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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

The Long Read—Could individual and collective intelligence have been negatively affected by the Covid pandemic?

Consciousness opinion

An article in the New York Times reports a study of ‘The Link Between Highly Processed Foods and Brain Health‘.

It advises us to avoid foods with multiple ingredients, especially ones that you wouldn’t normally use in a kitchen. The article covers some disturbing facts about current eating trends.

60% of the calories in the average American diet come from highly processed food. Ultra processed foods (UPFs) increase your chances of developing diabetes, obesity and cancer. At first sight, this seems to be familiar territory, but at the heart of this article are research findings linking UPFs and mental health. UPFs make you more depressed and anxious. Crucially they are also associated with cognitive decline. 

What you eat directly affects the efficiency of the most fundamental of genetic processes. A 2015 study of the male contribution to fertility, found that eating poultry increased the chances of conception by 13%, but eating processed meat like sausages or bacon reduced it. 1.5 servings a week decreased the chance of conception by 18%, but 4.5 servings per week decreased the chances by a huge 46%.

A 2017 meta-analysis in Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience, comparing the results of nine prior studies, found that increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables by just 100gms per day decreased your risk of developing dementia and cognitive impairment by 13%.

Taken together, these papers point to a human dependency on the natural world around us. 

If we avoid fresh natural food we become less intelligent, less healthy, and less fertile.  If we consume them, intelligence and health increases. 

We have a co-evolutionary interdependence with our historical food sources from among the plant world. They are in a very real sense a source of life and intelligence.

Sufficient nutrition entails foods based on natural DNA

So what is it about plants that protects and confers intelligence and health? We already know a lot about essential nutritional elements: fats, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, co-factors of digestion, minerals, etc. All these are contained in UPFs, so what do plants have that UPFs do not? They have complex natural genetic structures. In my book Your DNA Diet I look at research and reach the conclusion that the DNA structures in our foods play an essential role in nutrition. The studies cited above reinforce this understanding.

The studies also point to another very crucial understanding. Consciousness is closely linked with physiology; mind and body are two sides of one coin. This is a theme that you will know I regularly return to in my writings about the impact of Covid and Covid vaccines. Both contain genetic sequences that are not found in the natural world. As a result, their impact on our mental functioning is little understood. To potentially understand this more, we can refer to Ayurveda, the ancient science of health preserved to the present day in India.

What is intelligence? 

Ayurveda suggests there are five potential elements to intelligence:

  1. Our consciousness witnesses the operation of intelligence
  2. Intelligence relies on our sense of identity
  3. Intelligence is the capacity to separate truth from falsehood.
  4. Intelligence is creative
  5. Intelligence is receptive

Traditional Western philosophical distinctions generally agree with Ayurveda which labels these five in order as awareness, ego, intellect, mind, and senses.

Going a little further, Ayurveda suggests that the fundamental cause of disease is a lack of connection between individual intelligence and universal consciousness. This is known as pragyaparadha, literally the ‘mistake of the intellect’. 

You will be aware that it is possible for the ego, our personal identity, to overrule the intellect, thereby hobbling our capacity to recognise truth. Our ego can overmaster intelligence and assert a falsehood. We are all familiar with the temptation to behave in this way.

How does this imbalance originate? Life becomes one sided when we rely on the outer material aspect of life and neglect our inner life, our universal self. This inevitably affects our health and well being. Just as we might enjoy living in a house so much that we forget to maintain its foundations which could eventually crumble and bring our domestic enjoyment to an end.

Ayurveda teaches the connection of our individual intelligence with inner consciousness is the foundation of our capacity to locate truth. 

It goes so far as to explain that there is a level of integration with universal consciousness known as ritambhara pragya whereby the intellect automatically realises the truth.

To access this, there are techniques of meditation known to the Vedic tradition and others which develop the capacity to maintain a completely settled awareness in the midst of outer activity. Similar techniques are treasured by all the world’s great cultural traditions.

It is important to realise that what is being suggested here is not a process of analysing thought or intellectual reflection. It is a process of transcending thought which restores our connection with the universal. The experience is described in Ayurveda as awareness becoming like an immovable rock. This state is also described as ‘self-referral consciousness’. Physics theory and experiment suggests a unified field at the basis of life whose similarity to self-referral consciousness is notable. Wordsworth captured the experience poetically “with an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things”. In the Christian tradition ‘the peace of God that passes understanding’ seems to express this same experience.

It is important to realise that the whole edifice of science is erected on the premise that consciousness is an epiphenomenon, a mere bystander and byproduct of physical structures. 

In this limited materialist view, it is considered that consciousness can be ignored in our efforts to formulate physical laws. 

This view falls over when a complete description of physics is attempted. In fact, consciousness is a necessary fundamental component of physics (see here for a discussion of evolution, genetics, physics, and consciousness).

In materialist interpretations of physiology, modern medicine investigates disease by looking at a myriad of parts (molecules, organs, etc.) and their functions. Physiological events including pathologies are described as the result of a series of local interactions between these parts. The prescribed allopathic treatments of disease invariably involve altering these parts through invasive drugs or surgery. This inevitably upsets the holistic balance of physiology and consciousness.

In contrast, rather than the parts, Ayurveda begins with the whole. Ayurvedic approaches seek to heal consciousness—an holistic approach.

How could collective mental and physical health be impaired by the pandemic?

It is clear that our genetic makeup contained in our cellular structure supports all five of the aspects of intelligence named by Ayurveda. Therefore procedures which edit the genetic functions of cells, as mRNA and adenovirus Covid vaccines do, could endanger the functioning of intelligence. How might that work?

It is already clear that Covid infection and Covid vaccines can have specific pathological effects on neurology and brain function that we have previously discussed in a number of articles. Watch Dr. Mobeen Syed discuss a newly published study and the historical background at length here. However, there may be other more general or collective aspects of neurological and psychological functioning that could be affected.

Many have noted that the pandemic has involved the polarisation of society along lines which do not necessarily match actual risks. Some have described this polarisation as a form of mass psychological manipulation. There are some obvious mechanisms. Key data has been carefully shielded from public view, and the hidden persuaders of public relations have been hard at work in the media pushing the fallacy of safety.

Animals naturally form into single species groups, groups that share genetic characteristics and often family connections. Groups of animals display unusual levels of shared behaviour, such as patterns of migration or for example formations of starlings at sunset. They appear to be coordinated by communication whose basis is not always understood. 

Species of plants also communicate. The very long flowering intervals of bamboo (sometimes over 100 years) remains a mystery to botanists. These slow-flowering species exhibit another behavior — they all flower at the same time, all over the world, irrespective of geographic location and climate, as long as they were derived from the same mother plant (in other words they share the same specific genetics).

Communities of people normally fall into familiar categories. They are determined by family ties, sporting allegiances, professional associations, geographical locations, national boundaries, intellectual understanding, political divides, etc. 

What is strange about pandemic polarisation is that it has seemed to cut across all these lines, effortlessly negating important, valued, long-standing relationships. As if vaccinated/unvaccinated was instantly promoted to be the most powerful meaningful division of society. This division occurred very quickly, almost overnight.

Moreover, it has been a division whose battle lines are proving almost completely impervious to fact. Few people are changing opinions, even when faced with irrefutable evidence of vaccine harm. And it is also an angry division of society that draws out violent words, uncompromising, unjustified condemnation, and often exclusion. It is a polarisation that cannot make any accommodation with alternative views.

Polarisation of society is inherently unstable and is often a precursor to conflict. Therefore it is important to understand how this is happening and what could be done to correct it. Curiously, concepts of left and right, east and west, etc. no longer apply. Completely novel fault lines have formed in society, which appears to be suffering from high levels of dysfunction including rocketing crime, health system collapse, and social conflict.

Genetic structures and consciousness are inextricably linked together

In our article Cells, Consciousness, Biotechnology, and Intelligence we have outlined that life begins with a single cell that replicates itself and develops into human physiology. Despite the 37 trillion human cells and their diversity of functions, each cell of a single person contains identical genetic information. Transplanted organs are routinely rejected by the body precisely because they are genetically different, necessitating the lifetime use of immuno-suppressant drugs. 

The particular unique genetic identity of each individual supports their unique psychological identity. Cells containing identical genetic material function together and form the integrated pathways and highly automated command and control systems of the physiology. Is it possible that in a parallel way biofields extend beyond individuals and rely partly on genetic similarities for their formation and function? 

Do we resonate with one another based on the aspects of genetic information that we have in common? 

A genetic biofield encompassing our relationship with the human and natural environment is probably not a field in the conventional physical sense like gravity for example whose strength drops off as the inverse square of the distance. However genetically similar structures might exhibit properties reminiscent of quantum entanglement, whereby particles remain linked together irrespective of how far apart they are in space. This is not completely out of the realm of current scientific debate. Possible bio-quantum physiological mechanisms are being actively explored in the field of biophysics (see here and here). The aim is to resolve glaring deficiencies in locally-acting biomolecular models of physiology which underpin modern medicine, by suggesting an alternative global quantum-informational model.

In simple terms, how is bio entanglement evident in physiology? 

We have seen that consciousness and the genetic structure of the cell must be intimately linked. A network of trillions of cells, each cell with millions of components, supports human consciousness. Genetic structures at the heart of each cell support consciousness, to do so they must somehow be part of a high speed intelligent communication network. 

This is not a mechanical process. We feel a pin prick instantly. The key word here is ‘feel’—consciousness is involved. Cells are actually capable of independently taking essential decisions to deal with local situations in the physiology. They are not solely tied to a central processor as happens in a computer. They can do so because consciousness is non-local in character.

Human physiology and its genetic structure is far more powerful than the largest supercomputers by a massive factor. The largest supercomputer has about 400 trillion transistors most of which are simply memory/storage rather than capable of performing processes. Human physiology has a processing capacity trillions of times larger than this. Its processing capabilities are widely devolved but joined together by consciousness which is not confined to any one cell but shared by all cells. 

Humans are creative in a way that no computer can hope to emulate. Artificial Intelligence merely analyses stored memory and external inputs, albeit on a grand scale, As a result, AI has difficulty distinguishing truth from falsehood. In contrast, the human intellect is capable of linking with universal consciousness—opening the truly unlimited potential of reliable knowledge—true in all places and times.

What is collective consciousness and how does it change?

Collective consciousness has many levels: family consciousness, community consciousness, city consciousness, national consciousness, and world consciousness. There is a reciprocal relationship between individual and collective consciousness. Individuals create the lively consciousness you experience on landing in New York, but they in turn are influenced by it.

My early thinking about the concept of biofields originated with my research on the city-wide effect of meditation on social indicators. My paper published by Psychology, Crime and Law, reports research findings of reduced crime in the Merseyside Metropolitan area. It is notable that the large and highly significant drop in crime kicked in immediately a meditation group was formed. This is just one of about 60 published papers on the topic.

This is an example of a consciousness intervention positively affecting measures of social health. This effect might be principally propagated through a biofield. This is a nascent idea, but did something like this negatively detract from the health of society when millions of people were injected during the pandemic with the same artificially-created genetic sequences? Instantly forming a novel genetic field that misaligned existing aspects of individual and collective consciousness essential to the stability of society. This idea is interesting to consider.

We know that the risks of the novel forms of Covid vaccination are magnified by the sheer number of recipients, which can be as high as 90% in some populations. We know from the plant kingdom that monoculture is a vulnerable system of agriculture. The planting of huge areas of genetically identical plants year after year can ultimately lead to famine when a single predator gains the upper hand, as happened during the Irish potato famine for example. 

There is an obvious risk that immune deficiencies will build in a highly vaccinated population creating opportunities for the spread of pathogens, but the actual extent or risk will remain unknown without relevant research. If it does happen, the current trend to hide disturbingly high hospitalisation data from public view could climax with an unmanageable public health catastrophe. 

Mass mRNA vaccination may be initiating a breakdown in the stability of society.

There is a great deal of connection with our environment, both through our foods which interact with our gut biome and support health, and through our subtle relationships with family members, friends, colleagues, and society at large. We affect one another on many levels. Said another way, our consciousness is intertwined with the world around us, far more than we generally appreciate. Our individual consciousness is paired with our unique genetics. Natural law has gone to great lengths to protect our cells from invasion and mutation, why would we design and implement methods to frustrate this safety factor?

The important point to consider is this—biotechnology has rushed ahead with a program to vaccinate the world with a novel genetically active component, without having sufficient understanding to assess the possible consequences. This genetic experiment has delivered a health emergency. If we continue wildly down this path, as we appear to be doing, an irreversible decline in society may be triggered. The careless attitude to risk and safety involved is a consequence of a long standing endeavour on the part of science to exclude consciousness and ignore our interdependent relationship with the natural world.

GLOBE.GLOBAL is offering information for a Campaign for Global Legislation Outlawing Biotechnology Experimentation. GLOBE invites guest contributors to submit relevant articles for publication.

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Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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