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Taliban rips Prince Harry over kill claims

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In his new memoir, the British royal said he removed dozens of enemy ‘chess pieces’ while fighting in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry’s boast of killing 25 Taliban fighters has outraged the militant group, leading some to dare the man they call a “big mouth loser” to come back to Afghanistan and say it to their faces.

Taliban commander Molavi Agha Gol argued the Islamic fundamentalist group had ultimately triumphed in the war against much wealthier and better-equipped enemies, while the British royal – whom he called a “big mouth loser who has been trying to get attention” – had “fled to his grandmother’s palace,” the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

Gol suggested the prince had invented his kills, and was “scared to go to a combat zone.”

“If he is a real man… come to Afghanistan again,” the militant said.

Prince Harry’s dehumanizing description of slain Afghans as “chess pieces removed from the board” and “bad guys eliminated” appears to have especially rankled the Taliban.

“Pieces of chess are now in power and he’s struggling to maintain his place within his own family,” an official with the Taliban’s Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice said.

A spokesman for the Afghan foreign ministry characterized the royal’s comments as “a microcosm of the trauma experienced by Afghans at the hands of occupation forces who murdered innocents without any accountability,” describing the 20-year war as “truly an odious moment in human history” in a statement released on Friday.

Anas Haqqani, another Taliban official, reminded the prince that “the ones you killed were not chess pieces, they had families who were waiting for their return,” while sarcastically commending his “decency” at confessing his own “war crimes.”

The Taliban were not alone in dumping on the royal, however. Including the details of his military engagements in his tell-all memoir was “a betrayal of the people he fought alongside,” former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp said on Thursday, while former Royal Marine Ben McBean more told the prince to “shut up.”

The comments have not just damaged the prince’s reputation, Kemp told the Sun, they have “undermined his personal security” as well – and the security of British soldiers stationed around the world.

Prince Harry flew an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan during his 2012-2013 tour of duty, supposedly killing 25 Taliban fighters during six engagements. He explained that he was taught to “other” the enemy because “you can’t kill people if you see them as people.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. I think he should go into hiding for the rest of his life. Im sure the Taliban are preparing to take him out and good on them

  2. And should we be shocked at the outrage of the Talibans, who, I would like to remind you, kill minorities and treat women and girls in the most horrible way? He was a soldier, and just like my NZDF husband, when they go overseas, they do what they are supposed to do. I do not agree with Harry on calling the numbers but the fact is that it was him and his mates, or the Talibans. Using this to spread venom at someone that has been haunted for his whole life by the likes of you shows how low you can get.

    • Well said, Chris Taliban not a group to be lauded in any way. Their behaviour towards women and girls is abhorrent. Their Wahabbi religion is a blight upon humanity. They should leave and take their ways back to where it came from, Saudi Arabia.

    • if afghanistan and other countries had been left alone by warmongering countries , it would not have become what it is. A ruin where children are dyig of hunger or are sold because parents cant feed them.
      And don t forget that the very ” nice guy” biden has confiscated afghanistan’ s monies deposited in US banks. So even the very rotten talibans are impotent and cannot buy food for their starving population

  3. I think that Harry will be soon going to meet his mother, however it won’t be the Taliban, it will be the SAS dressed up as Taliban.

  4. So Harry is now a self proclaimed white supremacist, imperialist, racist guy? The only surprise is that he came out and said it. And how that must conflict with his wokism.


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