what happens to them when the time runs out. Thanks Ireland oh and by the way please ensure that you sign the contract that states “The duck cannot be returned “
    PS can you ask around the area for any knacker yards willing to take a lying, b.llshit spreading, evil horse? Never mind the chickens I think they are dying on their own.

  8. Did I hear right…..Phil Goof is going for some taxpayer funded new role as well?

    Do these gits ever have to do actual work or does their life consist of sucking off of everyone else’s hard work like some giant leech?

  9. Mallard Holds the honour of being the biggest ******* ever born in this country, followed closely by Ardern then Mahuta. In fact the top 10 would all be Labour politicians in this government . And I’m a former labour voter


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