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March 17 ‘NZ Freedom Day’ message to govt: Kiwis no longer tolerate COVID restrictions

With news some or all COVID retrictions, including mandates, could end in June, a ‘NZ Freedom Day’ is being proposed to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) to ram the message home to the government the restrictions will no longer be tolerated.

The primary message of the protest is to see the end of mandates, passports, masks and fear with everyone doing their own bit to pushback against the ‘illogical rules’. The protest idea is for individuals and businesses to take back their freedom in their own way on St. Patrick’s Day- don’t wear a mask or don’t enforce vaccine passes (businesses), for example.

The pushback protest is the idea of Graham Marsden, who came up with it to give people the feeling they each individually have the power to take back their freedoms and lives from government overreach. With thousands of like-minded kiwis doing the same thing on the same day, a strong message can be sent to parliament.

NZ Freedom Day news

In an email to DTNZ, Marsden explains the NZ Freedom Day idea in detail:

After the initial covid lockdown in March 2020 the government had choices of how they would manage the situation for all Kiwis. They initially chose caution, isolation and economic measures to manage the country while the covid story unfolded overseas and the country eliminated covid – but at a cost. Unfortunately the cudos from around the world and the control thrill took hold and they continued on a path of control and dictates to continue the management of Covid and to continue to eliminate the virus at all costs – and what high costs they turned out to be – economic damage, mental health roblems, suicides, families torn apart, the list goes on.

Then ‘vaccines’ arrived and this became the new means to take further control. Although not fitting the definition of a vaccine the experimental mRNA jab was promoted as ‘safe and effective’ – it has turned out to be neither. Pfizer had not demonstrated any sterilising immunity of a true vaccine and had never even bothered to measure any effects on transmission. We now know that the true list of side effects was hidden from the world but the marketing effort had to go on.

The New Zealand government adopted ‘vaccination’ as their main effort to combat covid. “Safe and Effective”, “Do it for your Community, Whanau etc” Early adopters were hoping for the ability to travel, the next more reluctant group to be taken in were offered anything from money to KFC and the next group, who had suspicions about the jab, who had some regard for their health, had a special reward … mandates.

A government out of control, Defying the Bill of Rights, common sense and abandoning the “be kind” message altogether in an assault on the “team of five million”. Not only were there direct government mandates on its own employee groups, all employers were encouraged to apply their own versions of mandates wherever they could and with a vaccine passport system the hospitality and other public venues could join in too. A government led control exercise aimed at all Kiwis in the name of public health.

Kiwis have had enough.

This is not an ultimatum, it is a new beginning.

Up to and after this day Kiwis can look for many ways to abandon covid measures, talk to each other and know that it is ok to take courage and act together. If we push back in sufficient numbers, all over the country, against all of the measures we send a massive message to the government that they need to listen and begin to dismantle the covid monster and replace it with realistic assistance we will all need when we individually meet the virus.

Start of repairing the damage to our families and communities ????. The government refuses to set a date for the end of mandates and ineffective Covid measures. So …The initiation of NZ Freedom Day on 17th March 2022 St Patrick’s Day is to start a realisation that Kiwis can take back their freedom from government overreach over Covid. Everyone can find everyday ways to push back the tide of mandates, illogical rules, masks, and fear. We can do together on the same day what we cannot do alone on separate days. Pass this idea on to the nation so it catches fire and spreads between now and that day and leaves the government no choice but to back up, back down and listen to the people. Kiwis will unilaterally set themselves free from government control. ♥️????

Anyone wanting more information about NZ Freedom Day is welcome to contact Graham Marsden direct on 0220 589 475.

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  1. We need to have a vote to dissolve parliament as all the political parties are in lockstep therefore there is no opposition to debate issues leading to unlawful mandates and who knows what other dodgy legislation has been passed under urgency in the dark of night. Auditing of all this current crop of reprobates would also be appreciated before we go any further down the plug-hole

  2. Freedom day, just as Bloomfield and other “experts” claim two vaccinations no longer means fully vaccinated and that third shot is essential. They’re simply not going to let go of the control by fear routine. Pfizer’s clinical trials of what we’ve been injected with conclude in 2023 – the same year the Labour government will find itself in opposition. Yes, like her Auntie Helen, Ardern is accutely aware of polls. Clinton governed by them and any other outfit aiming to spread poverty evenly does the same. So we’re getting all sorts of changes all of a sudden, because of polls and [finally] opposition Parties working out they can actually voice opposition.

    ACT is themed with a moving on media strategy. Let’s do it. I fully agree with Graham Marsden too.

  3. We also need to route the Police from the top down! Do a psyche evaluation on the lot of them and dump any with records of wife beating for starters (a common trait many of them have).

  4. ????❤️
    Today is the day … NZ FREEDOM DAY is here.

    This is not the end of this idea, but the beginning of Kiwis pushing back against Covid restrictions in every way they can find …

    MASKS – “I am exempt is all it takes if you are challenged” – less and less likely you will be these days, but people need to see others unmasked and they can do the same and eliminate the fear factor they are intended to produce.

    MANDATES – challenge those who have imposed them – “ILLEGAL ” was the court ruling. Unchallenged by the government, so how can any others be valid ?

    PASSPORTS – If the mandates are illegal the use of passports is equally invalid. Talk to the shops, businesses, cafes, councils and get them removed from our lives …. It must be a pain to have to ask your customers to bring them out … freedom day from that is now here.

    Other Covid rules that are clearly having zero effect on the spread omicron … forget them all and reclaim your life and freedom.


  5. We need to stop complying to any of the mandates! stop wearing mask, stop mandating our front line staff! it might be too late to save a lot of people! but we need to stop this government, including the police who have become thugs!


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