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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Fact Check: David Seymour says we have no excess deaths in New Zealand. Is he right?

David Seymour, Leader of the ACT Party was interviewed yesterday morning by Paul Brennan on Reality Check Radio.

David said that according to the authoritative ‘Our World in Data’ global website run by Oxford University, New Zealand has had no excess deaths during the last three years of the pandemic. In other words, David thinks fewer people have died in NZ during the pandemic than you would expect from the historical trends. So I went to Our World in Data to fact check David. Here are the results by year.

The solid orange is excess deaths compared to years 2015-2019. The solid blue is when deaths are less than expected. The blue line is the average 2015-2019. The black line is the current number of deaths by week. The data speaks for itself. My conclusion: I am pretty sure David has never visited Our World in Data. As you can see, excess deaths are getting higher year by year. 2023 is currently running at approximately 18% above the historical average. We are on target to have 6,000 additional deaths in 2023 compared to 2015-2019.

david seymour fact check david seymour fact check2 david seymour fact check3 david seymour fact check4

Remember we had virtually no Covid in New Zealand up to September 2021. See here for official Covid infection and death data for NZ:

david seymour fact check5

The relatively lower 2020 excess death figures are due to strict border controls, lockdowns, social distancing, and track and tracing which kept both Covid and seasonal flu out. In 2021 lockdowns continued and flu was kept at bay at the border, but as the vaccine rollout began excess deaths rose. Subsequently we followed the same upward trajectory as other countries. Just notice that we can’t blame this on Covid because the upward trend began before Covid arrived.

During the interview David Seymour reaffirmed his support for the Covid vaccination programme and derided any suggestion that there was any safety issue with Covid vaccines.

We need to not only ask politicians hard questions but also insist on factual answers. I wonder who misled David Seymour and why didn’t he fact check the figures before passing them off to the public? David told the audience that he was not entirely stupid, and a trained engineer who knows how to read a scientific paper. But does he read published papers on Covid safety? It doesn’t seem so.

David also outlined his enthusiasm for genetic engineering, saying that opposition to GMOs in New Zealand was being driven by the superstitious and the crazy. Do you think David Seymour would pay enough attention to safety if elected? With the widespread introduction of genetically engineered mRNA vaccines, we have had a massive in excess deaths, which David seems to want to brush under the carpet.

David is not alone, all our political parties are pretending there are no excess deaths. It would be too embarrassing, considering their support for mRNA vaccination, for them to admit the facts. We need to hold all our politicians to account. There are thousands of deaths unacknowledged by those we have trusted to run to the country. Currently, everyday 16 more New Zealanders are dying than the historical trends would predict, but our politicians are not just remaining silent, they are pretending it is not happening.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. David Seymour is an opportunistic slimeball.
    NEVER forget that ALL parties in parliament have forced you to give up your bodily autonomy and health.
    Not ONE stood up for the people of New Zealand.
    NOT ONE!
    But David Seymour topped them all. He was virtue babbling and tried to outdo the other parties, requesting harsher lockdown measures and wanted to implement a total and hermetical lock-down of Auckland. WE NEVER FORGET THAT, slimeball.
    He has condoned, enabled and participated in crimes against humanity.
    We need a coalition of the new freedom parties to oust the morally corrupt from parliament, otherwise NZ is doomed.
    Hell hath no fury like mothers scorned!

    • These so-called leaders are criminals and all, including slimy Hipkins, Seymour, Ardern, Bloomfield and hundreds of GPS should ALL face a harsh justice system. Won’t happen, as there are too many corrupt people in high places who make the rules, even over riding our Bill of Rights. There is not one leader of a party who I consider worthy of votes in October.

  2. The simple fact that David is basing his opinions on websites like that not on actual NZ based figures direct from MOH speaks to me as much as anything. Surely he is able to access the actual figures? If he can’t then I’m doubly sure the “World-O-Meter” website won’t be able to either. If official NZ data points to zero excess deaths then I might be convinced but from what I have experienced to date it would indicate to me that this is far from the case. To me it seems critically important information and easy enough to gather, in fact I’m sure they already have it, but since it is not freely available it only confirms my suspicions.

  3. Cheers Guy, yes we all know by now that Seymour is a first class prat and clown. So, let’s pay him no mind and get back to the garden..

  4. One wonders just how much Seymour received in bribes from Pfizer. His stance on the injections and mandates reveals someone who is an authoritarian at heart and is not to be trusted ever.

  5. If cognitive dissonance ever needed a textbook example Seymour would be it: says he is libertarian, but acts as oppressive as Stalin himself.
    David the totalitarian libertarian.

  6. Thank you Guy, this article points out exactly where David Seymour gets his facts, instructions and golden handshakes from. The source of David’s wisdom is the source of the world’s illness. C’mon sleepers WAKE UP PLEASE

  7. Seymour has shown his true colours. He is, along with all MPs in parliament, in treason to the people as he advocated trampling on human rights, he wanted door-to-door compulsory jabs and he did not go down and speak to the protestors who were peaceful and on the last day paid infiltrators were brought in to cause trouble. Oldest trick in the book.A sorry end for ACT who could have been so good, but no, they also salute to an off-shore cabal seeking to destroy what tattered remains of our democracy remain. Shame on them all. And if Seymour wants some night time reading he might take a look at the 9 pages of adverse events from pfizer. Also the stats Guy points out above. The ex Blackrock employee, Edie Dowd, also spells it out in his book, “Died Suddenly”. An international trend.

  8. Seymour’s a treasonous scumbag just like all the rest of NZ politicians. They’re only where they are because the Media Party is complicit with the string pullers in the shadows. It took me a long time to see it, but once you do, you cannot unsee.

  9. A trained engineer.
    Trained engineers lied to us about the demolitions of the great towers on 911. Trained engineers looked the other way as a 47storied,81 columned steel framed high rise, WTC 7 – suddenly dropped at free fall into it’s own plan area at 5:20pm on 911. No ‘conservation of momentum’ there. The trained engineers tell us, these miraculous building collapses resulted from “sequential building failure due to fires.
    47 stories, into hot rapidly expanding DUST —in 6.25 seconds….
    Of course those trained engineers were Govt employees, locked into the systems approved big lie, propelling us to wars in the Middle East.Seymour is that kind of trained engineer. Not a liar because he’s too stupid to be one.


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