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‘You f**cken b*tch!’ Labour voter’s extraordinary Jacinda rant goes viral on Tik Tok

Many other Labour voters are feeling the same

A woman who voted for Jacinda Ardern at the last general election has blasted the Prime Minister in an extraordinary, expletive laden video rant on Tik Tok.

WARNING: LANGUAGE MAY OFFEND: The woman, whose TikTok account is @twentyfuckingwhacks attacks the Ardern government’s vaccine mandate and housing policy.

Labour voter calls out Ardern news

The video is below, but here’s a transcript:

How come you let COVID come down to the South Island? We went all those weeks without it! Un-f**ken believable…I thought Air New Zealand wasn’t going to take passengers unless they were double-vaccinated?

I don’t f**ken know? I don’t know f**ken anything any more!

You know why? Because this government doesn’t know f**ken anything anymore! It’s all f**ked up! You’ve lost the plot Jacinda!

People told me you were too young for the f**ken job and you didn’t know what you were doing, and I defended you! With f**ken vigour! 110 f**ken percent! And now I’m getting proven f**ken wrong, and they’re proved right, because YOU have lost the plot!

You want teachers f**cken vaccinated, I agree with all that, but my daughter whose a teacher doesn’t. She doesn’t f**ken want the vaccine. But now she has to have it. She’s got till the 15th of f**ken November to get her first one. I know somebody whose a f**ken prison officer and they just found out the other day they’ve got to get one by the end of October. How can you give so much leeway for one group, and no f**ken leeway for another f**ken group? And are all the prisoners vaccinated? No, cos you couldn’t make them. They’ve had the offer and only half of them f**ken took it. Because you CAN’T make it f**ken mandatory like you’re f**ken trying to. You can’t make us a f**ken Nazi F**ken country.

All those men and women who died in World War II, just for our freedom! You are throwing that all back in their f**ken faces. You f**ken bitch! Honestly! You don’t know what you’re up to. You need to work it out. Maybe you need a f**ken holiday, so you can rest whatever’s in your f**ken head and come out with some f**ken sense.

You need to wake your f**ken ideas up Jacinda! And I’m tired of Megan Woods, she won’t fix up this housing situation we’re in. We all live in social housing, we should all pay f**ken income related rent.’


20 fucking whacks. make sure you check out my YouTube channel link in bio! #karenforpresident #karen #funny #20fuckingwhacks

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

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  1. Jacinda is the biggest f***** lier in government her Moto be kind. What a load of horse shit she punished every kiwi who did not take the covid vaccine bio weapon. She is turning NZ into communist state with track and trace.even coming back from Australia u have to produce a travel document like the Germans did to the Jews during the war


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