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Green MP Golriz Ghahraman slammed for woke tweet supporting counter-protest

Golriz Ghahraman news

The Green List MP praised counter-protesters for opposing the ‘hateful racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-disabled protest.’

Ghahraman was tweeting support for the counter-protesters at today’s Parliament Protest organised by the predominantly Maori and Pacific Islander church of Brian Tamaki.

While the tweet received almost a thousand ‘likes’, users were quick to point out in the comments that the protest crowd consisted mainly of Tamaki’s congregation, the majority of whom are of Maori or Pacific Island descent. There were also a number of disabled persons in the protest, whose freedom of movement was hampered by the numerous bollards set up by police for crowd control measures.

You’re such a revolting political hack. Nobody at parliament is racist, homophobic, xenophobic or anti disabled people. Wasn’t it you who tweeted ‘death to Israel?’

You can provide no evidence for your hateful characterisation of honest, hard-working NZers who only want the Govt which you uncritically support to listen. Your attitude is an exact replica of the dismissive arrogance displayed by the PM, & is exactly why they are protesting.

Your tweet suggests you are a person holding ‘hateful racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-disabled’ beliefs…You have NOT consulted with voters in an attempt to understand why they remain so deeply distressed at the erosion of our democracy. Not all who protest are filthy!

Here, maybe you can buy yourself Thesaurus (or use an online one) to throw a few more hateful labels into your Tweet. Have you even spoken to the people and tried to see their point of view? Did you know last time they were mostly Labour / Green voters?

So YOU call hateful racist, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-disabled….show me your evidence. You have NO place in our Parliament in NZ with hate speech like that!!!

Lady. You are so far off the mark it’s laughable. Have you ever bothered to talk to any of those people protesting – don’t bother to answer its obv you have not. What a hateful person you are to tweet such descriptions of NZ citizens. *unfollow because you just disgusted me.

Anti-disabled? Evidence? Are they tossing wheelchairs down steps. Please get some new pearls to twist darling.

Been listening to river of filth Michael? You sound very misinformed. Among the people I know up there today are a midwife, Dr, nurse, Lawyer and quite a few teachers. Most are vaccinated and none of the adjectives above, but all are concerned with the way NZ is heading.

Protesting against the Government is ok if you are protesting against a National Govt but under Dear Leader you are branded a facist.

you have absolutely no idea about those people. Shame on you.

So everyone who disagrees with you is an istophobe? I realise that Twitter’s character limit doesn’t allow for much subtlety & nuance. But is this really the limit of your thinking? You have a responsibility as an MP to at least understand people’s concerns, even if you disagree.

there were also plenty of disabled people on the protest…and it was the police which put bollards around the entrances which made it hard for wheelchairs to get in.

You missed a few labels! Is it like last time where the strong Maori presence still got them labelled as “white supremacists”?

Hurt & fear frm people wanting the govt to release thr death grip on Covid restrictions tht hve been shwn worldwide to be overkill & no longer necessary tht cost a lot of normal evryday NZers thr jobs, livelihoods (not those who choose not to vax only) before you try that lie too

At least be honest enough not to tar everyone involved with same brush. After all wouldn’t that be the tolerance and understanding you like to preach but not practice?

That’s Rubbish Goiriz. Too many people like you have been given refuge here. Now you bite the hand that fed you. Shame on You.

There were many Maori on that protest. Sooo……what are you saying here?

Wait, what have they done against disabled people?

There seemed to be a large number of Maori present. What did they do to be referred to as racist?

Imagine being PM and campaigning on Child Poverty, Housing, Homelessness etc. and achieving nothing. Cindy must go. If you deny people the right to protest you should go home too.

Hello my name is Golriz and I was elected to increase social division in NZ by screaming these terms at anyone who disagrees with me. Works a treat.

Trash politician #1

I witnessed at least two people with prosthesis at the protest today and have seen imagery of those in wheelchairs present. So these folk are protesting..themselves? And being anti themselves doing it?

Whilst Jacinda ARDERN is unfortunately the worst ever NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER you measure up to be one of the biggest jokes

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  1. Wow! Maybe her glasses were fogged up and she mistook the disabled, along with the multiracial crowd, and the injured from all walks of life to be among the few antiprotestors whom she was representing. Or maybe she is simply one who is guilty of spreading misinformation, or is it disinformation? Mmm. I think she needs to get new glasses or at least try looking harder… at her own racial slurs along with her uninformed and ignorant viewpoint! Sadly, she is a great advertisement for our current lot of spineless, blinkered MPs!

  2. Watermelons say they dont want genetically modified food but ok with genetic modiifying “vaccine”.
    Watermelons- Green on the outside but Red on the inside

  3. Please note: If you ever wondered why this seemingly stupid woman carries on this way, she is another of the World Economic Forums “young Global Leaders”. Clearly brainwashed and clearly a hypocrite. They must be taught by Klaus Schwab that rules don’t apply to them.

    If I was at the protest and I was Maori I would be challenging her and I would have challenged those counter protesters. If I ever saw a “fringe minority” then they were surely it.

    In addition to them calling a large group of Maori racists, they also seem to lack the understanding of fascism.. In fact, they are the ones supporting fascists and they disrespectfully displayed an Antifa flag on the centotaph and as the granddaughter of someone who represented this country in WW2 I find that deeply offensive. They are lucky I wasn’t at the protest as I would have given them a piece of my mind whilst also laughing at them. They embarrassed themselves more than anything and they had to cover their faces with masks so they can’t be identified. Gutless.

  4. She works for Globalists under Greenwash. Supporter of Ukranian neo-nazis and a russophobe. Very low IQ and possibly a drug user based on how she behaves. Anti-Iranian even though she is one. Some of the corrupt Iranians who left Iran will do anything for dollars and survival. She is such a Shyte really.

    • Quite a paradox being a supporter of Ukranian neo-nazis when those Nazis have Jewish Israelis in their ranks and receive funding from Israel and have the support of the ADL and have a Jewish commandeering chief in Zelensky and still be anti Israel, maybe she is just dumb or you are misinformed, do you have a link to her support of the Ukranian neo-nazis?

      • Yeah and she’s pro Palestine. How does her brain handle all the contradictions and back to front logic?

        Forget useless eaters, let’s turn their Great Reset on its self and get rid of the useless idiots. We will save ourselves a ???? load of money, heck we may even manage to get a few potholes fixed with all the spare cash. Each useless politician should be viewed as “how many potholes can we fix” instead of paying to have a seat warmed in parliament.

        (what do the greens ever do anyway? Genuine question)

  5. Lets look at the facts, they were a group with mixed races and cultures, they were protesting to end medical discrimination. Good people doing a good thing. I once voted Green, NEVER, EVER, AGAIN!

  6. Are we surprised..? Not really. Clearly she does not have enough meat in her diet, which has screwed up her brain. But my mum always told me to eat my greens, so let’s put them in the blender and make a smoothy…

  7. Let us follow the science.
    CIA/MI6 used to fund agents directly. For example, Dalai Lama worked as a CIA agent and paid for over decades directly; see https://archive.ph/JL4X7#selection-769.405-769.519. They now use NGO organisation labelled “Democracy”, “Freedom” ,”Green”, “Climate” etc and infiltrate them with their agents. If someone is claiming to be a human rights lawyer imported from another country, we have to be cynical. So let us subject this person to a lie detector test. Note that lie detector tests have about 60% accuracy biut much better than the efficacy of jabs after a couple of months. This low life has to pass a scientific test. Secondly, someone on continuous psycho medications may not be mentally well placed. So let us follow the science and ask this person to undergo a psychological assessment on obessive and depressive behaviours which may very well indicate the psychopaths. Nuremberg code does not apply for jabbing according to this kind of politicians and so they cant refuse scientifically based lie detector tests and psychomeytric assessment of their suitability to serve as an MP. Fair is fair. 🙂

  8. The law is a donkey; holds citizenship under the law but a donkey can never become a kiwi horse. Just a retarded over medicated ass.

  9. I marched yesterday along many of my Polynesian and European whanau. There were several disabled people in our number as well as people harmed by the vaccination. I am not a Destiny Church member or follower but I enjoyed the fact they fronted up yesterday and conducted themselves well. They leave no doubt to the fact this government must go. And I joined in their chants of [Labour – liar] and the like.

    I am Maori but anyone watching the march yesterday will have seen 95% of all flags flown were New Zealand flags. The reason for that is that was the flag our parents and grand parents fought and some died under, and the one we choose to fight under for our freedom today. It is our nations flag.

    When we arrived at Parliament it was to reclaim and trample the land. To trample (exercise out) the sadness of the riot, violence and hurt that happened recently. It was still fresh in many of our minds but it was good to reclaim our rights on that hill for all New Zealanders. It is a place to freely express our views without police brutality and intimidation.

    However I spent most of my time yesterday listening to the speeches on the “counter protest” folks who had as much right to be there as we did. However, I left off listening to them after being called a racist, fascist and gender hater. To be honest I found they had no core beliefs or values that I recognised so I could not relate to what they said.

    I will have to ask my grand daughter what a gender hater is. Lol.

  10. This woman is a total waste of space/air/Internet time you name it. An attention seeking mental midget with all the political nous of an undercooked Griffins party pretzel. Sod off home you silly bint and stop sponging off the beleaguered kiwi tax payers. Begone.

  11. Boom..! That is likely one of the best “retweets” I have ever seen. And totally deserved. She (to hell with personing) needs to learn that brain must be fully engaged before fingers hit the keyboard. I know it’s asking a lot of stupid politicians but there, I’ve said it.

    We have already seen and heard some crazy stuff this year, but this stupid woman (I’m only guessing here) wins the Blind Ignorance award no contest. But her idiocy can be mitigated to a degree as she’s (still assuming) a member of the Greens, a Schwabie, and has Jabby Ardern as an example and mentor. Poor young thing.
    Anyway, upward and onwards to the revolution, where brains will be a requirement, and empathy a byword. Time to pack your bags sweetheart (I’ll help you pack) and head for greener (see what I did there) pastures.

    • We dont have to be lectured by a horse face or a donkey face. This donkey face Green washer is a fake with over reliance on fashion to gain popularity as per own admission., We all know the make up driven fake persona of the horse face.

      • Please don’t be rude about JA’s appearance, it’s nasty and cruel.
        She can’t help her appearance any more than you can yours.

        I may have no trust left in JA, but don’t lower yourself by ridiculing her looks – it speak volumes about you.
        That JA wears make up, I think is great. Whatever I now feel about her leadership and agenda, she’s nevertheless an attractive woman. And that she takes pride in her appearance by wearing make up, dressing decently and doing her hair, good for her and those of us who have to see her.

        I imagine that some would make even more cruel comments if she were unattractive, dressed badly and never wore make up.

        She used to be New Zealand’s most marketable export – someone I was proud of and that I voted for her.

        I know many of us are deeply disappointed, feel betrayed, even angry, because many of her decisions have greatly harmed and divided a lot of New Zealanders.

        As a woman, though, I’m increasingly uncomfortable with the level of nasty JA ‘appearance-bashing’ in some of the comments here and other articles too.

        By all means focus on what JA, for example, says, the decisions she makes and actions she takes. This is our right and indeed our civil duty in a democratic country – to hold our leaders fully to account for their words and actions, particularly those that affect us and are contrary to their electioneering promises.

        For me, it’s not a good look for you DTNZ, publishing some of the ‘appearance-bashing’ content in these comments.
        I don’t see it helping your democratic, scientific truth, equality and freedom-promoting cause at all.
        It lowers the tone and integrity of the courageous work and many extremely important well-researched scientific articles you’re publishing for our good.
        Articles we greatly appreciate and desperately need in this confusing Post Truth era and time of constant government/MSM disinformation.

        • When a politician is a fake and liar, a frustrated person may resort to “appearence based” expose because such politicians hide the truth and their real personality. Male politicians are called ‘fu***t”, which is probably more offensive, right? Boris Johnson, Scott Morrison for example. Even there is a URL https://www.fuckwit.uk/ that will take you a fake/liar of the time.

        • Dear Anon,
          You are correct that people in here should not compare Jabinda to a horse, it’s unfair and a shows little respect to our four-footed friends. But she is a public figure, an adult who has power over us, and has done this to herself. She is fair game. Still, like you I would not steep that low, or call our sexy Foreign Minister a beached whale for example. That is a step too far. We must respect each other and keep balance in all we do and say, even if they do look like fools and horses…

          • No James. You’re doing that again, still comparing JA to a horse.
            Call her a fool by all means.
            But it’s unfair to creatures as dignified and amazing as horses, or any animals, to compare them to a human whose caused extensive hurt and suffering to fellow humans. All in the name of a cultist WEF/WHO/UN/Pfizer/Gates agenda of eventual control of humanity that shall never succeed. Despite the devastation, suffering and curtailment it will cause many millions of decent, overly trusting, people.
            Horses would never do this to each other, ever.
            Let’s show love and respect to horses, they’re incredible animals and have done much that is positive for humanity.

          • And James, don’t refer to the Foreign Minister as a whale, either, beached or not.
            Whales are the most intelligent of creatures.

    • Golriz Ghahraman was part defence team of Rwandan war criminals and cried wolf on Twitter. Low IQ and she will do “stuff” for dollars.

    • NGOs are paid by the CIA, Globalist governments, who then pass on the bribe to the agents in many countries. Support for Zelensky falls under this funding. Sometime you have to throw a freebie or else the drama becomes too obvioius.

  12. This is a sad indictment on politicians not just here but in all western countries. They’re trying to tell us women are men, men are women, Maori are rascists, mRNA gene therapy is a ‘vaccine’, peaceful protests are violent etc etc. their realities are so warped like this Golriz that they believe and say anything


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