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Erdogan appeals to West over Black Sea grain deal

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The Turkish leader claims Moscow would prolong the agreement if its demands were met.

The West should start fulfilling Russia’s expectations from the Black Sea grain deal so that the “vital initiative” can be continued, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.

The agreement expired on Monday after Moscow refused to prolong it, citing the failure of the US and EU to keep their part of the deal and allow exports of Russian food products and fertilizer.

The landmark agreement had been signed in July 2022 through mediation by the UN and Türkiye, and created a corridor for the safe passage of vessels with Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.

“Russia has some expectations [from the grain deal]. If these are met, Russia is in favor of active operation of this grain corridor,” Erdogan told journalists on Friday.

“We are aware that [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin also has certain expectations from Western countries, and it is crucial for these countries to take action in this regard,” he insisted, as quoted by the Daily Sabah newspaper.

The Turkish leader warned that “the termination of the Black Sea grain deal will have a series of consequences, ranging from the increase in global food prices to scarcity in certain regions and, potentially, leading to new waves of migration.”

He expressed confidence that “by thoroughly discussing” the issue with Putin, “we can ensure the continuation of this humanitarian effort.”

Erdogan described the grain deal as a “consensus… that serves humanity in a war environment,” adding that he was eager to use “all instruments of diplomacy” to ensure that it continues.

The Turkish president said he was expecting to hold a phone conversation with Putin “soon” to discuss issues including the future of the grain deal. He also reiterated his claim that the Russian leader would visit Türkiye in August, although the Kremlin has yet to confirm that a trip is being planned.

Putin said on Thursday that Moscow could consider the resumption of the Black Sea grain deal, but only if all the agreed terms of Russian participation are “implemented without exception.”

Image credit: Pixabay

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Source:RT News

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  1. This is what happens when the J*****-led Ukrainian Government begins using cluster bombs against Russian Journalists, AND destroying a bridge that links Russia with Russian-owned Crimea, and a dam that now puts nuclear reactor cooling at risk.
    It’s interesting how the MSM is now beginning to sell Ukraine as a lost cause. And- it is!!!
    The Satanic Zionist and Masonic Luciferians who run the Western Governments are now upping the ante- the West will probably be the first to use nukes in theater, and blame the detonations of Russia.
    Putin is up against world evil in high places, and is the only person defending the Russian and Eastern Orthodox Christian faith.
    The Aussie Cossack explains who would benefit in the event of a Christian Orthodox defeat; Israel AND the Great Whore on Seven Hills, the Roman Cat-Holic ‘Church’.
    Putin and those who have arrived in Russia to fight on the side of Russia will NOT allow that to happen.
    Wagner in the meantime, is off to third-worldAfrican Nations, leaving a contingent behind to train Belorussian troops to defend against a NATO attack of the same.
    Putin has offered Poland land in the west of Ukraine, but warned Poland NOT to attack Belarus.
    Poles and Ukrainians have a history of hatreds towards each other. See the movie based on actual World War Two events titled ‘Hatred’.
    Putin knows history probably better than any so-called ‘Western NATO Leaders’, and will insure that those histories that harmed the Russian People will not be allowed to happen again.
    Zionist AshkeNAZI J*** own the media except in Russia, Iran, some Central and South American nations and China.
    As Aleksander Solzhenytsyn pointed out before his passing “The fact that the populations are unaware of the atrocities and murder of 65 million Christian Orthodox Russians is proof that the media is in the hands of the perpetrators!” (of J3wi$h-led Bolshevism).
    Zelensky, with the approval of Nuland, Haines and the ice cream licking / child sniffing illegal faux automaton for a US President, has shut-down the Orthodox Churches using the excuse that the same were a spying apparatus on behalf of Russia, has made the comment that the Ukraine will become ‘another Israel’ with no tolerance for debate, opinion or Common International Law, and is kidnapping / conscripting all males from 14-70 years of age into the war and sent on suicide missions is proof of the war against the Orthodox Christian population of the Ukraine by the Zionist minions!
    Zelensky has also targeted for death journalists, those who speak out against his regime, and noteworthy is the fact that US Citizens are targeted by the little J***** clown-turned-politician, and such actions violate the First Amendment.
    No one in Congress has yet to speak out about that…!


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