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Watch: UK pundit Lucy Beresford’s deranged plan to take away freedoms from the unvaccinated

Lucy Beresford does not know what she's talking about

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A British TV personality, Lucy Beresford, has advocated the forced removal of human rights from unvaccinated people.

Beresford, co-founder of the ironically named ‘Kindness Club’, believes the UK has hit a brick wall with its COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ rate, and wants the government to enact laws that would take away the human rights of those who are unvaccinated.

Using classic divide and conquer tactics, Beresford claims the unvaccinated are the ones ‘putting us at risk’.

‘The rest of us are doing our bit, we’re doing everything we can to break that link between infections and hospitalisations, which is so key to protecting the NHS (National Health Service), but if there’s a large cohort of people who are actually ignoring that advice or choosing not to take up the opportunity to have a vaccine, at some point there must be some kind of penalty for that.

She states, ‘the one thing that seems to keep a lid on rising infections, is your vaccination rate.’

‘How are we going to incentivise them [the unvaccinated]? Psychologically, it’s a bit like parenting. You have to start taking away freedoms. You have to start putting some kind of punishment in place. You can’t have your chocolate bar until you’ve eaten your brocolli. You are not allowed to go to a gig, to go to a restaurant, to go to a hairdresser unless you’ve had a vaccine.’

Beresford’s claims are false, and have been proven false time and time again.

A recent study by Harvard showed that the States in America with the highest vaccination rates had the highest number of cases, and conversely, those with the lowest vaccination rates had the lowest number of new cases. There is no evidence suggesting higher vaccination rates leads to lower levels of transmission. An analysis of the Harvard study was done recently by US social commentator Jimmy Dore, a part-time comedian, who appears to have a more firm grasp of the facts than Beresford does.

What about the outbreak of COVID on HMS Queen Elizabeth – an enclosed living environment with 100% vaccination rate, and still there was an outbreak on board the ship?

And what of the highly vaccinated countries like Singapore, and Israel, where COVID rates have exploded, the latter already at a triple booster shot rate of 90+ percent?

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