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Wellington #silentnomore Memorial Service and petition ‘a success’

The Vaccine injured and supporters returned home feeling triumphant after a memorial service and petition delivery to parliament.

Petition organiser Anna Hodgkinson – vax injured Casey Hodkinson said:

“It’s been a full-on few days. Very happy with our team of people who came together. It was great to have Chris Penk, my local MP, come out and receive the petition. Let’s just hope that those who are suffering vax injuries get the help and recognition that they deserve.”

#silentnomore news
Petition organiser Anna Hodgkinson and her daughter Casey are speaking out on behalf of the 58,399 reports on Medsafe’s CARM website reflecting the number of adverse reactions in New Zealand after Covid-19 vaccination.

“The messages in my online group for vax injured were all like – thankyou so much for the effort you’ve all put in. They felt heard for once. The ones that were down there were in tears. A lot of the vax injured have been in agony and felt lost and they have hope now because they know we’re not stopping, we’ll keep fighting for them to be heard. They’ve got hope, now they need help and they need healing. It’s the beginning of the healing process. I’ve talked at least 10 people who are injured out of suicide because they felt so alone and helpless.

My girl (Casey) was in tears and so were others because it touched a part of them that was left behind. It’s not just about my girl, it’s about so many more. We’re trying to get recognition and help for the 58,399 on the Medsafe”

Tuesday 29th of March was a coming together of New Zealanders adversely affected by the Covid 19 vaccines. A petition that was run for 4 days by petitioner Anna Hodgkinson, gathered 12,000 signatures as a pre-runner to a larger planned petition in the future with the Silent No More NZ a movement for recognition, treatment and compensation for those who claim to be injured by Covid 19 vaccines.

The ceremony was held at The Ngākau Civic Square in Wellington. It commenced with local hapu opening the formal event which was attended by approximately 150 people, who were either claiming to be vaccine injured and/or their family members and supporters. Many who wanted to attend, were not physically well enough, even months after their injuries to be able to make the trip. Many of them were represented by the health forum’s vaccine injury signs.

The Event featured speakers who believe they are vaccine-injured (some even in wheelchairs) as well as music from Nelson based artists Aly Cook and acoustic duo called Kramit, who travelled to the event to perform original songs to honour the suffering of their fellow Kiwi brothers and sisters.

The #SilentNoMore movement asks for recognition, medical support & compensation for those who may have suffered injuries and/or death from the Covid-19 vaccines.

A cask was carried in and vaccine injured and their supporters placed white crosses and flowers on the cask in what was a moving and emotional event for many calling for recognition for vaccine injuries in New Zealand.

The white crosses represented those whose families believe they have lost their lives to the vaccine. This representation in the white crosses was as it was when they were strung up across the parliament forecourt during the occupation and seen in many mainstream media images. Each cross represented a life believed to have been lost.

As of the end of February 58.399 adverse events have been reported to medsafe. The attendees wore white and red tee shirts with the Silent No More logo and the 58,399 Adverse Reactions and counting on the back.

A police officer and police photographer also attended, although their presence heightened anxiety for many they took photos of people who were already feeling very unwell and vulnerable as they quietly sat in reverence and reflection.

The organisers said the gathering was a beautiful, uniting and peaceful experience.

Those gathered, walked the path to parliament through the city silently with the Health Forum signs to the Cenotaph. Despite the speaker of the house having said the petition could be presented on Parliament forecourt.

Parliament security blocked the people claiming to be vaccine injured from entering the grounds, even though they had a prior email from parliament saying they could walk through the grounds. Anna Hodgkinson’s local MP for Kaipara –

Chris Penk came outside and walked down the steps near the cenotaph to accept the petition. It was a highly emotional moment for those who have been feeling unwell, scared and unheard.

Chris Penk news
National MP Chris Penk meets with Anna Hodgkinson.

Anna and Casey are concerned that there may be many people who have genuine vaccine injuries that are not being properly investigated.

Anna said “I know so many people suffering what appear to be very serious injuries after receiving their Covid-19 vaccination – that have been turned away by Emergency Departments and Medical Professionals, and being told they have anxiety or stress, without any medical investigation into the possibility that the vaccine just may have been responsible. How many people may have untreated heart (and other) conditions that are in danger right because they haven’t had their concerns taken seriously or even investigated?

If a food or other product in New Zealand is suspected and/or proved to have caused illness or injury, the whole batch would be recalled. So why are our medical professionals dismissing even ‘potential’ vaccine injuries and why are they not turning over every stone, to scientifically prove or disprove the claims, as a way to ensure our safety?

New Zealand Singer and Mother, Aly Cook also shares the same concerns.

She states: “My son Bailey (25) was driving a 50 tonne truck when he began to have severe chest pains and was struggling to breathe – just 6 hours after his first Covid-19 vaccine. He called Healthline who were so concerned that they told him to stop his truck while they called an ambulance. Upon arriving at Ashburton Hospital, the doctors in the A & E said to him – even before they got him off the ambulance gurney – “Don’t let this put you off your 2nd shot”.

#silentnomore petition news

My son was unable to even get a breath to answer and was later discharged with anxiety without even a blood test or scan of his heart.

The next morning he was back in another emergency department, this time in Christchurch Hospital where he was diagnosed with post-vaccination tachycardia after bloods and scans were taken. The doctor advised him to never get another vaccine outside of a medical setting, however upon discharge, the medical notes did not reflect what was said. The hospital did not prescribe him any medication at all. It was his own GP who prescribed him the anti inflammatories and other medications he is now taking.

Since this happened I have heard so many similar stories where it’s like the A & E Staff are reading from a script when it comes to acknowledging or treating suspected vaccine injuries! “ – Cook said.

Find our more about the #silentnomore movement:

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  1. “Don’t let this put you off your 2nd shot…”

    There’s a special corner of Hell already booked up and reserved for these people ????????

    • Oh yes, and for the politicised Police force. How utterly crass and asinine that they went around taking photos of innocent people. Meanwhile, crime is burgeoning out of control.

      My best wishes go out to all the victims of this fraudulent jab. Indemnifications is not going to help the pharmaceutical companies and their drug pushers.

  2. “If a food or other product in New Zealand is suspected and/or proved to have caused illness or injury, the whole batch would be recalled.”…when only small amount of lead was found in sugar, every supermarket selves was empty of sugar, yet these so called vaccine remains on the selves and encouraged to buy in spite of all the injuries and devastation it has and is causing.What a world we live in. I support this petition 100%. Thanks for your courage Anna.

  3. Question? Did the Police get permission to photograph the peaceful public??
    Is this lawful? And what was the reason?

    Total OVERREACH once again!!!


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