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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

The Long Read—Where to from here? Refocusing national energies to prevent recurrence and assist those affected

As an end to mandates makes its slow way out of the starting gate, it is time to take stock and begin to remediate the severe damage that has been done to our nation and our world, its scientific, medical, social, and economic institutions and to individual citizens.

The Hatchard Report wants to reiterate that both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have been disadvantaged by disinformation, discrimination, and medical misadventure. In fact, governments distracted their populations from needed debate by dividing us into vaxxed and unvaxxed—characterised as the ‘saved’ and the ‘dangerous’.

COVID-19 Long Read news

They created this strong distinction without any adequate scientific basis. Their fear narrative overhyped the dangers of Covid infection—the mean age of deaths was in fact similar to average life expectancy. The mRNA vaccines did not stop transmission, rapidly waned in effectiveness, and caused unprecedented rates of adverse effects.

To move forward from this, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated will need to take common cause.


The need for rational science

We need to recognise that a scientific debate involving rational discussion has been from the outset suppressed and outlawed. Journal publishing on Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccination now runs into tens of thousands of articles. The data reported and their conclusions need to begin to inform changed government policy.

We are now fully aware that in the Omicron environment, mRNA vaccination has virtually no impact on transmission, infection, and hospitalisation rates. It is also clear that excess all-cause deaths have risen in association with vaccination rates in a number of countries including ours. Unusually this has affected working-age individuals at an unprecedented rate.

We have discussed that a paper published in May 2021 indicated that mRNA vaccination causes a drop in T cell production. T cells are our first line of immune defence.

It is also clear that contrary to initial expectations, the genetic sequences in mRNA vaccines are relatively mobile and can affect diverse organ systems in the physiology, interfering with their functions.

The Hatchard Report and others have covered and referenced many of these findings in depth during the last few months. The main point we want to emphasise here is that although Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccine have unique specific effects which distinguish them from each other, they also have a great many toxic effects in common. For example, high rates of cardiac events. There are long term impacts of both on health, but their true extent remains largely uninvestigated, and in fact will only be known as time passes.

Reorienting our health service response

Here in New Zealand and in other countries, health services need to capture an accurate picture of the health impacts and provide appropriate treatment and compensation for those affected.

In mainstream media, it continues to be unacceptable to associate high rates of cardiac events and stokes with vaccination. Unprecedented rates of health events among athletes, public figures, and the general population are being variously dismissed as due to stress and described as a ‘Warne anxiety effect’ or a ‘holiday heart syndrome’ etc. This is patently absurd. The refusal of health authorities in many countries, including our own, to countenance what is becoming obvious and the subject of speculation needs to be rectified.

Accurate surveys of adverse events following vaccination and Covid-19 infection need to be instituted. Up until now, in most countries, adverse effects reports have been collected through passive voluntary systems leading to massive under reporting. A recent survey of 4,000 representative subjects in Israel reported a disturbing picture—50% of mRNA vaccine recipients who responded experienced adverse effects.

The incidence rate, severity, and duration of long Covid following Omicron is also unknown. Any studies need to take account of the fact that people will experience adverse outcomes as a result of both vaccination and Covid infection, their relative importance should be assessed through proper selection of experimental groups: unvaxxed with covid, unvaxxed without covid, vaxxed (1,2, and 3 doses) with covid, and vaxxed without covid. Otherwise the complicating effects of mRNA vaccination on Covid outcomes will be underestimated.

National rates of heart disease and stroke among all age groups, known common outcomes of both vaccination and Covid-19, need to be monitored in real time, rather than reporting at a three year lag as is happening at present.

Cancer rates need to be monitored. Mutagenic cancer-causing events could become more common when T cell function is suppressed, as it is immediately after mRNA vaccination.

Action Step—assisting those affected

Most importantly, we need to make renewed efforts to identify and assist those affected.

Due to lack of information, misinformation, or in some cases indifference, GPs and hospital doctors have dismissed many serious medical events as unrelated to vaccination. Thus people suffering strokes, cardiac events, occurence or resurgence of cancers, and a wide range of other conditions have been left in the dark concerning possible causes. As such, they have been unaware of the possibility of making insurance and ACC claims. Nor in many cases, have families been able to make rational sense of sudden debilitating health impacts.

Qualified personnel volunteering at NZDSOS, VFF, and the Health Forum NZ have for more than a year been dialoguing with those affected who have been alert to a possible connection. No cooperative investigation has been undertaken by Medsafe and the Ministry of Health who have thereby ensured that they remain in blissful ignorance of the true extent of adverse effects. This is a scandal that needs to be rectified immediately.

The content and character of government Covid messaging needs to change radically. It should encourage people to come forward, whose health has been affected since the mRNA vaccination rollout began. A demonstrably independent team should be set up, dedicated to creating a reliable statistical picture and treatment system. This should cover both the vaccine injured and long Covid sufferers.


The likely origin of Covid needs to influence our approach

There is another vital and cogent reason why the vaxxed and unvaxxed have a common cause. It is likely that both Covid-19 and the mRNA vaccines have similar origins and certain that they have similar effects. Although we may never know the exact sequence of events that led to the pandemic, there are many reasons to suppose that Covid-19 originated in laboratory:

Twelve genetic sequences in the spike protein were known to laboratories before the pandemic. The odds against their appearance together in a specific functioning order have been estimated by some to be more than a trillion to one. One of these sequences reportedly originated in the HIV pathogen, another was the subject of a Moderna patent—sources too diverse to suddenly merge together in a natural setting.

Chinese virologist Shi Zengli working at the Wuhan Virology Lab, is now known to have been conducting gain of function research funded by the US government. Before the pandemic, she created novel pathogens capable of infecting humans that involved the insertion of unusual sequences similar to those found in the Covid-19 spike protein. Her successful endeavours are the subject of papers she published prior to 2020.

The high mutation rate and apparent instability of the Covid-19 pathogen that has led to the formation of over 30,000 variants and to radical changes in its symptoms as it mutated, indicates that Covid-19 was probably not a naturally occurring relatively stable variant in an animal population. Moreover the unique spike protein configuration has not been found in animal viruses despite a vigorous search.

The determination of the Chinese government right from the start to completely eradicate Covid-19, indicates that they possibly knew something about its origins and the dangers it posed. It is possible that they had foreknowledge of the exact nature, purpose, and dangers of the gain of function experiments being conducted at Wuhan.

We now know that the highly unusual Covid spike protein has a strongly toxic effect on the human physiology both from Covid infection and following mRNA vaccination.

The mRNA vaccine teaches human cells to produce the novel spike protein in order to stimulate an immune response. Following mRNA vaccination, our body creates spike protein sequences in high concentrations, millions if not billions of times higher than the exposure you might receive from an air borne Covid infection caused by someone coughing or sneezing. In some cases, the physiology produces or harbours spike protein for months after both vaccination and Covid infection where it is able to continue to adversely affect health.

Action Step—biotechnology experimentation should be paused

Biotech experimentation is very risky. It has likely created a lethal disease and certainly a lethal vaccine, both of which have had global impacts on health running to millions of casualties. We must insist on a rational debate about these topics and action to curb laboratory work, otherwise exotic biotechnology experimentation will continue and proliferate.

Already pharmaceutical PR is calling for more investment in biotechnology to ‘avert’ future threats. A claim that should be dismissed as absurd. The idea that biotechnology is curing disease is the stuff of myths. In actuality, as we have just experienced, it is introducing lethal and random risks affecting genetic stability and immune function. This should have been well known through the results of earlier studies on gene therapy outcomes.

Due to government indifference to enforcing ethical safeguards of experimentation, their lack of attention to science publishing, and their reliance on the deceptively comforting use of the word ‘vaccine’ to describe a novel and ineffective biotechnology intervention, we are facing an ongoing global public health crisis of unprecedented proportions. The implication is that biotechnology experimentation should be paused around the world, otherwise inevitable laboratory accidents will occur again, possibly with even more devastating consequences.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant article that captures all relevant information and events. But most importantly, it provides a way forward and priorities that we should all focus on. Thank you

    • The head of the mafia no longer needs a share but the gangsters can demand. No mandate imposed by the government but encourages individual organisations and companies having their own “safety” rules. Legal or not, let us enrich the lawers.

  2. Those in power or want to be in power have sold their souls for their self interest. I doubt whether any thing tangible will happen to vaccine injured or economically diasadvantaged by the mandates, government prining over 65 billion dollars from thin air wiping out the security of savers etc.

    Australian PM washed his hands claiming that informed consent was obtained before vaccination. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K6xB9TLcdhg The same legal position will be maintained in NZ too but our politicians are not as blunt as Scomo but they are all in this together.

    The long term side effects of the vaccine is yet to come as well the long term effects of what NZ politicians have done to the economy, division of people etc. But they will deny it is not their fault.

    Let us take the obvious matter of housing. NZ has a small population but houses are exceedingly unafforfable even though there is plenty of land. When housing shortages exist and people live in cars, and yet there has been uncontrolled immigration to NZ creating more miseries to those who already live here. Immigration was not targetted and the per capita productivity increase due to migration was low and below the average. Politicians have promised on affordable housing but nothing seriously happened. The end result is that we have a very divided society based on the home ownership.

    There are many such divsions within NZ society, which is a heaven for vested interest groups within the society. The main stream media will do the propaganda that NZ is the best country in the world to live, bring up children etc, and fool the public. We are truly on the decline morally, politically and economically as a society but some part enriched themselves at the cost of the other half.

    • The whole housing situation has been purposely orchestrated by the politicians both National and labour. None I repeat NONE a of them ever wanted to make housing affordable. If they did want to they would free up land for building immediately.

      My parents own 10 acres of semi rural flat land with a water bore very close to town and they are not allowed to subdivide. Why aren’t we allowing fully self contained sewer systems and water tanks and encouraging off grid pre approved design transportables? I will tell you why, because they want to clip the ticket at every step. They changed the rating system so it was done on capital value instead of land value so they could charge people more as our values went up. What do we get for these rates? Sweet FA.

      Sorry a bit off topic, vent over lol.

    • Scott Morrison said in that video “ that’s why we don’t have mandatory vaccination in the general population yet”

      “Yet” implies that they will mandate it in the future.

  3. Great article Guy. I would like to see people living healthier lifestyles. Our health system is a sickness system. Of course that’s what big pharma wants though isn’t it?

    Oh well I will rebel and keep as healthy as possible lol

  4. Great article stating the obvious, which needs to be said over and over for those who don’t realize what’s be going on. Well done DT for printing the truth.
    For the readers that are concerned for future events, bacterial or viral . I encourage you to research the forbidden treatments that are out there. Chlorine dioxide (CDS), for one. Its not chlorine. There are also many others, that have been kept secret from us.
    CDS make all vaccines or antibiotics look like a joke.

    • Thank you, any other old tried and true remedies that you can also enlighten us with? Maybe that would be a good column for the Daily Telegraph?

      I will add good old iodine is another remedy we seem to have forgotten.

  5. Thank you for the very interesting and informative article. I feel more angry and frustrated with each day that goes by as I’m sure many others are but what can we as individuals possibly do ? Sorry to sound like a no hoper but the beast is out of the cage.


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