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Watch: Liz Gunn’s impassioned speech outside court in Baby W case

Gunn’s speech summarised disussions with the surgeon, reminded New Zealanders of proper informed consent, and the greatness our country once had.

‘When I was in the meeting with them on Friday morning, I asked the surgeon repeatedly ‘Why are you opposing this? There will be no harm. They’ve got blood ready. The operation can go ahead. In the interests of the parents and the child this can go ahead.’

‘The surgeon’s repeated answer to me was ‘Because I don’t believe there’s any problem with the blood.’

‘And I kept saying, ”But it’s not about your belief. In a free country you can hold whatever belief you want.

”This is about the parent’s right to chose on their informed consent, and they are deeply informed, and they are deeply studied. They have done enormous due diligence on their informed consent under our law, you doctors must listen to what the parents want.”

‘And that is when they walked out.

‘This case is about W’s life, and he is a very special little boy. But it’s about the lives of your children and grandchildren.

‘If one day we find that our blood bank is utterly polluted – we don’t know yet – we pray it won’t be – you will be so grateful to have this case where all you journalists have stood up and said, ‘We must have the option of unjabbed blood in New Zealand.’

‘Furthermore, New Zealand, and every journalist listening, we were once a great nation who stood up to America on nuclear ships, we stood up to France on Moruroa. What has happened to our courage and guts? We must send a message to the world – this case will be an absolute touchstone for the world if this judge gets it right and makes sure we have unjabbed blood in New Zealand.

‘This will reverberate through every country.’

See Liz’s speech on Twitter.

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  1. Publication from Stuff – 13 April 2022.

    “University of Auckland’s director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre, Professor Nikki Turner, said a certain number of vaccine-related side effects were always expected, but put in context of the number of doses administered, the number of adverse reactions or injuries was very small. The article goes on to say ““I feel really strongly that if somebody feels they’ve had some sort of reaction after a vaccine – whatever the cause… it’s really important that they get listened to and heard,” she said.

    Dr Graham Le Gros – the Wellington-based executive director of Malaghan Institute and head of the Vaccine Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand – said the data was still incomplete, and it would take about 10 years to fully understand how different people could react.

    Really…..It looks as though our Medical fraternity and many of the so called experts simply are not on the same page! 10 years to fully understand! So why is this case in the Courts during 2022?

    • Yep the cracks are beginning to appear. I’m sure there are many doctors and nurses who know what’s going on and the truth of vaccine injury etc, who are simply afraid to speak out..

      • Those doctors and nurses who stay silent are GUTLESS. SAY SOMETHING! Those people are the reason we are still in this mess. They know the truth and still they say NOTHING. Grow some morals! 😡

  2. The surgeon “believes”!!!!

    Where is the evidence upon which he bases his beliefs?
    Where are the medical peer reviewed studies?
    Where is the long term safety data?

    It appears the surgeon is confusing ‘absence of evidence’ with ‘evidence of absence’.

    Ethically and in the interests of Baby Will the surgeon should adopt the precautionary principle, and not simply assume the safety of C-19 vaccinated blood.

  3. Great work Liz and all the brethren involved in this case for the rights of Baby Will and his parents. The target for action has to be media as much as the doctors and lawyers standing in the way.

    To Stuff, RNZ, TVNZ, Newstalk, the Platform and all those who have a responsibility to the New Zealand public to be properly informed.

    There is no evidence that blood bank supplies are free of mRNA contamination as they have not been tested for it.

    There is no evidence that spike protein does not exist in New Zealand blood bank supplies as they have not been tested for it.

    These are two questions which you should be asking, but for some inexplicable reason are afraid to. Why is that the case? Who are you afraid of?

    If your answer is you are not afraid, then get off your backsides and do your job. Not for Baby Will, but for your own children and for your own parents.

    You know what to do next…

  4. I am going to say it like it is because the Doctors involved here are sanctioned and their jobs are at risk. Yes vaccinated blood is contaminated with the spike protein if baby Will gets that blood he will be at severe risk he could be taking in and an adult boostered dose of the spike protein. I love it when the Govt say the jab is safe and effective. What a lie’ Govts. around the world have been infiltrated and paid off to push that lie. All the lab animals died during testing of the so called ‘Covid 19 vaccine’, also it is an experimental ‘drug’ under emergency use only and it will take 10 years to discover all the side effects. Or should I say all the lab testing was a complete success and the bioweapon unleased on the world will achieve all of its objectives by the next 10 years under the guise of it having to be used in a purposely generated emergency planned ‘Plandemic’ that benefitted Big Pharma and enhanced a few Evil Cabals and their backers NWO Agendas.


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