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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Watch: Kiwi nurse speaks out – ‘I guarantee hospitals are full of vaccine damaged’

A New Zealand nurse has spoken out about the Covid-19 jab, confirming what many people suspected was true.

  • Wards are full of vaccine-damaged patients, especially cardiac issues and cancer.
  • The government is not telling people how to live healthy.
  • Only a small minority of people with Covid end up in hospital, and they both jabbed and unjabbed.
  • Most doctors are not connecting the dots.

Full transcript of interview:

‘The bulk of the patients will be vaccinated. If you’re not vaccinated you’ll be segregated, put in a different part of ED, put into isolation. I mean, I had one consultant on my last night, she stood in front of our big board with all the patients and all their symptoms and she said, ‘What’s going on? Why have we got so many patients? It’s cardiac, cardiac, cardiac, shortness of breath, you know, collapses, falls. And I can just say ‘tick’, ‘tick’, ‘tick’ – adverse reaction, adverse reaction. All of our wards are full of people having cardiac problems, having flare ups from their cancer, you name it. I guarantee a hospital is full of vaccine damaged. It’s just people are blind. People just cannot see it.’

‘So everyone’s been really concerned about hospital beds being taken up. There’s a lot of information out there about treatments coming from other countries. Why do you think New Zealand has refused to adopt any of those treatments and any of the advice coming out from other countries?’

‘Well, I understand that the reason why we could have our vaccine rolled out as quick as what we could, it was under emergency guidance. And the only reason why it could be rolled out in an emergency is that it’s the only form of treatment. You never hear our government talk about how to stay healthy. I went to a Wellness seminar last night, you don’t hear the government like, take [vitamin] B, Zinc, D, all of these supplements. You don’t hear the government saying, ‘Stay healthy, and what to do if you have Covid. If you get Covid, particularly if you’re in MIQ, you get Panadol. And what a lot of people don’t realise is that there’s roughly about 5,000 people that have Covid, and they’re self-isolating, and maybe a small percentage of those end up in hospital. You don’t hear about the large numbers that have got Covid, have recovered from Covid. You only hear about the small minority that end up in hospital.

And there’s mixture. So you know, the people who end up in hospital, they’re not just the unvaccinated. It’s the vaccinated too.’

We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us recently who said they’ve tried to do the right thing, we went and got our jab. We thought we were being a good part of society, we’re really contributing and we got a horrible reaction, and the doctor turned to us and said we don’t know what it is, we can’t help you, good luck, effectively. And it seems bizzare that’s our stance on this. What research in the hospitals were they talking about it, or was it too taboo to talk about?’

‘Um, so I’ve heard of, it depends on the doctor, so if a person comes into the ED it really depends on who they get looking after them. I’d say the majority of doctors are pretty blind themselves, and will swear black and blue that whatever they’re going through is nothing to do with the vaccine

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  1. I have a cardiac issue. It has got worse since my second jab. Asked my doctor why I had not had a hospital check up. Used to go every 2 – 3 years, did the treadmill exercise and the scans etc. His response hospitals don’t do that any more don’t have the resources. Too busy dealing with Covid


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