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Art, the Taboo subjects and the expression of political & social events

Art the Taboo subjects news
Little White Crosses Why did so many White Crosses head for the sky? Why did so many in a short time die? Critical thinking lost behind the mask Instructions followed for each daily task Don’t allow Humanity to fade away Give Love to Light each and every Day – Janice Corbishley

Art throughout the ages has expressed the emotion of political and social events that are then captured in the art for all time.

Art has also been able to broach the most taboo of subjects.

Janice Corbishley, renowned and award winning Hawkes Bay Mosaic artist, does just this with her new piece ‘Little White Crosses’ that can be seen at the Harcourts Artex National Exhibition in Napier on 24 -26th June, 2022.

Little White Crosses was inspired by Janice’s visit with her daughter to the Wellington protests. Janice then heard NZ recording artist Aly Cook’s song ‘Little White Crosses’, a song Aly Cook wrote dedicated to Dunedin man Rory Nairn who died after having the Covid vaccine, and dedicated to all those who have died or have been injured by the Covid 19 vaccine. This included Cook’s 25 year old son who was taken by Ambulance from his B Train truck, after nearly collapsing at the wheel, with 2 further ED visits and ongoing heart issues after his first shot.

With NZ’s diabolical, unreasonable and basically non existent exemption process, he then lost his job via the mandates by refusing to injure himself again. So No Jab No Job, Jab injured then No Job!

Upon returning from the protests where Aly Cook had seen the Little White Crosses strung across parliament’s forecourt, and had met some family members who had written the names of those who they believed had died from the vaccine on them at the Health Forum NZ Tent in the aptly named ‘Freedom Village’. It was seeing the destruction of the string of Little White Crosses that inspired Aly to write the song.

Art and the Taboo subjects news
The white crosses gathering as family wrote the names of their loved ones, by the Health Forum NZ tent at the Wellington protest before they strung up across the forecourt of Parliament.

These were seen in every media image, as the mainstream media stood on the balcony of Parliament and had to film the protest through the string of Little White Crosses, yet never once did anybody within the media say what the crosses represented. When the protest turned sour, as the Police pushed in, the Little White Crosses were torn down and heaped on a rubbish pile. Neither Janice nor Aly were at the protest when the Police moved in however they were amongst ten’s of thousands who visited over the two weeks.

Parliament protest art news

Cook says, “It was the act of heaping crosses on a rubbish pile that I saw in the news. The same Little White Crosses that I had witnessed of family members, some in tears, writing their relatives names upon them, that reminded me of how my son was treated by the government and his employers when he had his severe reaction, and how people like Rory [Nairn], who had lost their lives, lacked recognition. It was that every media photo showed the Little White Crosses, yet nobody mentioned what the Little White Crosses represented. Additionally, the damaging of crosses was sacrilege.”

art the taboo subjects4 art the taboo subjects5 art the taboo subjects6

In this beautiful work Janice Corbishley captures Aly Cook’s lyrics in headlines mosaic.

Silence is deafening
(from the ones who called it safe)
Truth will rise to the surface
(Truth has a way of rising to the surface it will climb)
Each has a name
(Each one has a name upon it of someone who had died, from taking trusted medicine now a life they are denied)

Janice Corbishley’s work is absolutely stunning, sensual, and breathtaking. Janice designed clothing in the ’80s and to her, mosaic is like dressmaking in porcelain with a bit of poetry thrown in. Her sagacious abbreviated interpretation of Cook’s brilliant lyrics, have captured the complete essence of the reality for families who have suffered vaccine injury. Janice has had much appreciated attention over the years with her art including one piece created for and blessed by the Maori Battalion, who escorted her mosaic horse “Trigger” to Italy 2014 during their attendance of the 70th Commemorations of the Battle of Monte Casino.

Janice also had a mosaic piece exhibited in Artex 2021 ‘The Awakening’ which was inspired by the brave and dedicated to Lynda Wharton’s efforts with the health forum.

Janice spoke of her piece ‘The Awakening’ – “It truly was a labour of love and the pouring out of the tangled emotions stirred up in me from the suppression of truth. Titled ‘The Awakening’ it is entwined with multiple messages.”

With regard to Little White Crosses Janice said “I have family members affected by the choice they made and struggling on a daily basis – heart breaking! Especially my younger beautiful sister who had a life full of adventure and vitality and has lost that and battles now with who she is – no financial help just criminal.”

Aly Cook first performed the song Little White Crosses for www.silentnomorenz.com a group established to support the victims of vaccine injury. Performing the song at a Wellington ceremony and handing over of a petition that ran for four days gaining 12,000 signatures. The petition started by Anna Hodgkinson, the mother of vaccine injured 23 year old Casey Hogkinson and was accepted at Parliament by National’s Chris Penk. The song is being used in a documentary, currently in post production also.

art the taboo subjects7
Aly performing at the Wellington Ceremony.
art the taboo subjects9
Aly Cook (left), and Janice Corbishley (right).
  • Although rare, every kiwi’s life matters. Official figures state 3 deaths of New Zealanders from the Covid 19 vaccines with 10 more under investigation and 48 reported to have insufficient evidence, 99 were reported as not likely from the vaccine from a total of 160 reports of death.
  • Total reported injuries in New Zealand was running at 62,696 as of Medsafe Safety Adverse events Official reporting only to the end of April 2022.
  • Of these the number that are considered serious 3,308

The Song Little White Crosses can be found here:

Source* – Safety Report #43 – 30 April 2022 (medsafe.govt.nz)

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  1. All the media mercenaries and low quality academic researchers will now ploting how to smear and cancel now!
    Art is exclusive to woke lefts you know and it can only be used to spread the NWO message.

    • We are pleased that the piece got conversation going. We are freedom loving artists doing our best we are not “woke left” we are both people with Vaccine injury in our immediate family doing our best to wake people up and we are the minority . Most in the music industry and artist are not standing up and WE are definitely not ‘woke and Left’ We are the minority in our industry and going through persecution for standing up . I have been involved in fighting the NWO on every level for the last 30 years of my life .. This is not a last 2 years thing for me .. My kids were totally unvaccinated I raised them that way for that reason .. I knew this day was coming and two of them got cornered by mandates and one ended up immediately damaged … I believe art can wake people up and we need those on our side not to ridicule and persecute us as well !

      • Thank you both for creating this.

        A meaningful statement about an actual, real-life injustice, as opposed to the vulgar, fugly scrapbook-level garbage the lefties churn out to “protest” every imagined slight their twisted little minds might perceive.

        I don’t usually care much for art or artists as I’m not a creative type of person, and your industry is filled with posh twats standing in empty rooms sniffing their own farts (when they aren’t engaged in money laundering).

        You two are a breath of fresh air.

        For your next piece, might I suggest a giant middle finger dedicated to the rest of the industry?


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