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A letter to our Prime Minister

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Lynda Wharton
Lynda Whartonhttps://lyndawharton.com/
Lynda Wharton has been at the forefront of holistic therapies in New Zealand for over 30 years. She is both a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and a Naturopath, and is a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (MNZRA). Lynda specialises in the holistic treatment of women’s health problems.

Dear Jacinda,

I am a New Zealander, a mother and a grandmother.

The closest I have been to you was when we jigged side by side in the VIP area of a U2 concert a couple of years ago. I remember thinking how tiny and pretty you were.

I am a sensitive empath, and watching the pain in your eyes as you comforted the bereaved and traumatised after the mosque massacre, and White Island. I thought I recognised the same in you.

I know your Misinformation Officer will quickly find this post and hopefully share it with you.

I am taking it upon myself to share a grassroots snapshot in time, of the immense suffering so many of your people are enduring right now.

I host a community of nearly 35,000 New Zealanders whose lives have been changed by the Covid 19 vaccine.

Many who gather here are living with the daily legacy of suffering serious adverse reactions to our “safe and effective” covid solution.

Some are paralysed or have lost their health and vitality as a result of a stroke, heart attack, blood clot or myocarditis after their jab.

Others are dealing with a paralysed face, or ongoing extreme exhaustion, crippling pain or daily headaches that see them confined to bed for weeks on end.

When they try to share their story (as many thousands tried to on your recent Facebook post), they are smashed with angry vitriol…cries of “misinformation” and “antivaxer”…even though they were “pro vax” enough to roll up their sleeve for the needle.

Having unexpectedly created a safe place for these marginalised and injured to gather, gives me daily insight into a New Zealand story the likes of which most unwitting Kiwi’s have no awareness of. All they hear every day is “safe and effective, and they trust you and believe it.

The personal interactions I have with these families will leave a permanent heavy record in my heart.

I often think of the family whose beautiful brilliant medical specialist daughter is left permanently crippled by her post jab stroke.

Or the 22 year old woman who had to learn to walk and talk again after her stroke, following the jab she didnt want to have, but gave in to, in order to keep her job.

I have literally hundreds of such stories to share with you, as do the many who tried, unsuccessfully, to do so on your recent Facebook post.

You wont see a single one of them on the 6 o’clock news, the 1 o’clock update or the front page of the Herald.

Of course i realise that the vast majority of Kiwis will have their jab and have nothing more than a sore arm…but for many others life is changed and these broken Kiwis (who did the right thing!!) deserve our compassionate acknowledgement and care, not our scorn and disbelief.

And now there is a new tsunami of grief and suffering growing: the thousands of New Zealanders who are now faced with a choice they believed would never be forced upon them.

Do they take a jab, that for a myriad of reasons they have chosen not to have, or do they lose their job, vocation, career of decades?

While some will find the fear of unemployment and financial destitution enough to drag them, kicking and screaming to the vaccine tent.

For others, no amount of pressure, coercion or personal cost will be enough to wrestle a consent from their arm.

I have received hundreds of messages from these soon to be unemployed experts.

We are set to loose literally thousands of years of vocational experience from the New Zealand work force. Doctors, nurses, teachers, psychiatrists, midwives and more. Yes even an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Forensic Psychiatrist will be walking. Some who are new to their careers and still paying off student loans, others with 20 or 30 years of valuable experience.

To those who have already had their jab, this might seem pure insanity. Why would a professional with everything to lose, not just simply call in to the vax centre at the end of a work shift, and be done with the turmoil, pressure and angst?

I’ll share just a tiny few of the myriad reasons these incredible people have shared with me.

The reasons can be grouped, and the first group hinges on TRUST.

Try as they might, some just cannot rationalise their way into a place of trusting either Pfizer, or you and our Government.

They struggle to believe that the largest corporate and pharmaceutical felons in history can just be “trusted” with a rapidly developed, novel technology, medical product with absolutely ZERO long term safety data.

They also struggle with knowing that the contract our Government signed with Pfizer is confidential, and includes (this much we know) 100% liability protection for Pfizer.

These injured Kiwi’s I’ve spoken about, if they are lucky their financial care will come from ACC (its not a given though). That’s us. The tax payers. An “all care, no responsibility” contract with a pharmaceutical company with a track record like Pfizer, simply does not inspire confidence in those who do their due diligence.

Others of these smart and educated professionals (including many medics) have spent many hours reading the clinical trial papers, following the government adverse reaction (and efficacy) databases around the world.

They are deeply concerned by what they see. Unprecedented serious injury and death, the likes of which have never been witnessed with a vaccine before. With the exception of the many times inflated risk of heart inflammation in young males, the other serious injuries (or worse) seem to be randomly meted out as a form of medical Russian Roulette.

There is another group of soon to be unemployed, who have health issues that in any “ordinary” times, would see them exempted or even contraindicated from receiving this vaccine. Long histories of blood clots, heart attacks, neurodegeneration conditions, and yes even previous severe and life threatening allergic reactions. Instead they find themselves mandated, terrorised and terrified….including those who nearly died from their first dose, and are simply told they MUST have their second dose in a hospital with a crash cart and a resuscitation team at hand.

Then comes the group, often also encompassing the first two groups, who will walk away from their career as a stand for medical freedom.

These people believe that capitulating against their will to take a medical intervention, with unprecedented evidence of damage from around the world, is the greater of two evils.

Those with intelligence have so many unanswered questions.

Why do they not have the option of presenting a negative saliva test twice a week to ensure they are safe in the work place? (firstly, why do we not have $20 saliva tests available like the rest of the world?)

Why is an “immunity passport” based on evidence of covid antibodies from previous infection, not enough to safely keep their job?

Why has our Government put no effort into providing us with an effective Early Treatment Outpatient program such as that used with overwhelming success by Dr Peter McCullough or Dr Zelenko? Instead those in MIQ are offered panadol while they wait to see if their infection will lead them to ICU.

Why are we not checking the vitamin D status of every man woman and child in the land, and providing them with safe and effective doses of vitamin D…now that we know so clearly that low vitamin D makes us a sitting target for both infection and a poor outcome (and we have endemic vitamin D deficiency in NZ with our “sun smart” messaging).

Why have we not used the last 20 months to educate, empower and lead our nation into a better state of health, starting with sharing the brutal truth that obesity greatly increases your risk of ICU and death.

Why have you done everything in your power to block our access to Ivermectin when the evidence of both the safety and efficacy for prevention and treatment of Covid is overwhelmingly positive?

Why are we not having any national debate and discussion around the risk/benefit analysis of vaccinating our children? New Zealanders have simply not been informed that their children face virtually no risk of a poor outcome from covid (unless their child is already severely health compromised). They are similarly unaware that their children face very real risks from taking the vaccine, including up to 25 times the usual risk of heart inflammation (young males), along with its potentially life shortening consequences.

Why do most New Zealanders not understand that as double vaccinated they can still both contract and transmit Covid, get seriously ill from Covid and die of Covid.

We just have to look at the heavily vaccinated countries like Singapore, Israel and UK, to see that it will take much more than this “leaky” vaccine to put an end to our misery.

Why have New Zealanders not been told that the vaccine passport they covet, will likely disappear into thin air if they refuse to consent to a booster every six months in order to be considered “fully vaccinated”…along with the repeated re exposure to serious health risks.

I think enough has been said.

Your people are hurting the vaccine injured or bereaved; the mandated and disillusioned, frightened and no longer trusting; and all those who have chosen (for a myriad of rational reasons) to decline the jab, and are now vilified, attacked, belittled second rate citizens in their own country.

Right now our nation has never felt more divided.

Mental health has never felt more thread bare. And never before have more questions been left unanswered.

Jacinda, its not too late for you to show the same compassion we witnessed as you embraced the traumatised Muslims at the mosque.

A Letter to Jacinda Ardern news

Its not too late to work with your people instead of against them.

Further information:

Ivermectin evidence with Dr. Tess Lawrie

VAERS Update for CCCA (Canadian COVID Care Alliance)

Medsafe Overview of Vaccine Reports

Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States

Covid clusters among the vaccinated are killing our back-to-normal dreams

Sixty seconds on Vitamin D

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  1. Thank you so very much for your honest and very informative letter.

    After the first jab I had a very bad flare that kept me awake for many weeks. After that eventually wore off I got an outbreak of shingles. I have never had shingles before and it is very unpleasant. My case is on medsafe as it is a known side effect of me having Psoriatic Arthritis. Why wasn’t I warned? Now without the second jab that I certainly cannot have I am not able to join my friends and family in restaurants etc.
    Kindest regards,
    Di Perriam

    • She is just a pawn in the game, a light weight who is easily manipulated by the authoritarians who are pushing this stuff.
      She is more of an empath and that is her and Johnny’s problem-
      “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read.
      The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think.
      The problem is that Jacinda doesn’t know what thinking is…………..she confuses it with feeling” and I am sure she “feels” that she is doing the safe, right thing.

      • So true, check out her association with WEF (Klauss Schwab) and the Global Reset. The forced vaccines are main tool she will use to get people to a stage “where they will own nothing and they will be happy”

  2. Thank you for that letter. Jacinda what is it that you feel the path you are taking us on is the right one. Please explain so we can try to understand. Do you believe we will be in a better place after all this turmoil. It feels as if we are at war and do we need to be. NZ has always stood up to the world against apartheid and injustice. What can you do to bring us back to that way again

  3. Fantastic letter, and right on the money but unfortunately Jacinta knows what she is doing and is all for dividing and ruining our country, she just doesn’t care, she’s signed up with the other devils of this world and we are literally f*%#ed.
    world war 3 is happening and she and all other politicians are all in to save their own arses, they could t give 2 sh#ts about the people of our country, modern day hitler!

    • Yep ain’t that the truth. Money speaks louder than words. She pays the media mega bucks, to only report what she says not the people. Jezabels spirit. She pretends to care for the people May God forgive her and her Connie’s. How they can lie to the nation and say they are safe with the vaccine. God’s prophecy shall be fulfilled.

      • I am glad to see this letter. This letter has all the concerns and issues that I also want to address with the governments of this world not just New Zealand. Good job writing this. Thank you for your courage and boldness and standing up for justice. We need to stand up against this injustice which blames the unvaccinated for spreading the virus when the vaccinated can also get infected and transmit the virus. This secret contract with Pfizer definitely plays are big role in this pressure of vaccinating people. Something doesn’t seem right to force people to get vaccinated when there is no safety data or long term side effects. When someone had adverse side effects from this vaccine why is it not talked and discussed? That causes a lot of mistrust in the vaccine and the manufacturers and the governments making these vaccine mandates. Thank you for taking time to write this letter. I hope she reads it and acts on it. May God bless you.

        • Believe me even if she did read it she would not change anything, she CAN’T. If you all did your homework you would have seen by now that she was placed under house arrest by America (number 100 on their list) for treason against that country. Not only has she done that but now she has committed treason against her own citizens. This woman will be going to GITMO for life or she will be tried and put to death…….Now do you see why she doesn’t give a shit about you, any of you. Our whole parliament, ALL OF THEM are involved in satanic things involving children. When the truth comes out and it will, I can see people hunting them all down. They better hope they are arrested first, I am pretty sure they will be arrested before the people can get to them.

      • Nah’ I don’t think watching what she’s allowing these scoundrels to do will qualify her for the forgiveness of this nation or god for that matter. In fact this is gods country and imo she is no longer welcome!

    • Modern day Hitler?!? Talk about acting like an over-dramatic snowflake! You know nothing of History. Why don’t you try getting your information from a book or a library instead of from social media?! WW3 is happening?!! What the hell?!? Snap out of it and use the brain God gave you.

          • Wow, what a hard heart you have! Many of my friends got side effects and you are telling people to get booster without thinking! Your comment is terrible!!

      • Les, If you did actually read history you will see the very similar situation here to 1930s Germany. Although Hitler actually had more compassion for Germans at the time than Jacinda does, he rallied against mandates. However the Jews were initially targeted as disease spreaders. The use of brainwashing techniques, controlling the media and the massive overhaul of government policy to reduce, criminalise dissent is in line with the Hate Peech bill, the amendments to the Bill of Rights, the rushed legislation to disarm the public and the clear discrimination of those who choose bodily autonomy. As you will no doubt be aware it was not the police that enforced these things so much as the businesses and their snitches ( Karens). THe Bolsheviks were less refined, but same idea. Perhaps in times of great need such measures seem to make sense to you. But Covid has a survival rate of 99.99 percent. What did they go to war to fight for eh? Freedoms. What has been taken away? Freedoms, locked in their homes, fined for leaving, restrcited from trading. You like that cash in your bank account, well that is going soon too, cbdcs will replace money as you know it and the government will control what you spend and where depending on your social score. Now if that sounds like freedom to you, take it and leave because my ancestors fought for freedoms. If you read history you would know, history repeats. That snowflake is trying to wake you up.

        • I honestly believe that you have to learn about history as it is repeating itself in front if your own eyes. But it it seems you are blinded and hypnotised by the propaganda you see everywhere displayed by paid media. She is right! There are thousands of people hurting, not trusting anymore and very divided due to her actions! That’s the very opposite what a true leader should ever do for its country! Thank you for the honest letter! I really hope it gets to her! I also hope there is a small part of her that will understand and feel the pain she endured to so many! She unfortunately goes by inducing fear at every corner of people’s life not realising that many became numbed and that see what is driving this force! She does what she’s told not realising that she will be the one paying the big price at the end of it! She managed to foul so many but it’s a matter of time when the awakening will come, I just hope it’s not going to be too late to clean up the mess! May God have mercy on her!

    • Agree.
      Australia the same
      We have State Borders
      Disunited States of Australia
      Soon to be Communist Australia.

      Not the Austraia I was born 1964
      Stolen white generation
      Im a Medical professional 40 years
      Im not goung to be silenced
      Freedom of Choice.

      Amaxing during covid..
      Lswyers ,Judges,Politicians, In crowed, favoured Rock stars, political donators..

      Different rules hidden from the World..free to travel.

      Fake Media thanks Fairfax and Murdock, Packer.
      Your all dead to me.

      Let Austraila needs to be a Republic.
      Our ywo tiered system.
      Blue / Red..
      In power / in oppositiin.
      Always employed
      Always self gifting
      Always above the Law
      All enablers of each other.

      I vote…I walk the talk ..I have freedom of speech

      The WHO declated EPIDEMIC. Dupported by G2031 countries is dead.
      Call it Now..

      God is watching..
      The Earth is crying.
      Us humans prisoners on this planet.

      WHO..drop the

      Its just a virus…
      Mutated,…not a ghost demon or satan neither Zombie.

      All the Pollitians are the above


      Now lets get on with a real life 💖💝🙈🙉🙊😇🤣😨😰😢😭😱

  4. This Open Letter to the Prime Minister speaks volumes and it is indeed very accurate in describing what many average Kiwi’s are now struggling with. When our Prime MInister says to the nation, “I should be your only source of truth” and every other counter-narrative to what you say is “misinformation or worse Conspiracy theories. This is what Cult-Leaders say and anyone with a fair mind and discernment should know that this is dangerous. Especially when you are mandating a new type of mRNA injection that is still undergoing trials and has no long-term data to assure safety. Moreover, there are many world renowned medical and scientific experts that have screamed out to this Governemnt along with a long list of Doctors and others about the many injuries and peer-reviewed latest papers that are being published about the great risks involved in taking these “conditionallY” approved so-called vaccines. It takes guts to admit you made a mistake. It takes courage and humility to listen to other medical experts that differ from “your hand-picked” modelers, etc. Please listen! Our kids lives and futures are at stake and I pray to God that it is not your child that suffers from these Gene editing vaccines. No matter what you all decide because of these Governemnt mandates, we all have paid to higher price already for listening only to “one source of truth”.

      • Oh come on grow up. If there was a god, there wouldn’t be all this illness and heartache. Please grow up and stop believing in evil fairy tales. An please don’t insult intelligent people by bringing that god crap into discussions like this.

        • If there was no God you’d have been overrun by evil already. Judeo-Christian values are the only decent order this world has. And if there’s no God, you must be a huge believer in order coming from randomness. That’s faith! Not to mention contrary to the immutable laws of thermodynamics. Dogma’s run deep. As for me and my household, we give praise to Yeshua / Jesus, and we pray every day for relief from these godless tyrants.

          • Are you really attempting to use thermodynamics as an argument to support the existence of gods? Please advise based on the principles of thermodynamics (namely entropy) how complexity (gods) can precede simplicity (the singularity from which our universe emerged)?

          • Thank you 🙏🏽 I pray for many more people like you to stand up for the truth. May God bless you.
            Sad for those unbelievers who can find no relief for themselves during times like this. They fear death cause they don’t believe in eternal life. We all need to pray for those who are arrogant and point their finger at God.

        • How can God help when He has been taken out of parliament and schools and courts Stop blaming God The air you breathe was given to you by God He created you

        • Who do you think you are, no better than JA telling people what they can say and can’t say. You don’t believe in God well that’s your problem but don’t tell others what they can write or believe in you arrogant person.

        • If there was no God as revealed in nature and in the bible you and I would not exist. Where did information come from? Where did matter and energy come from? Why have we all got unrepeatable IDs and personality? Where did personality come from?

    • Ardern’s mentors are Helen Clark, who we all familiar with, and a british politician who was convicted, under his middle names, for soliciting sex in a mens’ public lavatory. Her ambition is to get a United Nations job in what she doubtless hopes will become a world government. She will do whatever she thinks will help her to achieve her ends without any consideration whatever for the consequences to NZers. Roger Dewhurst

  5. Very well said. It is a big risk taking the vaccine to be safe from Covid and to be told it is safe and effective when there are so many side effects is a hard choice to make. It isn’t an normal vaccination like the rest. We should have more choice and the effectiveness of this vaccine should last more than 6 months. It becomes a worry with all the risks to look out for. A lot of New Zealanders are ending up with more health concerns than not having it for little benefits. There isn’t a choice as such really. It is a serious health risk we have all sacrificed to benefit each other and not put too much stress on the health services because they won’t cope. But, with the unvaccinated people dying and perfectly healthy athletes it makes you wonder if we made the right choice. I guess time will tell. And yes, most of the 5 million in New Zealand are very trusting in these circumstances.

  6. Very well said. Some serious questions to be answered. Lets see whats Jacinda is made of now. So far she’s failed to answer these questions and I have little faith.

    Prove me wrong

  7. Omg tell me about it! I got my vax woke up with a penis when I was born with a vagina. My body turned into what seems like a magnet I can’t go anywhere as any metal seems to come flying at me nearly killing me and to top it off when I cut myself I don’t have red blood anymore it’s bloody blue!

    • I guess you were one of the lucky ones huh? ME TOO

      I had mi jabs so I could keep my job, I have a couple of friends that have had a bad reaction to it.
      Also a Sister that ended up in hospital with heart problems.
      So before you start taking the Piss out of people, just remember some people do get a bad reaction.

    • I know two people, father and son who were both paralysed immediately after the 2nd jab for a week. Unbelievably neither was reported by the hospital as an adverse reaction. My own father has gone rapidly downhill after the second jab. Constant stomach pains. He has a ct scan this week after waiting and being in pain for weeks to rule out cancer, which incidentally is a fear some scientists have, that the spike protein in the mrna jabs will cause cancer or bring back cancers in remission. Before the 2nd jab dad was a sprightly healthy 70 year old. On the other hand I don’t know anyone who’s had covid or died from it

    • Now that you’re fully vaccinated, continue washing your hands. It’s very important.

      And also….don’t worry about your brain, that has been already washed out by the government.

      I’m glad people like you have taken this drug. In few years time there’ll be less of you idiots running around the net and trolling on other people pain.

      • The linked medsafe stats are interesting.
        “Up to and including 20 November 2021, a total of 117 deaths were reported to CARM”

        ” The observed number of deaths reported after vaccination is actually less than the expected number of natural deaths.”

        Probably a statistical anomaly, or as has been suggested, vaccinated people are generally healthier.
        As for the “less of you idiots”, given you are about 15 times as likely to die of covid if unvaccinated, who is the group of idiots?

  8. I had 2 doses , and had a “starting flew ” experience for abouth2 months . then y was reaaly sick : covid 19 . Now i’m recovered . My phisian, who is on the age of retreat and can talk more free than is younger collegues , told me they were asked NOT to report negative results . And then , al persons hwo ask questions are suddenly ” conspyraci maniacs ” “anti vaxers ” . If governments should start to give relevant and good information , and stop overreacting to a normal human illness , things would go better . Today , more people die from loneniless , lack of social life , economic problems due to lock downs , missing treir homeland and family , than a disease ever could cause .

  9. Great letter . Nice to see all of the media haven’t been paid off by the government. Will be reading the daily telegraph from now on

  10. Thank you for your well presented letter,I hope and pray Jacinda listens to and responds with humility & compassion,turning around this evil mandate and giving every nzer freedom that our forfarthers died for,you know true democracy.

    • Pray? Really? grow up mate. If there was a god, there wouldn’t be all this suffering. Intelligent people live in the real world, not evil nonsense fairy tales.

  11. I am a professional counsellor also about to lose my job, because it is my choice not to receive this vaccine.
    I feel so sad it has come to this. Because I can not go against my principles I hold true to. I have family members also suffering due to these mandates.

  12. The other treatment not being discussed by our government is nasal sprays and gargles.
    Povidone iodine, chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide have all been found, in multiple studies which were done largely to keep the dental industry safe, to significantly reduce the viral load, reduce the severity of disease and reduce the length of disease. Given these outcomes are the only outcomes the vaccine can claim to achieve, albeit with the vaccine it is for a short period of time, it would be incredibly beneficial to use these protocols to achieve a far more equatable health response and one that isn’t at the mercy of any variant.

    • So …. you decided that any negative reactions to vaxx, and any concerns about the denial of alternative and cheap medicines, is all fantasy ? Really? And you got the arrogance to tell other people to “grow up” ? You need to pull your head in, cretin.

  13. Thank you, Lynda, for your awesome letter. I really hope and pray that Jacinda will take notice of what you have said. 💛🙏💙

  14. Ardern is no soft hearted empath she is a cold, calculating and cruel wannabe globalist dictator worse, in many ways, than the odious Helen Clarke and right up there with the lying traitor, her mentor, Tony B’liar.

  15. Amazing how the ones who’ve had no adverse effects to the vaccine all of a sudden become Fauci prodigies & start pointing their hooves at people with real concern over their own well-being. Not one of them jabbed up for any other reason than FEAR, & they are the conspiracists who should stay home & wait out for endless boosters to come. Because to be honest, how many so-called conspiracies have come to fruition the past 12 months, but you can’t tell the blinded jabbed matyrs that because their almighty ruler says otherwise🤦‍♂️

    • Have had no adverse reactions….YET. Many will be dead withing five years, the unvaccinated will have the last laugh though heaven knows it is no laughing matter.

  16. We have a long fight ahead of us to bring this back to a place where it is the peoples choice. We are kiwis. Not Guinea pigs or lab rats. Treat us with dignity and respect. We can make our informed researched decisions on how to look after our selves and more importantly our children. No one will make me inject my child with posion. And I will fight with all I have to stop this outrageous compliance regime.

  17. So strange that Jacinda has incredible sympathy for those who were so cruelly and wrongfully deliberately murdered, as we all did and still do. Yet, she’s now directly behind, and rapidly changing laws and negating basic human rights, also paying vast sums of tax payer’s money to force the very worst campaign of media disinformation, social division, economic destruction, loss of vocation and employment on innocent, hard working, trusting New Zealanders. There’s no way she’s ignorant of what she’s doing nor the full swathe of destruction she’s wreaking. Therefore one has to ask why?

    I’ve been, was, a Labour supporter for as long as I can remember, and was one of many who voted Jacinda back in. No longer. I rue the day I ever did. Be kind??? What?! I’ve never known a leader of a liberal democracy (NZ once was) to behave with such unflinching totalitarian heartlessness. Her means can never justify her end (game). This is not about a vaccine for public safety. This is about controlling New Zealanders so they will serve her ends – and whose ends are those? Those who use our brains, eyes and decisions effectively know already. Jacinda, I hate to say this, but you will go down in history, and your children, your family, and children’s children, will remember you for what you are doing now to this beautiful and, yes complex, liberal democracy. This is not your country to do with as you wish, to please and play the puppet to your international shadow overseers. NZers tax payer’s dollars are not yours to play your Monopoly political games with to also pay off, bribe, the media, to even grant us Freedom Day. I’ve never known such pathetic propaganda. Do you and your paid off, bribed, media really think we are blind fools? When you took away those ‘freedoms’ in the first place. Wake up Jacinda, because our eyes are brains and eyes are wide wide open. While yours? Yours are Wide Open Shut. Who are you serving, Jacinda? What is, or who is, your passport out of here when you’ve finally done as much damage as you can to beloved New Zealand.

    • Jacinda was voted in because of her hard and fast approach. anyone who voted for her is to blame. She told you all what she would do, despite doing nothing else and lying as well. What did the people who voted for her expect! Sue GRay and the NZ Outdoors Party would have had your back.

      • Outstanding read you are visionary everyone should read this it is literally the round tooit I’ve been trying to get around.

  18. On behalf of all New Zealanders, I’d like to thank the Daily Telegraph for publishing this when our voices have been quashed by the rest of the media. This is huge. Thank you.

  19. This letter has not a show in hell of having any effect. One minute you are praising Ardern and offering positive reinforcement and next you are pleading with her to make changes.
    Talking about the Mosque attack like you did suggests you don’t understand the shooting and politics in general.
    If Ardern believes the end justifies the means then it will be a very difficult job to persuade her otherwise.
    I am sure you are right about side affects and damage. A few out of the millions. Ardern will write that off as a price to pay.
    Ardern could still win the next election and remember if National had been the government Collins would have done all that Ardern has done maybe more.
    Maybe your letter should have been in the form of a petition.

  20. I have had my two Vaccinations I have had no reaction or side effects .
    Now we are getting told that we must wear masks in Shops (but not in Restaraunts ?????) and have a vaccine passport to go to events and into some other venues .
    Question ???? If the vaccine is effective WHY do i have to wear a mask ?? Isnt this double talk ? Total confusion reigns .
    There are two types of fear .
    Fear that if not vaccinated you could die from Covid ??
    Fear if you get vaccinated you could die or become very sick ??
    No one knows ??
    If you are a Christian you have an answer Put your trust in Him .
    If you rely on people then you will have NO answers

    • Neither Pfizer or the governement ever said the the jab will stop you catching or spreading covid or getting sick. THey did say it reduces severe illness. However, you now see many people world wide getting severely sick and dying after 2 or 3 jabs. THe nature of Mrna is that the effects can be slow and cummulative or sudden and severe. I hope and pray that you are ok, but to not expect side effects is not reading the fineprint.

    • The bottom line is – we have a too small and underfunded healthcare system to treat people who get very sick with covid. if we let rip a huge wave of virus, we will see a lot of death, especially in vulnerable and unvaxxed (like in america).. public health measures like masks and vaccines undeniably reduce the spread and decrease rates of serious illness.. not to zero, sure. but your barking if you don’t see that they make the outcome less shit for the country (even while every single rule might not look super logical at the ground level, the general spirit of the rules is ‘try make less people in NZ die or get extremely sick’) and when the cost benefit of the rules is weighed up against the rate of vaccine injury (very very low) its really a no brainer about what the public health policy should be….do you think we shouldn’t have public health and hospitals at all? … people here have unrealistic expectations about what the government can do for them. it is a large organisation made up of people – of course it is going to be flawed and not perfect. but i say just look at the track record of deaths due to covid in nz vs many other countries – and the govt is clearly doing a good job. this is not something i would say to someone who had a vaccine injury, obviously – that would be callous. i only have empathy for those people. and i don’t feel great about mandates. i dunno man, its a hard question.. but also comparing your fear of getting a jab to someone who got shot in Christchurch by that POS is a step waaaay too far – you’d already lost me – but that comparison is bananas

  21. People need to understand, this witch is like many other current state leaders around the world, groomed and prepared to impose Globalist agenda.
    Plenty of info on the net about it, just do research.

  22. It’s never been about health for Cindy – it’s always been about power, control and obedience of the masses. In this way she can move forwards in her agenda to make NZ the first country to have AI control of everything and require passports for everything. Those of us who survive will be serfs in her AI controlled NWO kingdom.

    • I totally agree, you hit the nail right on the head!! With a Dictator of a PM who won’t speak truth to the nation. She won’t listen to her people, (who pay her wages and keep her in comfort and luxury) while many innocent Kiwis are suffering unbearable pain!! Shame on you Jabcinda – time you resigned and let someone more intelligent and sympathetic to the problems you’ve created take office.

  23. Futhermore, A simple basic fact: This new variant, Omicron that is sweeping the world into many countries already my question is: How is it being transmitted and passed on? If Un-Vacinated people are not aloud to fly internationaly then logic tells you that it is the Vacinated that are spreading it!! So again, the evidence is looking right in front of us but this government would rather descriminate against the unvacinated and blame them for being such high risk when data all around the world and in NZ tells us otherwise. Wake Up NZ.

  24. Thank you Lynda. A compelling and comprehensive letter addressing both the safety and efficacy of the vaccine itself as well as the questionable imposition of authoritarian edicts and discrimination by our current Government. Division and desperation are the result. Please keep communicating and I applaud the Telegraph too for publishing your letter. The unbalanced press reporting on Covid 19 has been debilitating to the proper functioning of democratic societies, both here in New Zealand and across the Western World. Kristin Bowman

  25. Thankyou for your true words and honest representative questions.
    I have been staying with my elderly father for the past year through these turbulent times. It has helped us both.
    Because I do not have the answers to those questions asked and therefore, not getting a jab because of it, I am now homeless. The fear and division will be end of me, not covid.

  26. How much did you earn to write this thing? I need money as well, I can makeup more tearful stories than you and I can guarantee the content will be vivid. Please contact me 🙂 Thanks.

    • If you are able to turn in short (300 to 500 word) pro-Government policy in this issue, we will pay award journalist rates. Depending on quality, your work might be syndicated outside New Zealand.

  27. You are all forgetting one simple truth – Jacinda is a pure 100% as politician as it gets. Whether she will be crying at the mosque or whether she will be saying “we are all in this together”, she will not make a step or say anything without her PR manager approval. Image for her is everything….

  28. 90% of the adults around the world are on the same page.
    We are not concerned about the vocal but tiny portion of people that are choosing to ignore science and not be a part of the solution.
    Well I’m pleased to announce that we are all part of the solution. Rather than fight with the minority we have just created some rules to keep us all safe. Just cause your nuts doesn’t mean you are not being considered and looked after.
    Whilst we allowed you to keep your freedom of protest and speech and most importantly choice we will require the non vaccinated to keep distance from us vaccinated because you pose a higher health risk to those around you.
    Please see this as an opportunity to stay safe and keep others safe.
    You made your choice now live with it…..QUIETLY.

    • OK, so you are yourself fully vaccinated, yes? Then why would you be at all concerned about those who are not vaccinated? You are protected , right? RIGHT?? If you fear us, then you dont trust your vaccination. If you don’t trust your vaccination, then you KNOW, sub-consiously, that you were lied to, and you swallowed it. Now, enjoy your cognitive dissonance.

      • Hiya Henry.
        Someone whom is vaccinated will have a reduced effect of the infection but can still get it and pass it on at a reduced rate.
        Unvaxed are a significantly higher risk to the rest.
        I don’t have a problem either way at this point because most of us are vaccinated and steps have been taken to protect us from the unvaxed.
        Don’t stress this won’t be forever. We will all be able to mix again one day.

        • If the unvaxxed are more likely to be ill if they catch cv, and the vaxxed who catch cv are less likely to be seriously ill, then who are more likely to go out and about whilst they carry the virus. If both vaxxed and unvaxxed who jave the virus carry about the same viral load, then it is the vaxxed who are more likely to be spreading covid, as according to your theory the unvaxxed with covid are either dying at home or in the hospital and NOT hanging out in bars and restaurants….

          Who needs to be protected from who?

          The bigger question to ask is about your own risk factor when contracting cv? Your likelihood to recover, and availability of effective treatment protocols…

        • I would prefer to be treated by an unvaccinated Dr in hospital as they would know if they had covid. Vaccinated don’t know. I can have all sorts of support in hospital, but I can’t have an unvaccinated Dr who would know if they had covid. Rational!? What is being introduced in NZ has previously been perfected in China and North korea. I remember when National were selling off the national infrastructure and were booted out at the elections. Labour got in and were more National than National. It appears the new National leadership is also for the great reset and will continue to obey and be subject to the new world order of maybe helen clark. Are there any politicians that aren’t tarred with this brush or arrogantly conseted.
          Have we been so sold to the CCP that it will be hard to get out from their grip as other nations have found.

    • Vaccinated people still catch covid and are carriers but don’t know it so Aucklanders with all their confidence will distributing covid over the country as one Australian shut down Auckland. Previously NZ had been successfull in keeping covid out, but that was not lining the pockets of the drug companies!? People didn’t feel the urgency to get vaccinated. Those who got vaccinated earlier are having its supposed protection fade off. Covid can be nasty for some people and culture environments. We are shown the worst cases to terrify people into getting jabbed. Some cultures have 4 generations in one home with children going from house to house. It is bound to spread. When lots of people die of there will be more houses to go round. World authorities say there are too many people. We need to get rid off a lot.

    • Today, some of those data were published in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), demonstrating that Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus.

  29. Jacinda is cult leaders. She has so many brainwashed unthinking, irrational, frightened members and is taking them too their inevitable deaths the same way all cult leaders do, with a poison. She will try to turn her delusional flock into assassins against those who will not bend or break. “They are dangerous to us” she will scream. Kill them she would say if she could without losing a future UN appointment. As her flock eventually become ill one by one and the remaining rational control groups flourish she will try to escape. We must not let that happen

  30. I’m double vaccinated, luckily I had no side effects, but the above letter is fantastically written and I admire you for speaking up for the people who have been silenced. There ARE bad side effects for some people. Where there is risk there should be CHOICE. Kia kaha friends

  31. Funny how it seems to be the jabbed who are the most vitriolic and spiteful to those who simply want to be left as they were born. But hey, enjoy the chemical test and don’t come whinging when you get some long term health affects. Maybe ask your mates at Pfizer if they’ll help you out financially when you need it. But, not being a nasty person at heart, I hope no one gets side effects and we can all make our own choices instead of being forced.

    • Well said , why can’t the vaxxed see it this way ?? If they believe in the Vax is for their protection, they should be safe !! We the unvaxed need the protection from you vaxxed transmitting the virus maybe without knowing you are doing this.

  32. “The (Labour) party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” George Orwell, 1984

  33. “Freedom can never be taken for granted. Each generation must safeguard it and extend it. Your parents and elders sacrificed much so that you should have freedom without suffering what they did. Use this precious right to ensure that the darkness of the past never returns.”

    Nelson Mandela

    Are you listening, Jacinda. You are trying your damndest to ruin this country and take our freedom from us with your ‘socialist’ agenda of absolute control. We will never let you. Never. YOU are the author and perpetrator of apartheid in New Zealand. I will never be your ‘unvaccinated’ or second tier person. I am a vaccine free, pro-freedom and pro-choice beloved child of this earth and of God.

    I know exactly what the oppression and cruel divisions you are introducing and fomenting in NZ feel like to live under and the long term painful repercussions and emotional scars of them.

  34. The vaccinated believe they have been given certain freedoms because they took the jab.
    No, you have been given privileges. Your freedoms are taken away. And now, due to your mass compliance, these privileges can be changed in a heartbeat. Wake up New Zealand!!!

  35. Good on you Lynda for your letter that certainly well covers key concerns and unanswered questions, speaks up for the vaccine injured giving them a voice when they are being discarded as meaningless collateral damage. You are an inspiration along with so many others who are actually doing the hard yards to make a stand against totalitarianism and be a voice for so many who can’t through fear, inadequacy, complacency or various other reasons. I just hope that your effort isn’t in vain and your compelling words will be considered by our PM, but I fear they will fall on deaf ears. I see this young woman who became our leader, who charmed and graced her way into the hearts of so many New Zealanders with her portrayal of genuine caring and kindness has now revealed herself in her true form of an ICE Queen and will go down in history as THE BETRAYER. Betrayal and the destruction of her people and country will be her legacy.

  36. I have been concerned regarding many things said by this government. “ We are part of the new reset” probably to do with the new world government. It failed at Babble, it failed in Europe, and so will this after much suffering.
    I know there is a lot of rubbish on the internet, but being told to go nowhere else except what the government says is the attitude of China, North Corea, Iran, and about 85 years ago in Germany. There is plenty of good factual research papers out there countering what our dictator informs us.
    And those who aren’t vaccinated, we are coming to get you. Roll up Gistapo.
    N Z has a lot in common with China. The dragon. I am aware of an authoritative Book which describes where the destination of the dragon is, a deep hot pit with a those who give allegiance to him. Thankfully we remember the Saviour at Christmas who came to save us from the deceiver who continues to lead people astray to his destiny. If his destiny does not exist, why did he suffer so much to save humanity.

    • Poor Jacinda is totally deluded, but simply does not realise it.
      Everyone of us will stand before a Holy God , in a soon coming day, and will give an account of how we have lived our own lives. A very sobering thought, and an appointment we will all keep……
      BUT. Thank God there is still room for each one to Repent of their SIN. , and Believe his Precious blood was shed for me, and Forgivness and Peace is available for every one who will simply Repent, and Believe this Amazing Gospel message.

  37. What I see & hear is breaking my 💔but we will fight for our freedom for all New Zealander & generations to come, we don’t discriminate! Kia kaha NZ

  38. The truth Lynda, well said. The mandates are destroying NZ. We need Luxon to man up, and stand up, and state categorically National will abolish the mandates and return freedoms to NZ. We were free, not any more.

  39. The evidence does not support this letter. Let’s hear directly from one person who’s physical illness has actually been caused by a double dose Vax. Let’s read the associated medical diagnosis. Let’s read the report that they will never recover. No names required. Still waiting….

    • Great idea. Why don’t we also ask mainstream media to start publishing just a small number, at least, of the many many emails they receive in this regard from vaccine injured NZers, whistleblowers and concerned citizens. Obviously those who have very sadly died from (been killed by) this Pfizer injection can’t email their account, but their loved ones and families certainly are.

      We should also ask mainstream media to publish just a relevant handful of the many links they’re sent of peer-reviewed scientific medical papers in top medical journals, authored by a great many of the world’s leading researchers and scientists stating unequivocally how dangerous this so-called vaccine is.

      Then there is also the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ trial and then fraudulent goings-on around that. But it seems you and I will now be waiting 55 years for that. How old will we be then.

      How about all the misreporting of actual COVID deaths et cetera by coroners and hospitals worldwide.

      And then very importantly, who is, was, knowingly behind the manipulation and release of this weaponised virus, and then the so-called control of it.

      Let’s have all of this information and evidence out in the open so we can ALL have a FULL understanding.

      PIty all those innocent young children who have no say in this whatsoever, who are going to be, are, being injected with this experimental injection. When children have absolutely no need for any so-called protection at all against COVID.

      Most media in NZ are the gatekeepers to public information and are under the financial control of the current government and its associated nefarious international organisations.

      If you don’t believe what I’m saying please do some research – but preferably don’t use Google Search rather use Duckduckgo, as the latter have nothing to gain from hiding the truth.

      I think you’ll find that holding back this massive dam wall is becoming increasingly difficult for mainstream media, and it’s already cracking and breaking.

    • The evidence is the letter ya moron. How about you go visit 35,000 people and discuss their injury. How about you talk to grieving families. Evidence? Show us the evidence that Sarscov2 CAUSES covid19. there is none, yes we will wait.

  40. The letter is full of grammatical errors, typos and at least one spelling error. This renders the content less than credible.
    Anecdotal evident is suspect.
    Good luck everyone.

    • To be pedantic, I’d like to point out a little grammatical correction or is it a spelling mistake you made? You wrote “Anecdotal evident is suspect.” You should have written, “Anecdotal evidence is suspect.” Just sayin’ 😉

    • Margi, Margi Margi. Reporting an injury after a medical treatment is STANDARD in all phases of clinical trials. This clinical trial is being done on the general population and has no Mandatory reporting framework. In itself that precludes that ONLY ANECDOTAL evidence is being gathered for the vaccine trial safety. You can cry about that all you like but that is the standard set by Medsafe. Pfizer today released its documentation showing known adverse effects during the phase 2 trial, all of the reported injuries are consistent with those effects. You Margi are ignorant to the point of being dangerous.

  41. This letter is appealing but it is definitely the letter to be addressed to a psychopath Jacinda Ardern.
    It should be rather given to today’s opposition or what i left of it.
    35 000 people that’s a lot of people.
    Forget Jacinda she knows perfectly well what she is doing and why.
    Pleading , begging and crying is only making her and her minions more resolved she is feeding herself on our misery and pain. A psychopath.

    • Yes, From a political influence stand point much better to send this to the minor parties she would want to form a government with. In fact he only hope for nz is that minor parties get together and delete the other 2. As much as it would shock me to encourage the greens, they in fact hold the balance of power heading into the next election, yes they are primed by the same socialists, yes they will tax the air you breathe but they are still naive politically enough to listen to the people.

    • sweet so we’re just assuming that this letter is true and there are 35,000 people? did you look her up? did you try find out if that is actually true? if theres 35,000 people who’ve actually been harmed, how come only like 2k people bother coming to these dumb protests in auckland every weekend? the letter is written by an alternative medicine person – i’d rate her as a 3 on the reliable source of information scale. she’s not accountable to anyone. but neither am i, an anonymous commentor

  42. I don’t see how Stalinda and our governments world wide, along with the WEF and their long list of corporate partnerships think that they are going to get away with this.

    What they’re doing is plain as day and has been since day one in March 20’.

    It’s only a matter of time Stalinda. Enjoy it while you can.

  43. I had my first in June, the 2nd in July, and am now waiting for my booster jab for February, sounds to me, too many weaken immune systems.. I now know why I moved to Queensland, for the Vitamin D.

    • So your lack of a short term injury is your rebuttal to the suffering of many others? THe 99.999 percent of people recovered from covid could say the same about the effect of covid. Being smug doesnt make it right.

  44. I have no faith in her whatsoever. Too much time has gone by and far FAR too much damage has been done – irreversible damage in so many cases. She has not done one thing to show she has our best interests at heart. Nothing! I can’t bear to look at her, nor her sidekicks, they’re a disgrace to our beautiful country.

  45. The healthcare system is not capable to treat side affects … they are instructed by govt not to recognise the health damage by this vaccine …

    They instructed GPs not to assist people and want to kill people who suffers by the second dose …
    What will be the next step ?
    This is the vaccine injury but ACC considers this as a testament injury .

    We do know yet what would be a side affect weighing next 5 years , look at Israel they recognise and treat side effects ( public system )
    Per UK research’s the heart attacks will increase by 25% …
    I just wonder whether the current govt can read the stats from UK and US ?
    Or the current govt is so uneducated bunch of people … that do. It care about people …
    I am not against vaccination
    But who is responsible for our health damage and side effects ?
    I think the govt who introduced the current vaccine with no treatment protocols
    How this has happened ?
    The side effects info was presented by Pfizer long ago ..,
    but the healthcare and GPs were instructed to hide it

    If the govt damaged people’s health they need to treat people , it they cannot they are liable to recognise the disability caused by the vaccine
    The. Govt get salary from our taxes
    they fail our expectation and need to leave

    This can be classified as genocide against NZ population … I wish their all families to suffer from what other people suffer…
    Who are they to take our property from us – our health ?

  46. Thank you so very much for taking the time and energy to compose this letter. While it may fall on deaf ears with respect to our leader and her cohorts, every communication like this means so much to those of us struggling to understand how it is we are not waking from this nightmare. We can’t really know what is behind it – only Jacinda really knows who is pulling her strings and what prize she will win if she forces every single new Zealander right down to the last newborn to their knees. But we can surely know it is not in our interests or concern for our health. It mystifies me how anyone at all can still be thinking we are being kept “safe” as they breath in their own carbon dioxide while walking in some of the least polluted air in the world and as they roll up their sleeve so trustingly to be injected with who knows what to compromise the immune systems developed to keep us safe over millennia. WTF is all I can say.

  47. Cov!d revealed by revealed films is up to episode 7 of 9 with free viewing for 24 hours each episode. Fascinating interviews by Patrick Gentempo with doctors and scientists well worth listening too and the bonus on each one too.

  48. When will the people wake up to what’s going on with this drug
    ? Its like the propaganda machine has them in a trance of fear, over a flu virus that 99.9 survive. When has our population EVER been this gullible? When has NZ ever stooped this low, damaging our very own society. What this Pfizer drug definitely seems to be doing is making the jabbed ANGRY.
    In George Orwells book “1984” he says “The further society drifts away from the truth,the more it will hate those who speak it”

  49. This open letter speaks for every NZer I know. Our complacent “ she’ll be right” attitude” is destroying a democracy. Fear has blinded so many to what is actually taking place . The last variant may well be called Communism . God save us from this Government.

    • interesting you only know a very very niche sub group of new zealanders. it speaks for 1 new zealander i know – and i hope he’s doing ok.

  50. I’m a teacher of 25yrs with autoimmune and I’ve had shingles twice. I chose not to be jabbed after reading on medsafe there would be no data for autoimmune until 2023.Up until this time I was like everyone.. Do the right thing for others and get vaxxed and also keep my job After I read the medsafe side effects and realised I shouldn’t be jabbed I logically thought I would get an exemption and have something like weekly testing and continue working. I adore my job. I work often with teenagers who have learning issues and autisim. I’m a secondary art teacher..I’ve worked all through the earthquakes. Established 3 art rooms after we lost our school. I lived by myself in a red zone area during that time. To be honest this was very stressful and when I discovered I had autoimmune MS I got shingles as well. Another side effect of this jab.I’ve worked so hard to regain my health and have had optic nephritis twice since the earthquakesm
    Pill. This is complete blindness. Once in each eye. The blindness made me so frightened I do not want to live if it happens to me again. Its linked as an affect of autoimmune. So having a vax with no research is out of the question for me. I went to 3 GPS asking for an exemption and told to get the vax. I found this astonishing given there is no research on medsafe until 2023. I asked for a blood test to see if I had pre existing immunity via GPS and directly to 2 laboratories all saying no. Various excuses from system over load to flatly the government doesn’t permit it. I told my beautiful students sadly it looked Like I would have to leave as I couldn’t get an exemption. They all know zi have autoimmune as I eat very healthy and rude my bike to and from work each day. I told them in a non judgemental way. I’ve always said when they have asked about the vax as kids do.. Its a personal choice and to discuss it with their families as to what’s best for them. All this ended with me having to leave in total shock. I miss my job terribly. I just found myself not able to have the jab. Now like so many I am out cast. It made me incredibly upset to see the government is bringing in at home testing after so many have lost their jobs. I’ve done so much research now as I have so much time on my hands and this is what I’ve come to. This is a global agenda that we have been groomed for. Fear of infection as allowed the public to accept contions that are unacceptable. We are having our human rights removed without knowing. Why do we need $9million now spent on facial recognition tech.. Why does the govetnmts need to push through without clear open debate and sharing of submission legislation that gives access to all our individual online data including our financial info? Where is the information about health and healing this mess we are now in now? When did a variant mutate upwards and not naturally downward as is typical? Why are the dideffects of the jab now seemingly appearing as symptoms of the new variants? Why have movies for recent years been about impending dangers including pandemics? I’m so so disappointed in our elected and the agenda they are now exposing to us and its global. We have to immediately rise up and take our powers back. There are so many now like me that have through accident been woken up. The amazing way the public have been hoodwinked its terrifying. NZ is God one and a place to breath in beauty and to have free expression.. We have lead the world in this over and over. The psychological neurolinguistic programming net over us is about to be tightened.. Wake up everyone. Look at what’s just happened in the northern territories of Australia. Beautiful indigenous people put on army trucks qyarenteened and force vaxxed.. Seriously breaches in so many human rights. These people are so special and vulnerable because of their intrinsic uniqueness and connection to nature.. How fucking dare any elected governance to put them through this undignified crap again. I am so sad and so angry now. Where has the respect for humanity gone? The police are public servants not the Government’s attack dogs. Believe me as an artist a teacher and once long ago a very vaccinated nurse, a grandma and an all round good woman I feel I can Stan up and honestly say this is not about health care now.. this pack of psychopaths are global, they have a very dark agenda and the have to immediately be stood down and removed. If we do not do this right now people like myself and many more who took this untrialed med released under emergency condition that no longer exist will be either dead or crippled.

  51. So, the covidohisteria was mitigated and we should start to learn. The lessons are:
    1. We can not allow one person to put the whole country in lockdown, even in case of alien attack. It must be written one and forever.
    2. All the unusual government expenses (Afganistan help, vaccine deals, gang sponsorship) must be approved by parlament to prevent corruption.
    3. A lot more and more …

    • Yes agree, there have been a lot of things slipped through into law because everyone has been caught up in the Convid news. She needs to be removed from office asap.

      In Addition to this, all government programs should only have elected community servants involved. If you look at the 3 water scam. A lot of the people governing our water ways will be unelected. So it’ll be all based on who they know, and paying their way in, to embezzle the money gained.

  52. Some of the comments shared here are just sad. Sad for those who had the jab and have suffered or are still suffering side effects of varying degrees and sad about those who have actually died from that needle. Sad, too, about the division it has created. Division that the Prime Minister wants. Divided people do not rally together to make changes. We need changes. Co-vid is just a distraction from the reality of what global hierarchy is trying to achieve and if you are not aware of it, then do your research and go a little deeper than Vaccination Rollout drive-ins. Stop for a minute and think a little deeper. Firstly, covid didn’t just happen overnight. There was a lead up, the actual fear/scare mongering of its arrival, its spread and propaganda force-feeding us to rush into a vaccination that wasn’t even warranted. Where the hell did the common flu and seasonal flus disappear to? On average NZ loses 500 people per year from the seasonal flu. Even covid is seasonal. And the writer way above me was correct. If you are vaccinated, why are you wearing a mask? Why are you still in lockdown. Why are your rewards eating out, sharing space in eateries (where you have to remove your mask)? Wouldn’t you think that Auckland, having that magical 90% vaccination rate would have been rewarded with releasing the borders and allowing them to make their way out into the sunlight. The vaccinated have been ‘informed’ they are relatively safe, that if they get covid, symptoms will be minimal. So, why the continual control. What the hell is everyone scared of? In reply to another writer above that basically laughed and insulted another writer who compared what is happening in our country to Hiltlers Regime. Similarities are everywhere. And yes, I did my research on that war many times. Hitler used human beings for experiments and that is exactly what is happening today. DESPITE the Nuremburg code. *The Nuremberg Code was a direct response to atrocities Nazi doctors performed in concentration camps during WWII. They perpetrated this so-called medical experimentation on people with no capacity to consent, and this frequently led to lifelong disability, or death.* Subsequent writer opinions quash the ‘anti-vaxxer’s claims that this covid vaccination is an experiment. But there are hundreds of documentation and interviews with many scientists adept in vaccines that will quash the writer and that opinion. This vaccine sees us as its trial. In answer to another writer above me, a bit sad for you to state along the lines that a few deaths with the vaccine is to be expected. Obviously you don’t do your research. Within a small group of people and family members/friends and associates I can rattle off at least 15 people that have had life-threatening, debilitating, long-term extreme reactions to the vaccine. I can rattle off tens and tens of videos showing the extent of vaccine-related damage on previously healthy people of all ages. Aside from that a few others with I personally know of have had old past issues resurface with a vengeance – auto-immune disorders, gout, shingles, etc. Now I don’t call my little circle of people a 1% chance of a having a bad reaction. I think its criminal to vaccinate 5-18year olds. I think its criminal to force vaccinations on people. I think its criminal to threaten, divide its people, screw businesses into the ground, take away human rights, segregate communities, cut off people from seeing loved ones, stopping people seeing loved ones before loved ones die and putting a cap on attending funerals. I think that Jacinda Adern is criminal in her actions as a Prime Minister. I think that New Zealand, today, is no longer clean and green. Rather Mean and Been. As a mother, I shudder at the thought of what is coming for my children and grandchildren and subsequent generations (lord forbid). I am not an anti-vaxxer (but that shouldn’t matter to anyone except me,) but I am anti this jab. I am now anti a Prime Minister that has done more damage to its people long term, than any other one in New Zealand history. Its not about covid. Its about human rights. Our freedom to choose. What the hell have you done to our country and its people Jacinda Ardern.????!!!!!

  53. I cannot believe this heartless woman is STILL in the position she’s in, and hasn’t been left on the scrap heap of humanity where she belongs! What is it going to take for the Govt. of NZ & those in Australia to wake the heck up to what they’re doing, a good solid dose of civil unrest? I personally don’t feel that’s overly far away with so many dying and being awfully maimed – the masses can’t sleep forever & surely they aren’t so stupid to go on believing that people in their teens, 30’s & 40’s were “going to die anyway and that it really was a heart attack, stroke, Gillian Barre Syndrome etc, are they?!?!

  54. Great letter, well done.
    So much to say, where does one start?
    Let me just say .. from what I know and who I have met of them .. those courageous people who have had the strength and conviction to remain jab-free to this point .. in the face of unbelievable vilification, demonisation, segregation, and discrimination .. would have been very disproportionately represented amongst those who would have volunteered for active service overseas, during wartime.
    We are patriots .. who strongly believe in freedom (including our freedom of choice), our democracy (including adhering to our hard-won and longstanding democratic due processes), the principle of “our body, our CHOICE”, and the Nuremberg Code .. to name but a few.
    All of the things you politicians .. elected by us, to represent us in government .. have been so quick to put aside.
    Jacinda, you have stood before us .. with your solemn and compassionate face .. standing up against immigrant discrimination. But now, you have led the introduction of segregation and discrimination .. persecution, no less .. against your own people.
    You have stood before us .. commemorating Anzac Day, and other great battles for our freedom .. and you have joined us in saying “Lest We Forget”.
    And yet, how quickly you have forgotten. How quickly you have put aside the principles our brave forebears fought .. and died for.
    I hope I never see you standing up there again .. for to do so, would be to show the depths of your hypocrisy.
    We do not give thanks to you, for what anybody could have .. and would have done. We have made good use of our country’s isolation, easily controllable borders, and sparse population .. to keep Covid-19 at bay. We have effectively isolated and ring-fenced any clusters, to stop them from spreading.
    We lose 500 to 1000 people every year to the ‘flu .. and we’ve lost less than 50 people in almost two years, to Covid.
    Given that our death rate per hundred thousand remains LESS THAN ONE (several hundreds of times lower than many of the overseas countries we see in the news) .. and given it’s now plain for all to see, that the Pfizer jab neither prevents infection, nor transmission of the virus (indeed, it requires a booster jab every 3 months, to offer anything at all) .. for just one .. JUST ONE .. New Zealander to have avoidably died from an adverse reaction to an experimental “vaccine” .. would have been one too many.
    AND YET MANY HAVE DIED .. and many more have suffered, from serious adverse reactions.
    These poor people should rightly sit on the conscience of our decision-makers.
    For you have killed them .. as surely as if you had pulled the trigger yourself.
    How much does that separate you from the Brenton Tarrant we all so despised .. really?
    And now we vaccinate our children?
    Let’s put up a wager. Let’s put up our own children, to be the ones who die.
    For die, some of them surely will.
    And many more of them will needlessly suffer adverse reactions.
    Will it be my child .. or will it be yours?
    Are you willing for it to be yours, Jacinda?

  55. Dear Lynda,
    While your letter is well-intended you clearly have not had the experience of a very healthy unvaccinated family member die, while their vaccinated close family had little more than a mild ache after catching covid (they caught this after vaccination). I hope you never do.

    Please THINK of those who have had loved ones die of covid before accusing the government of causing harm. I only wish he had had the vaccine. He might still be here with us know.

    S Smith

    • What poor logic. So clearly your experience invalidates her experience of seeing those vaccinated who suffer harsh long-term consequences. Wow. So a death in your family makes the pain of other people not worthy of complaint because obviously, it’s a death, right? I would not have thought to show poor sympathy if such abysmal level is shown by you.

  56. Really great letter. Unfortunately I believe Jacinda Ardern has sold her soul to the World Economic Forum and their evil ilk. I also don’t see in her eyes the compassion for the mosque murders that you see. All I see is an act. Ardern, Trudeau and Greg Hunt have all graduated from the grotesque WEF and groomed for genocide. But they are on their way to hell, of this we can be fairly certain.

  57. All Governments around the world are doing the same thing ” The Vaccine is Safe” yet they are sating they are acting on W.H.O advise and chief health officers asvise ,none of them are taking blame have exempted the pharmaceutical companies from blame also.
    When you report on the adverse addects of the vaccine they sugar coat it saying this is normal. This is mass genocide and IAm a God dearing Christian that is waiting the day they stand before God as their judge. They do have blood on their hands for their New World Order.

  58. Thank you for this wonderfully put letter. I hope that Jacinda will answer all the questions you raised, and make it public. Honesty and transparency is the most important thing we need now, and if she can’t be honest and transparent I wonder what her motivation is that is blocking it. Ultimately we can all be empowered when we are honest, and those who can not be honest need our compassion but should not be allowed to continue to do what they are doing.

  59. It would be interesting to find out if any of the decision makers have shares in Pfizer and how the shares have valued in the past year. I would hope there are none……

    Other options available including a protein a vitamin vaccine, they are not approved and hopefully they are being considered. If anyone has data on these vaccines please post it.

    I would love the option for this as a booster, or at least having the options of our levels of Vitramin C & D measured to see if it is necessary, to have the booster.

  60. I’m unvxxd – and there are a large group of us in Westport – we are spat at in the supermarket – when we get together at our country pub police come and photo our number plates – i wrote an email to our PM and the next night a policeman knocked on my door enquiring after my ‘mental health’ – my god it just goes on and on – and now my daughter wants to vax my 4 year old g/daughter which is scaring me shitless – ffs Jacinda youve absolutely ruined NZ, we’re bankrupt, houses are being bought up en masse by overseas buyers, 200,000 and more small businesses bankrupt. It really just makes me cry – and my mental health has taken a beating but f@#k it! I didnt give up . . .

  61. As one of the seriously affected from being enticed wrongly into having my first jab…

    I have had four months of uncontrolled cardiac and blood pressure problems with no end in sight.

    Totally violent arrythmia’s like never before and acutely high blood pressure on aorta bursting point….Yes I am luckly to be alive to tell the story.

    Government and medical officals dont remember the vaccine failures of polio, thalomide and many others, but this gene therapies (vaccines) have proved 50 times more lethal than those, killing and maiming 50 times more people, altering peoples lives like never before. family and friends with dead relatives, renewed cancers and more….

    Cant everyone smell a rat??????

    If the vaccine was effective, why was cheap covid curing drugs taken off the phramacies for and expensive so called vaccine….

    why are we still wearing masks and being segregated if the vaccine was a cure….

    Why is it now that the vaccinated are the ones getting covid by the scores and getting sicker from it, increased hospitizations as proved overseas….

    why did they deregister doctors and nurses that saw the dangers of the vaccine and silence them so the government could carry out its secret communistic agenda…

    Mumps, Measles, Chicken pox, Rubella are only a one jab vaccine,,,,,what the earth is going on ….one jab, two jabs, more jabs….wake up because this only proves it’s a totally ineffective fraud and scam…

    Genuine medical cases that require exemptions are only tempory…what a joke, that how you try and kill people a second time

    the media have been bought out with a price (I will only talk to the accredited media) What a give-away by a totally dishonest Pm, Health director and more…

    The conclussion is, dont get jabbed as it causes vaccine induced AIDS, health problems that only enhance death, either instantly or over time.

    Now you have the facts….i leave it with you

  62. ‘Vax’? It’s not a vax. It’s something else altogether. Countless millions now have a permanent nano Q-code – and ‘cookies’. They’ll see you coming now – even in the dark. SMH

  63. hi, i keep wondering why so much over chasing a viral vatiant?
    who gains economically from this?
    while i am at home surviving as best i can with my disabilities in isolation, i see a vulnerable and distracted world being set up by those preparing for war.
    a crippled economy makes it easier to penetrate.
    are we setting up systems as if doing a bio-warfare drill?
    no matter where anyone seems to sit on the yea/maybe/no or don’t care on vaccines vs viruses, are we being diverted too much and throwing money into the right kind of preparation and/or defense?
    or is the thought of bio-warfare too panic provoking?

  64. For those that saw through this two years ago (well done for being intuitive enough & brave enough to lose their lives, that they may find it, ( let the reader understand) it is with sadness I hear these awful stories & barely contained disdain for those cretans that call themselves governments, all over the world they pressed the chicken switch & hid from the truth, they all knew, or at least suspected ( hence the saline shots they received ) namely it was a fiction ( all of it ) medical professionals cowered in dark corners whilst the onslaught of lies filled the ears of those that were too entrained to think for themselves. ‘Education’ Mr Blair was heard to cry, he meant domesticated stock ready for the cull. BE ANGRY & SIN NOT.


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