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Which clone are you Joe? Viral video shows two ‘distinctly different’ Joe Bidens

Joe Biden clone news

Two videos of President Joe Biden have ignited a firestorm of speculation online that the US president has a clone.

Each of the videos showed Biden speaking to a camera during a pre-prepared speech. Observers have noted striking discrepancies in his appearance that go beyond the realm of mere makeup or lighting differences.

This is not the first time high-ranking officials have been subject to such speculation. Historical precedents exist, though none perhaps as compelling as the evidence mounting around the US president. From leaders using body doubles as security measures to rumours of secret medical treatments, the idea of a cloned or double-used figurehead is not new—but never before has the evidence been so visually striking.

Question marks also hang over images of Biden’s earlobes, which appear visibly different in various photographs.

‘I just don’t understand how they can be this blatantly obvious and expect to get away with it? This is why they demand total censorship, because the emperor has no clothes and if we can actually talk about that fact amongst ourselves without fear of reprisal, it all falls down,’ wrote one X user.

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  1. Similar to Billy Shears taking over Paul McCartney’s role in The Beatles when Paul was killed in a car crash in 1964!
    Compare the teeth and ears between Billy and Paul…even modern analysis of facial recognition programs have now picked-up on this…
    Ringo even mentioned this in his lyrics from the album ‘Goodnight Vienna’ with “Yes my name is Billy Shears, it has been for so many years, now I’m only 32, and all I want to do is boogaloo, yea!”
    Remember when Hillary Clinton had a clone, and it malfunctioned due to Kuru Disease or the effects of consuming ‘Spirit Cooking’??? (losing a shoe while being hustled into a van, or watching balloons fly with a visible neurological problem…!)
    Ringo sat back and watched all of this happen, then revealed it in his lyrics, and George Harrison was disturbed by the replacement of Paul due to the dishonesty that was perpetrated on the public. (George was later stabbed in his home as a warning…).
    Of course, John Lennon became a liability due to both the Paul / Billy conspiracy, and also for speaking out against ‘The Establishment’ and it’s proxy wars.
    ….the crap continues with more assassinations of Christian Conservative Right Wing supporters and politicians globally, and those who are anti-Zionist / Globalists as per the recent expose’ by Alex Jones! The Alphabet Agencies are now fully-weaponised!
    The assassinations are now being ccarried-out openly and without apologies and will accelerate!

  2. The CIA has a mask & costume department that produces very realistic disguises!
    The give away? Voice pattern recognition, Iris patterns of the eyes, and the glue / adhesive that separates at the neck line!

  3. At the moment I believe that it is all in play: clones, masks, CGI interviews, controlled assets. It’s just difficult to tell of these, which are controlled by the “black hats” and which by the “white hats”.

    The more you go down the rabbit hole, the more difficult it is to see where you are going.

    The “big picture” is to wake us up to what is going on by showing us some absurdities that our consciousness will pick up on, rather than telling us directly what is going on. An analogy might be that teachers tell children how things are, but adults work it out for themselves. We are graduating as humanity from being “children in school” to “adults out in the world” whilst learning to use our powers of discernment and expand our consciousness and awareness.


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