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Watch: MMA star slams Australia for arrest of pregnant woman during COVID lockdown

Sean Strickland was speaking to the media ahead of Sunday’s UFC 293 in Sydney on Sunday.

Strickland said that while he loved Australia, the country has done some ‘f**kery – and so has America.’

He was referring to the arrest of a pregnant woman during a 2020 COVID lockdown in Victoria. She was charged with ‘incitement’ after encouraging people to attend an anti-lockown protest in Ballarat by Facebook post.

Video of the woman’s arrest was shared widely at the time.

Freedom-loving Strickland took the opportunity at the press conference to voice his disgust at the arrest.

‘You guys did throw a pregnant woman in jail over a Facebook post during COVID. That must be talked about. Shame on you guys. How do you feel about that?’

‘Here’s the thing Australia, I would like you guys better if you had freedom of speech… How is that not standard with you guys? How do you not have a freedom of speech? You have a government which will say ‘if you say something we don’t like, we will throw you in prison. Like how the f*** do you rationalise that?’

‘Are you confusing us with Russia?’ a reporter asked.

‘The moment Australia gets the freedom of speech, I’ll like it more.’

USF 293 will be held at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, where Strickland will face off in the headline bout against Israel Adesanya.

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  1. I was quite surprised to hear Sean come out out and say this
    Being a seemingly anti anti vaxxer
    Not to mention the debilitating effects
    But this is the whole crux of the matter
    It should be by ones Own volition and judgement
    If somebody wants to partake in a Government sponsored lab rat experiment for a virus that does not and has never been proven to exist
    Go ahead be My guest
    If somebody wants to be Tested with a fake PCR Test (Kary Mullis) and have ETHYLENE OXIDE delivered to the doorstep of the brain go ahead
    While then they are told they have ‘Covid’ while being asymptomatic and showing to no symptoms
    Only if symptomatic that they have rebranded influenza
    Test Test Test which is where the numbers were generated to justify a fake plandemic and lockdowns
    Which have decimated the economy and peoples lives from which we have not and will not recover
    People must not be forced under draconian Government mandates under duress to have toxic substances injected into their bodies
    In blatant contravention of the Bill of Rights
    It is highly obvious the Government is being controlled and coerced by outside influences in lockstep to the fear hopes and aspirations of the WHO which is headed by a well documented terrorist
    Nasi Mallard
    It looks like we have more years of ‘silly’ Government facing Us

  2. Sean Stricklands comments about Australia are spot on I am totally in agreement with everything he has stated. The Australian States and Federal Govts. handled the fake ‘Covid’ crisis disgracefully and a Royal Commision of inquiry must be called. But nobody in Govt. wants to go there because it would become very incriminating. The Govts. Federal and State all acted in unison with other Commonwealth countries where their actions started to become farcical. Why? because they were bribed, they are corrupt, they collaborated with the Globalists helping them push their UNs agendas. It has now become widely known that the NZ Govt. for instance knew what was in the shots and bribed big business and corporations with funding to mandate them in doing so by-passing peoples informed consent to keep their jobs which kept the Govt. at arm’s length. The whole ‘Covid’ charade is going to get hard to run away from with revelations that the shots are not a ‘Vaccine’ as such but a Bioweapon for depopulation. That is a War Crime, a violation of the Nuremburg Codes, and a Crime Against Humanity. Yes, Australia and NZ should be slammed for their Govt. overreach in fact half their Politicians should be in the Slammer.


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