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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

The compulsion of myths—we are in extraordinary times, but of whose making?

Our modern education system, the popular digests of science, the exciting film fantasies have created a dream vision of the future that rests easy with imagination and longing. We could sum this up in the phrase ‘our biotechnology future’.

Since the discovery of DNA, we have been fed a diet of genetic miracles—the cure of inherited diseases, human clones, recreation of dinosaurs, extended longevity, cryogenic preservation, perfect health, suspended animation as we journey through space and time, and much more. The invention of life-saving genetic miracles has become a matter of faith. The details known to the general public are rudimentary, but the promise is rosy. Genetic medical research has become the darling of government funding. A vast professional body of medical technologists have been awaiting their turn in the spotlight. The pandemic is their moment. Their time has come. They have seized it with both hands.

The truth is rather prosaic by comparison. I don’t need to cite research papers to pop this bubble of excited faith. Just walk on the beach, pick up a simple shell and wonder what geneticist could recreate this? The answer is not one. In fact the current state of genetic knowledge in practical terms is rather crude and sketchy. Even the common cold eludes cure. No mammoths walk the earth. The prevention of inherited diseases has become a largely forlorn hope, more than that, the gene cures being investigated are now known to be dangerous. DNA is not a linear set of instructions such as those in a book whose paragraphs can be swapped around and edited. DNA is part of a precise self-interacting biofield linking us all in the web of life. Finely balanced—change one element and you change the whole. Alter DNA, you are putting at risk that very precious commodity—life.

Reality has never deterred dreamers. The dream of overnight transformative discovery has become the common coin of biotechnology and has assumed mythic proportions. It is this dream that has pushed the whole world to where we are today—the edge of destruction. Conversations with decision makers are revealing. Yesterday I talked with a university lecturer in the medical area who recounted a gem of wisdom passed on to him by his dean:

“We know that Covid is actually a mild disease, but we needed to test out our new technology now, in order to be prepared in case a worse pandemic surfaces”

To this end, the university felt confident to mandate mRNA Covid vaccination for its students, even though Covid itself was not dangerous for them and the vaccination by contrast risked heart disease. The compulsion to try out biotechnology was dictated by the myth, whatever the risk. Youth, eager to maintain their lifestyle and on the edge of a bright future, were easy prey. To me this speaks of a philosophy sitting easily with eugenics whose end justifies any means.

The problem with myths is that they can be very hard to shake. I have a friend who regularly sends money to someone he has never met who maintains he is on the verge of digging up gold in the Philippines. Regular glowing progress reports arrive by email along with requests for more finance. No amount of wise counsel has succeeded in dissuading my friend’s ill-placed faith. The pandemic in all probability began in a laboratory in China, who sent glowing reports to America requiring more finance. Or perhaps it began in America when a few biotechnologists sent glowing reports to a lab in China. The dream was the cure of all disease. The fraud was the creation of new diseases in order to test out the cure. Now we really are testing out the ‘cure’ on the whole world. Disavowing the medical establishment and the political power brokers of the ‘cure’ is an uphill battle.

First, the disease was a killer of such proportions as to strike fear in every heart, thereby It became an emergency that opened the door to untested and risky biotech medicine. Now it’s mortality rate is known to be similar to influenza and far lower than cancer and heart disease. Crucially also less than the third leading cause of death—medical misadventure—the chance of being killed by a modern medical ‘cure’. How did we miss that?

Second, there were mRNA vaccines which were 90% effective and were virtually free of side effects. Medical authorities, satisfied by the mere name ‘vaccine’, largely forgot about emergency approval and absence of long term testing. They also consigned the development of early treatment protocols to the back burner.

Third, the vaccines dropped in effectiveness to virtually zero after 7 months.

Fourth, the adverse effects were large, at least 30 times larger than traditional vaccines. Some of the effects were very serious indeed. Oh, and did I say that the long term effects were unknown?

Fifth, even if they didn’t stop transmission, the vaccines protected from hospitalisation and death. Now it has become apparent there is no correlation between vaccination rates and hospitalisation by country and by county. The figures in the UK have drifted towards higher hospitalisation rates for the vaccinated.

At what point did the emerging data begin to shift medical authorities and an adoring government away from the myth of genetic vaccination? At no point. Israel is now considering a fourth booster. If you have given your unreserved endorsement to ‘our biotechnology future’, there is no going back. Going back at this point will engender embarrassing questions for medical policy makers with no answer and it will destroy political futures. Our ‘betters’ have bet the farm on a future that is just a dream. Time to call time on the dream. Time to admit that there are thousands of vaccine injured, trusting people who did the ‘right thing’. People who need acknowledgement and medical assistance. Covid is a disease that particularly affects the unhealthy. Time to recognise the obvious implication that natural preventive elements of personal health should be supported. Time to put in place an early home treatment protocol. Oh, and did I say it, time to alert people that the long term effects of the vaccine are unknown? Time to stop pretending that youth benefit from vaccination, when a short mild illness will give them long lasting immunity. Time to call time on mandates. Medical choices never have been the prerogative of governments and never should be again.

Myths are just myths, wild imaginings tinged with hope and longing, but far from rational science. If we continue to believe at this point, we are staking life itself on the longest odds.

You can purchase a copy of Guy’s book ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’ from Amazon.com.

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