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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

What are you going to say about mRNA vaccines over Christmas dinner?

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FILE PHOTO. Human cell under microscope.

So it is the holidays and we are all going to see or communicate with people we maybe haven’t seen for a long time. What are we going to say?

A friend told me a familiar tale yesterday, his relatives cannot believe that the government and their experts would mislead the public. What possible reasons would they have to do so? Sound familiar? Here are a few ideas.

Years ago in the early 70s I was the director of a national charity in London. I was introduced to Jimmy Saville. Jimmy was at the time a national icon, host of the insanely popular Top of the Pops TV show and high profile benefactor of children’s charities. On acquaintance, he turned out to be personable, hail well met, and constantly smiling. In reality Jimmy was none of these, he was a prolific paedophile and sexual predator hiding behind his successful and caring public personality. Eventually a year after his death, Jimmy was exposed for what he was, but only after a host of well known celebrities and politicians had shielded him for years from mounting questions and accumulating evidence.

You never know what hides behind masks of virtue, bonhomie, fame, success, and authority. That is why TV is able to make hundreds of true crime documentaries, where the villains are apparently respectable pillars of their communities, who were initially considered beyond reproach or suspicion of guilt.

The truth is that before the pandemic very few in the public or government knew anything that would make them wary of biotechnology. If someone comes towards you holding an AK47 or a machete, you run because you know that they are dangerous. We had no cultural or historical context to assess the risks of biotechnology outside of technical papers discussing gene therapy experiments with unexpected and harmful outcomes. Papers that few people would in the normal course of events come across.

Having worked in the biotech testing industry, I happened to know that things can go incredibly wrong. I was lucky in that respect. Most people had for years been fed a diet of popular media articles explaining biotech projects seeking to develop cures for a range of inherited illnesses, to prolong life, and to unlock secrets of robust health. These were actually speculative hopes dressed up by PR propaganda designed to encourage investment, government grants, and pave the way for public acceptance.

It proved easy to fall for the vision of a future free from illness, a very seductive prospect, but biotech insiders working at the coal face of research tell a very different story—set backs, off-target adverse effects, and theoretical benefits that failed to materialise. The complexity of genetic command and control functions defied simple fixes. One gene doesn’t perform just one function, it performs many and works in concert with other genes. Replace a single gene and unwanted side effects are inevitable.

As a result the prospects for gene therapy dimmed in the 90s and early 2000s, but in 2008 new more exact gene editing techniques using CRISPR/cas gene scissors were developed. Research efforts stepped up and PR went back into overdrive—gene medicine, according to this new narrative, was now going to be safe and effective. Today we know this to be false, as a paper published in November 2022 by the Karolinska Institute shows. CRISPR/cas techniques lead to unpredictable on-target genetic rearrangement which can interfere with vital cellular gene repair mechanisms.

This shows just how long it takes for serious safety work to catch up with innovative commercially targeted science—in this case 14 years, not a lot different from the time normally allowed to assess the safety of new vaccines (about 12 years). We now know that mRNA vaccine techniques cause serious adverse effects which can impair long term health and quality of life outcomes. These include but are not limited to cardiac disease and cancers, the number one and two leading causes of death in the world today. Coincidentally the third is medical misadventure—death caused by the supposed cure. We also know that mRNA vaccines are not even effective at stopping transmission, infection, or preventing serious illness.

So why are mRNA vaccines so much more dangerous than traditional vaccines? The answer lies in the body’s defensive mechanisms. There are innumerable processes designed to protect the integrity of physiological structure and function and there are walls which segregate and protect processes and systems, among these:

  • Our skin protects us from all manner of pathogens. We are all aware of the hurt and infection that can result if the skin is breached.
  • The digestive tract is separated from the rest of the physiology and harbours multiple processes enabling food to be sufficiently transformed to cross the barrier in various forms into the wider physiology.
  • Our lung and nasal mucous linings protect us from airborne pathogens.
  • Veins and arteries contain blood
  • The blood/brain barrier protects the brain.
  • The placenta a growing fetus
  • Organ sacs protect vital organs
  • The cell wall protects our trillions of cells
  • The cell nucleus protects our DNA

All these barriers are not actually walls, but transformative filters which permit passage under certain conditions. Five generalised qualities operate at these interfaces and in the physiology as a whole: Stability, Adaptability, Integration, Purification, and Growth.

For example to maintain stability seventy thousand DNA repairs are performed in every cell every day to protect against oxidative damage and mutation. The many protective functions of our immune system are active at all these barriers to purify pathogens. Our immune system has a tremendous adaptability to identify pathogens and design strategies to neutralise them. It integrates the results of these encounters into its immune memory. The final outcome of physiological processes is continual growth and renewal. 98% of the atoms in the body are replaced each year according to set order and protocol.

mRNA vaccines breach the skin, bypass the digestive tract, and can leak into blood vessels as most modern vaccines do. Crucially mRNA vaccines also breach the cell wall and insert genetic instructions adjacent to the nucleus where they dictate how our genome expresses itself. Thus mRNA vaccines enter into the inner sanctum of genetic control and alter physiological processes fundamental to physiological stability. They redirect cells to produce toxic spike proteins which have been found to breach the blood/brain barrier and accumulate in organs.

The complexity of these processes and their outcomes, precluded adequate safety testing in the short time frames available. In truth mRNA vaccines posed a giant step up in risk. Politicians, most medical experts, and the media were either unaware of this or unwilling to contemplate the implications. They were under pressure from exaggerated publicity pointing to massive Covid casualties.

Undoubtedly there were well informed key players deciding to expose the public to risk whilst simultaneously hiding the risks. There was a lot of profit and professional kudos on offer. However in most cases, those promoting the vaccine were acting out of ignorance. Everybody makes mistakes. The test of personality comes after a mistake is revealed.

Some early vaccine proponents have now come clean and admitted error: In the UK, top cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra and nurse educator Dr. John Campbell,  in the USA, pharmaceutical safety expert Dr. Vinay Prasad and renowned medical educator Dr. Mobeen Syed for example (and many many others) are now speaking out on media platforms about scientifically proven safety issues. These are not conspiracy theorists as the government is glibly advising us, they are not experts protecting their positions and reputations, they have a lifetime of dedicated public service behind them and they are now risking their positions to inform the public.

I haven’t put a lot of references in this article, that’s because you can watch these renowned scientists on YouTube for yourself as they consider technical issues and arguments for and against in great detail. Their professional conclusions don’t look good for mRNA vaccination. My current favourite: Tucker Carlson interviewing Dr Malhotra. So gather round and enjoy some honest Christmas fare that our MPs dread you might watch.

So why are our MPs and their experts so afraid that you might stray onto the internet and why are they still silent on safety issues?  Back to Jimmy Saville, unfortunately those in the public eye often seek to hide their mistakes, and as one deception follows another, deception can become deeply criminal in character. During the pandemic many have suffered devastating adverse effects or had their employment terminated by mandates, but in the face of mounting evidence of harm, politicians and experts have dug in their heels and refused to change direction. Continuing to do so now is becoming a crime.

For more information about the risks of biotechnology and the needed controls go to GLOBE.GLOBAL.

Image credit: Fayette Reynolds M. S.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID). You can subscribe to his websites HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

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  1. “What are we going to say?”

    It’s New Zealand. No one will say anything. Everyone will try to ignore the 800 TRILLION poundGorilla gatecrashing every Christmas table. It’ll be more like The Last Supper. When plungingtheknives and forks into the turkeys, think of The Voodoo Doll and its ‘government’ for the ‘Christmas cheer’ they’ve injected into everyone. Enjoy.

    PS: Guy Hatchard, a far finer mind than mine, better get a damm Knighthood out of all this (eventually). He actually deserves one.

    • I would like to speak up as I had been doing last year and earlier this year, but I don’t want to rock the boat so to speak( want to enjoy christmas with family) and not press the issue, as sad as that sounds. I would hope people that have been denying their reality are awakening and can see what I have been saying for 2.5 years. Please let people see, and turn their hatred from the unvaxxed(as MSM would call them), to the ones that

    • Knighthood awarded by the Great Resetter and WEF functionary, King Charles? I hope Dr Hatchard will politely decline such offer if it is ever made.

    • The title is tongue in cheek. We are all in the same boat this Christmas. It is truly sad what has happened to families. Hopefully we are all finding new friends. I really appreciate the connections made this year. I have also come to accept that boundaries have been crossed and we have to move on.

  2. Thank you Guy, excellent article, a breath of intelligent sanity; one of very few fully informed and scientifically current media voices in NZ who fully understand the science and, importantly, courageously care enough about what happens to New Zealanders and their health to publish this and many other articles.

    May I add, entirely off your own bat, without a govt (taxpayer) funded salary or handouts.

    Well said: “The test of personality comes after a mistake is revealed.” Is the acid test when a person insists on the now thoroughly disproven ‘safe and effective’ Covid vax idiocy, and still mocking so-called ‘anti-vaxers’ whose number include a great many (rapidly increasing) esteemed scientists, medical doctors and specialists of the very highest calibre worldwide.

  3. “…politicians and experts have dug in their heels and refused to change direction. Continuing to do so now is becoming a crime.”

    In my view the crime was already perpetraded when the public was misled and then coerced into being part of a medical experiment. This was afterall the purpose of the Nuremberg Code, so that such would never again happen. However, by carrying on with the attempted deception the criminals have become unrehabilitatable and their eventual fate would be the worst that can be meted out by NZ courts.

  4. The big problem is that the vaxxed are in denial, they are not interested in what is going to happen to them and its probably for good reasons, for myself I keep my PureBlood status a secret now, if asked I tell them that that’s private medical information under the Privacy Act 1998.

    An Act to provide for the protection of personal information, and for the protection of the privacy of individuals generally; to provide for the appointment of a Privacy Commissioner; to repeal the Privacy Committee Act 1975; and for other purposes.


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