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Watch: Baby W stable after operation – bombshell blood revelation

Baby W’s operation has been completed, and he remains in hospital in a stable condition.

The parents were greeted outside Starship Hospital by a group of supporters earlier this evening, and independent media outlet FreeNZ were on hand to film the occasion.

‘He’s doing good,’ said mum.

‘We’re trusting god, you know god’s greater than they are, which is exactly how it is, so we’ll just see what happens from now on,’ said dad.

Bombshell blood revelation

The parents were asked if they [ie. the doctors] ‘cleaned the blood?’

Dad replied, ‘We’d like to think that they can’t stand that there is a problem with the blood, so what we’ve been hearing from legitimate sources is that two days ago blood was taken from people that were not injected… of only W’s blood type.’

‘We’ve had some interesting news to say that, but nothing to clarify it,’ said mum.

‘We can clarify that a bit later,’ said dad.

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  1. Pleased for W and the family if it turns out to be the case. I hoped it would be this way. But a hugh butt covering by the hospital and blood service. Bloody hypocrites each and every one of them involved. Their behaviour will never be forgotten even if they think they have done the right thing. They put the family and supporters through an unnecessary hell. That of itself is the lowest of lows. They will never see my blood again.

      • It’s arse covering that’s what it is! So what, now we excuse these arseholes because they have done a 180. It should never have happened in the first place! To excuse them is a slap in the face for W and his family, they have caused emotional harm on a monumental scale, they have caused financial hardship through the hiring of lawyers and unbelievable fear through the kidnapping of their baby in the middle of the night! Not getting any accolades from me!

      • Hypothetically speaking, what could happen if jabbed blood wasn’t, in fact, 100% safe? Is it a concession? The world is watching……this story is getting coverage globally…..

  2. Why oh why did the Medical staff and NZ Blood service simply not provide unvaccinated blood certainty for this family…instead they have been put through multiple harrowing ordeals this week.
    This case has been in the public arena and no matter which side of the (Govt’s initiated) divided fence you sit (vacc’d or not) I am sure most NZLrs would support this family due to under 5 years Covid vaccine not approved by Medsafe.
    Minister Little has had his say and there is no doubt in the level of Govt interference. Sadly this situation has now changed many individuals views on blood donation, donor donation and charitable donations to Starship…did the Govt anticipate the debris would fall so far and wide?
    The gaping hole in lack of trust in our Medical fraternity and this Govt is now deeper and further cemented beyond redemption!

    • “…The gaping hole in lack of trust in our Medical fraternity and this Govt is now deeper and further cemented beyond redemption!…”
      True, but let’s not forget that 30+ % still think the sun is shining out of C’s hole. And a further 40% think things will be better under National WEF agent LUXON, sponsor to Klaus Schwab while Unilever/Air NZ CEO.
      Never forget, ALL parties in parliament were in unison to take away your human rights of bodily autonomy and freedom! ALL OF THEM!

  3. I pray that little baby makes a full recovery and has a long and happy, healthy life.

    Thank you to Liz Gunn and FreeNZ for staying on top of this. The arrogant and disgusting things the bots and talking heads are saying about her on the radio and on Twitter are truly vile and undeserved. You’re an angel of truth Liz.

    A huge thanks also to Counterspin and DTNZ for having the guts to do some honest to God REAL JOURNALISM. You guys are a billion times more trustworthy than the slick, well-dressed liars on the idiot box every night. Keep doing what you do 👍

  4. I had a text from my doctors clinic a few weeks back saying I was due for a blood test and to go to the place specified. I hadn’t been to the doc for about 18months so hadn’t asked for blood to be taken for any reason.
    First time I have had a message like that. I replied asking them why and have not heard back. Anyone else being asked to have a blood test out of the blue?
    I’m not vaccinated for covid

    • Wow..if this is not a regular blood test for screening then I would be asking serious questions. I had blood tests a few years ago requested by an Immunologist. I was told the tests had to be done in Auckland and not my home town. I later discovered the Lab processing the tests was LabPlus (the State owned Lab). My hometown Lab does not process these and apparently these are sent to AKL.
      What was fascinating was this was a vaccine (not Covid) response antibody test for a vaccine given 8 years prior (initial cost of test covered under the Health system that came back with a result expected within an anticipated clinical research range). When I paid privately for the exact same test repeated 6 months later (no further vaccine given) the result was over double! (50 times above the recommended level of protection) and no success with trying to get a logical explanation from our Medical fraternity, Medsafe and CARM.
      Maybe our Govt are planning on undertaking research to establish the status of the unvaccinated …I wouldn’t be surprised! After this incredibly sad case, I wonder if the ‘patient code of rights’ actually remain in existence in this country?
      My trust in the Medical fraternity has literally diminished into thin air!

    • I’m not vaxed either and I haven’t been asked to do a blood test. But what they have done is try to bribe me with vouchers and special one off nights just for me to get a smear test!! I had never been overdue for my smears until this time. Red flags 🚩 for me now on the smear test so I won’t be getting them again. I had no idea they even did this!!!

      • It’s probably just a general campaign as the lockdowns have caused many screenings to be missed which is going to cause a big problem. These screenings save lives.

        • Don’t agree. The doctors are essential so were working all through the lockdown. I could have gone at any time. To use bribery and coercion to tempt people into a medical procedure just like the jab tells me otherwise

  5. Given what’s at stake here on the one hand, and the level of deceit of the government and high ranking members of the medical and scientific community over the last 2 years on the other, I absolutely believe they will ensure he has unvaccinated blood to make sure there’s no problems and hold him up later as a poster boy for ‘see there’s nothing wrong with mRNA blood’

    • I agree! They were never going to be able to take the risk with that baby. They are not convinced 100% that it’s safe. Can you imagine the damage to their reputations, careers if he was infected with mRNA through the blood. Not to mention the damage internationally to this country. They have done enough to earn the hate overseas as it is. This is a huge message to the government, ministry of injustice and nz blood, KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OUR CHILDREN !!!

      • Spot on, exactly!!. it would be rotten egg in their faces if something was to go wrong!! everyone involved , first of all the justice system and the Judge , then the hospital ,nurses, doctors, blood bank, police, and security will be dragged over the coals from the four corners of the world east,west north and south.

  6. Sorry you should never of posted this as someone that has followed you from the start and these poor people facts do need to matter

    • Who made you police speech regulator? They can say what they want! The facts are the government is corrupt, medical institutions are complicit, msm are whores to the narrative. Or do you get your “facts” from the one source of truth, from its podium of lies!

      • No I definately do not but I do expect/ want anything I read to have some basis of fact truth which appear to be lacking in the article if its true prove it if its not makes DT and viewers easy targets to be accused of being Nutters I also expect the opposition media to be better than msm or should it be that they are no different to media whores so nothing changes..

        • Have you heard of an opinion? Have you heard of expression? Have you heard of conversations? Have you heard of free speech? Stick around we are called way worse than nutters here. I don’t think you need to concern yourself with the reputation of dtnz it speaks for itself. Bloody brilliant comes to mind. As for us contributors we will continue to chat amongst ourselves , share our comments and personal points of view. If your not happy with the article then don’t read it . If you have an issue with facts then contact dtnz directly they will be more than happy to clarify any and all questions you may have regarding the facts.

        • It’s not an article! It’s W’s family giving an update on his condition. It’s a conversation! It’s their story with some clarifications to come. You know ..just letting the public know where they are up to.

  7. With all the international media attention on this, a large part due to this great site, it would seem logical that after everything they had to give the baby unnvaccinated blood. It is the same reason most political leaders and celebrities are not getting the real jabs, if they died it would be a public relations nightmare.

    All the world is a stage.

  8. I have blood tests on a regular basis – for diabetes and checking that I have beaten cancer. It is unforgiveable the way the medical staff have handled Baby W’s situation. Please do not tar all medical staff with the same brush. The haemotology staff that handle my cancer recovery are wonderful people. Without them I would be pushing up daisies. I also know that privately (and too afraid to speak out) many medical professionals are also disgusted with the way MOH treats people.

    There does need to be some accountability going forward. We need a few “people initiated” investigations into the woke left and the influence of big pharma, WEF and George Soris to name a few.
    I dont have any faith in any new government doing an investigation because they have the same playbook.

    They have forgotten that in a democracy (if we are still a democracy), the rule is government for the people by the people

    • Conspiracy theorists like the ones who met at Senator Ron Johnson’s round table discussion on December 7th, you mean? Del Bigtree covered it on “The Highwire”.

    • Your speculation is no differnet from any other. MoH has to tell the truth and they wont. This type of arrogance leads to “conspiracy theories” and it is easy to tell the truth. Whether it is jabbing, Ukaraine or any other economic issues. politicians and MSM lie or speak half truth. At the end of the day, it boils down to trust. Trust is no longer earned but a narrative is created for consent (which is claimed as truth).

    • Conspiracy theorists haven’t claimed Jack squat, Dave. The PARENTS came down the hospital steps and stated that they have been told unvaccinated blood was used.

      No one but the team of Stasi…excuse me…Starship doctors knows the actual truth right now. The rest of us just have to wait and see if the baby makes it through the next year or two, or whether he catches “coincidence”.

      If you’re aiming for wittier trolling, maybe skip the next booster, bro.

  9. Here’s another conspiracy theory prediction for ya. If it turns out that they did give the baby unvaccinated blood they shall present their very expert spin team to write a script to read to the people saying… after further consideration the team decided to give unvaccinated blood to the baby. This is in no way a suggestion that there is anything wrong with vaccinated blood but after further discussions we feel that the parents wishes should be upheld in this instance. But conspiracy theorists are clever and we will know exactly what they mean 😉

      • Lol yeah, you’re absolutely right Dave.

        There were never any lockdowns after all.

        No one got mandated.

        Vaccine passports never happened.

        Myocarditis is just a myth that silly christians tell their kids before bed time.

        Absolutely no celebrities or sportsmen have publicly collapsed or gone haywire on camera over the past year.

        No one has ever photographed Jacinda Ardern and Klaus Schwab together, in fact Klaus Schwab doesn’t even exist! They’ve obviously just lazily photoshopped Gandhi through a sepia filter.

        There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing strange about the sudden political push to endanger almost every western nation’s food supply. Who gets food from farms these days anyway, all mine comes from Pack n Save (checkmate conspiritards!)

        Thanks for keeping us all on the straight and narrow, Dave.

  10. Spot on Anonymous, exactly!!. it would be rotten egg in their faces if something was to go wrong!! everyone involved , first of all the justice system and the Judge , then the hospital ,nurses, doctors, blood bank, police, and security will be dragged over the coals from the four corners of the world east,west north and south.

  11. Baby W is in our prayers for a full recovery. Persecution of the unvaccinated must stop and redress made for blatant discrimination by indoctrinated authorities who should have known better. The unvaccinated will in time become saviours of our population and society in more ways than one. A recent protest in the US had the placard ‘Unvaccinated sperm is the new bitcoin.”


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