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Watch: Mike King calls bull**** on coroner’s lower suicide rate claim

King said there was ‘no way’ in the current environment suicide rates were dropping.

New Zealand’s suicide rate has dropped again but Māori continue to be disproportionately affected, the Deputy Chief Coroner has revealed.

Anna Tutton released the figures to June 30, 2022 on Tuesday last week which showed 538 people died by suspected suicide, down from 607 the year before and 628 in the year to 2020.

However, prominent suicide awareness campaigner Mike King scoffed at the claims.

In a video posted on Facebook he outlined his response to the Deputy Chief Coroner’s claim:

‘There is no way in hell, that in the current state of mental health services, where wait times have increased, where more and more people are being turned away from EDs and mental health facilities around the country because there is no beds, there is no way, when our free counselling service ‘Gumboot Friday’ has doubled capacity this year, and is expected to double again, that those numbers could have come down.

‘There is no way!

‘They have changed the way they count. So, I have taken the not unusual step of OIAing the coroner’s office and we’re asking crucial questions.

‘We’re asking ‘Have the guidelines for what classifies as a suicide changed between 2018 and 2022? If they have, what has changed?’

‘We are asking ‘How many sudden deaths were coroners investigating in 2018 and how many sudden deaths are they investigating in 2021 and 2022?’

‘This is a crucial question. I believe back in around 2018-2019, the coroners were investigating around 500 sudden deaths. And then the first year of COVID I believe it was down to single figures. I want to know what those figures are. The New Zealand public needs to know what those figures are. Because if you’re not investigating, the numbers will naturally come down.’


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  1. Mike, are you awake to the covid bs? because if you are, this is what the government have been doing – HIDING EVERYTHING! and now they want to change the coroners Act and this is why.
    Time for a census NOW!

  2. When a satanistic pathological liar becomes the PM, no wonder all the system pigs make up the data to fit a lala land narrative. They are doing it with covid adverse events, sudden deaths, child poverty etc. Empire of lies has the ultimate objective of a fully slavery NWO in which kiwis will own nothing, eat bug burgers, use bicycles and not cars, live in cold damp homes, abortion hell and psychopathic normalisation etc. Agents Jacinda & Luxon are hell bent to implement the Agenda.


    Call a meeting at anundisclosed location with mobile phones placed in an unplugged microwave oven (Farraday Cage) and have a decision on whether you will form the following;

    A. A Coalition of the separate parties, or;

    B. Absorb the parties into one Political Party that offers a true, viable Third Party Options.

    I suggest the latter…, and that a meeting is organised at a private home that has been swept for electronic micro-cameras and listening devices.

    Time is running out, so please put the personalities and divisions aside and do what is best for our country!!!

    • The only thing we have left. One third party instead of five or six fracturing the vote. The way things are now, National will get in and form a coalition with the Maori party and nothing will change. A third party would romp in and get rid of all the WEF drones warming their backsides on the parliamentary benches forever.

  4. Thank you Mike King.
    Every time you go for a mental health consult the first thing they ask you is: “Have you been having any thoughts of self harm?” so the tone is set immediately. That is the first thing that goes into your mind…’hmmmm, thoughts of self harm, hmmmm’….. negative reinforcement at it’s finest, and the anti-psychotics suck big time. You would know from being in the entertainment industry that reputation is paramount and we all know that it is the truth that resonates on a human level and stirs us to laugh and cry, as we are human. Your bravery in weilding the truth is legendary and your reputation precedes you. Please take care of yourself & your whanau, may God bless you and yours.


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