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Will medical professionals speak freely to an ‘anti-vaxxer’ colleague now mandates are over?

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The Ardern regime and its single source of truth, have spent the past two and a half years censoring any discussion which wasn’t aligned with the narrative from the mainstream media and government communications, says New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS).

The scurrilous reduction of medical professionals who dare question the narrative, dubbed “disinfo doctors” prompted Superior Court judge, Justice Alex Pazaratz to ask if “misinformation’ is even a real word … or has it become a crass, self-serving tool to pre-empt scrutiny and discredit your opponent?”

Now the mandates are set to drop for health workers (apart from those whose employers including Te Whatu Ora decided it’s required for them to stay), NZDSOS now asks if General Practitioners are happy to engage in an open discussion.

A spokesperson for NZDSOS, Dr Cindy De Villiers simply stated, “we seek the freedom to ask questions around the data emerging from the post-marketing surveillance and independent researchers from around the world, pointing to the Pfizer vaccine’s ineffectiveness and the serious side effects becoming apparent including the worst one, death.

“Actions and consequences seen cannot be unseen. Once informed, there are no excuses and just ‘following orders’, or, in this case, ‘guidance’ may not be enough for exoneration. An interesting legal opinion in Australia places medical boards firmly on lawyers’ lists for investigation.

“People increasingly are telling us, they do not trust their doctors, don’t want to see one and many definitely don’t want to go anywhere near a hospital. The profession was already in crisis and our ‘health’ system appears to be entering a death spiral. NZDSOS is fearful if enough doctors do not put their patients first and stand up for ethical medicine, the profession will soon be despised rather than venerated. When injections are forced onto patients (no one can argue this hasn’t happened with our stamp of legitimacy and with doctors who are seen to benefit too“), respect is lost. This is where we are now – a profession on the brink of collapse” said, Dr De Villiers.

“Numerous New Zealanders, including health professionals of all types, have been harmed by the Pfizer ‘vaccine’. They are desperately trying to tell their GPs and specialists to listen and hear their stories. One of the first things taught at medical school is to “listen to the patient, they will tell you the diagnosis, she said”.

The medical profession stands on a precipice. Medical professionals need to choose which side of history they are on. Instead of the promised herd immunity, the fully ‘vaccinated’ and boosted are becoming infected and re-infected at similar or even increased rates compared to the unvaccinated. The evidence showing Comirnaty reduces Covid-19 severity and hospitalisations is looking like the result of categorisation errors, deliberate or otherwise. True or not, what effect do the serious adverse events and deaths caused by Comirnaty have on all-cause mortality and morbidity?

“NZDSOS has questions and is wanting to have an open discussion about NZ’s covid response, medical ethics and harm caused by the Covid injection”, said Dr De Villiers. .

Now vaccine mandates are about to become a thing of the past, is anyone willing to step up and have this discussion? For those who would like to ask their GP this, NZDSOS provides a letter they could take to their doctor as a polite request for an open debate.

Image credit: RODNAE Productions

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  1. Doctors, Journalists, Politicians, the Judicial system, they get paid very well I might add not to think, not to ask questions, not to assert their educated opinion. Shameful really. Where is the honor in that?

    Any wonder respect has been lost?

    All the idiotic tsk tsking is enough to make Judy Bailey weep. The sanctimony and self-righteousness in a religious ferver never sounded like science.

  2. If you get discredited and ridiculed if you question a story then this very story is an ideology, not a science. This particular ideology I propose we call Vaxcism.
    If you want an open discussion with a convinced vaxcist then the approach shall not be very different from trying to convert a devout Christian. It will be not easy.

  3. “…the profession will soon be despised rather than venerated.”

    Too late for me. Zero confidence left after they proved themselves to be nothing but sheep like the rest.

    Also didn’t care for the way they rabidly tried to pressure my PREGNANT wife into taking the jab in 2021.

    ALSO was extremely peeved in May22 when I took my four year old daughter in for a tummy bug, got her checked out, realised I’d forgotten to tell the doc something and when I popped my head back into his office saw him sitting on WebMD searching for answers. Doesn’t exactly instil confidence.

    NZDSOS are the only remaining doctors as far as I’m concerned, the rest are just vaccine salesmen.

    No thanks 👎

  4. I haven’t been to my doctor since the vaxx roll-out. I will never trust ant non-NZDSOS doc ever again.
    Another doctor is a neighbour. Asked him why Ivermectin is not on the list of options for his patents, because I know for a fact that he knows Ivermectin well.. He said something to the effect of “just following orders”. Reminded me of Nuremberg. Since that discussion we are shunned by several of his ilk.
    The medical boards and bullice are the SS. Choose the casting positions for Goebbels, Himmler, Goering and Mengele yourself.

  5. I’m with you Unquaccinated. A work colleague was pressured with offers of the jab when she was in the Maternity ward, she is a strong Woman yet felt uncomfortable with amount of pressure, she was asked several times as if declining was not ok. Education is a great form of indoctrination and sadly medical training has taken the path of the influential pharmaceutical industry. I reluctantly visited the Dr recently and was hyper observant and full of questions, have refused all pharmaceuticals. Just there for a diagnosis and out as quick as possible. Very little trust left in any allopathic medical treatments


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