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A Matter of Honour

Mary Hobbs

Mary Hobbs A Matter of Honour
Image Credit: Mary Hobbs.

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth. — Mahatma Gandhi

In the 1930s, during the years of the Great Depression, a 14-year-old boy was sacked from the job he so desperately needed. He had left school to help support his family — a widowed mother and two sisters. They were a close, loving family living through tough times —money was scarce, as were jobs.

He was sacked because he had witnessed the manager of the firm being dishonest and lying about it. Another person was blamed and dismissed. On seeing this the young lad, from his most junior position, confronted the manager and called him a liar. The manager hauled him in front of the boss, who ordered the boy to apologise, or he would have to go as well.

He refused.

No job — honour intact.

On his way home the young lad thought desperately about what he could do to bring some money in and happened to glance into the window of a butcher’s shop that had made a poor job of their pricing tickets. He asked if he could sort it out for them and they agreed to give him a trial. Not much, but it was something. He had no idea how to sign-write, so enrolled at night school to learn and was given the job. He found more clients too, and additional work with the other sacked employee who was managing a garage. He worked hard and threw everything into his dream of owning a farm and later became a very successful farmer and businessman. He started with nothing but a willingness to work, he was innovative, knew the difference between right and wrong, showed good common-sense, had no hesitation in standing up to bullies, and followed his dreams.

That young boy was my father.

He told us stories like this when we were gathered around the fire at the farm, on chilly winter nights. From these stories we learned that if you stood up to bullies and for what was right, then things would work out, even if it did not seem to look like it at the time — and even if it seemed as though you could lose all you had, and you were the only one standing up and speaking out. Standing up for what was right was more important.
For to do otherwise is to live a lie.

These stories of his life — and there were many — also illustrated that we had to look at what we were told and weigh things up for ourselves — and make our own decisions. They were invaluable lessons that shaped our childhood and our lives.

Which brings us to today. A time when we are told lie after lie and expected to believe them, and then be vilified if we don’t.

It surely gives cause for concern, with everyone who champions democracy, when we hear phrases urging us to believe that a political party is the ‘single source of truth’ and not to go to anywhere else for information on key issues that affect us all. Where in history have we heard that?

It’s also disturbing to see definitions of words redefined. ‘Disinformation’ being one of the latest. A recent example was the list of twelve people and groups published as the main source of ‘disinformation’ in New Zealand. Amazingly, in the same week, lists of twelve sources of ‘disinformation’ were also published in other countries.

Fancy that — so many countries ‘coincidentally’ finding twelve such culprits.

The N.Z. list was apparently compiled by several people who make up the ‘Department of Disinformation’. Before this, the only time it seemed such ‘departments’ had been in existence were in communist or fascist countries.

I was familiar with a number of people and groups on the N.Z. list, none of whom I had heard spread disinformation, although they presented alternative views, backed by facts:

Leighton Baker: A man of integrity and honour, most recently remembered for working incredibly hard at the Wellington protest to ensure it was peaceful, despite abhorrent provocation from those who didn’t seem to believe in free speech or the right to peacefully protest. A man who provides his views on the attack of our democracy and individual freedoms in a calm and sensible manner, based on factual information.

Chantelle Baker: His daughter, who has done many interviews in an effort to show the truth in regard to current political issues of concern. She did an outstanding job of capturing live footage of the protest in Wellington that showed viewers the actuality of brutal attacks on genuinely peaceful protesters, who mostly stood with their backs to hundreds of police, while singing the National Anthem, and who simply wanted those in parliament who purport to ‘represent’ all Kiwis to listen to their valid concerns about the mandates and infringements on our democracy, the Bill of Rights, and the Nuremberg Code.

If her information was ‘disinformation’ then it seems strange that mainstream media linked some of her exceptional live footage to their news programmes, without permission, on the last day of the protest.

Counterspin Media was also included and they, like other key alternative media, bring New Zealanders interviews with international experts and provided live footage of what was really happening in Wellington and much more. They are currently on tour in N.Z interviewing Kiwis from all walks of life.

Liz Gunn, who has done in-depth, deeply-moving interviews on many issues of oppression in our country, including stories of those who have suffered shocking side effects from the experimental injection, that is still on trial, without having been informed of the pages of possible serious side effects. Many had it because of suppressive mandates being enforced upon them — a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and Human Rights. To compound this, those suffering terrible side effects have been deserted — in most cases — with no assistance through ACC, and are still unable to work.

They have been pushed to the side and ignored, while the travelling circus trundles on, continuing to shout, ‘Safe and effective! Roll up for your free sausage and jab!’ Liz has brought a professional, passionate voice to many profoundly concerning matters that have infringed on our basic rights.

Voices For Freedom, created by three amazingly talented young women who have a swathe of degrees between them, and two of whom are lawyers/litigators. They are intelligent, caring, compassionate Kiwis committed to our right to democracy and freedom, as are all on the list. They have created a network of many thousands of amazing members throughout the country working in unity to peacefully stand for what is right, while also ensuring independence through self-sufficiency. They specialize in regularly bringing factual information from eminently qualified international experts to explain the topics deep concern and invite us to come to our own decisions. Which is how it should be.
Their coverage of what is happening is compelling. It resonates. It is accurate and genuinely fact-checked, which is why so many thousands of Kiwis tune in.

Lion-hearts, each one, along with those in the VFF groups throughout the country.

The Convoy, who spear-headed a legendary movement throughout New Zealand that Kiwis of all walks of life wanted to be part of and became keen to contribute to. That culminated in Camp Freedom where a new world of peace and harmony was created under the nose of the seat of power where those who purported to represent the people wouldn’t even deign to speak or listen to those they were there to serve.

Yes, infiltrators entered the camp, yes, not-quite-so-under-cover police paced through regularly, and yes, homeless people did join in for the free food. Everyone was fed. That is just how it was. Rich and poor, professional people, tradies, farmers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and Kiwis of all walks of life made their way to Camp Freedom. Wellingtonians joined in, picking up washing one day and delivering it to the campers, laundered, the next.

They brought food. The atmosphere was amazing. Donations flooded in. It became a movement of the people, for the people, who simply wanted democracy and freedom of choice retained.

Not so much to ask.

It became a pilgrimage for democracy, individual rights, and freedom. The more vicious the assaults on them, (wrongful arrests, beatings, physical attacks on people peacefully sitting, sprinklers turned on, loud music blasting at random intervals, intimidation at strange hours of the morning, etc), the more the people came in support, and the more donations flooded in.

Yes, it was brutally destroyed. But the spirit of it and all it stands for, lives on. That will never die, for it exists in the hearts of all of us who were either there or visited.

The Freedom and Rights Coalition were tireless in their efforts to help organize peaceful protests throughout the country. A place where people could join in unity and give voice to their concerns. They helped give a voice to the people.

The lawyer Sue Grey was also listed under one of the groups and is best-known for her exhaustive work in challenging recent infringements on human rights through the courts. Most recently she was on the steps of parliament, publicly standing with another hero, Dr Matt Shelton, advising that nano-technology was contained in the experimental injections. Disinformation? Hardly.

It was also astonishing to see nzdsos.com on the list. This is a group of doctors and medical staff I implicitly trust and for whom I have the deepest admiration. They have gone out on a limb to speak out and bring people the truth. They provide meticulously researched information from international experts and by doing that the outright lies we have been told are laid bare.

They, and the other individuals and groups on the ‘list’, have been black PR’d, ridiculed, denigrated, harassed and threatened. The nzdsos.com doctors have been removed from their practices, suspended and sometimes forced into expensive spurious court cases, which simply seem designed to create further stress and hardship. So what do they do?

They open a clinic to help assist those suffering from the side-effects of the injections.

And still they all speak out to bring us the truth, to help us see what is happening, and they continue to invite anyone reading their information to make up their own minds.

Heroes. Each one.

Some of the others on the list I do not know, but they’re in great company. There are many more not on ‘the list’ who are also providing factual information to Kiwis at great cost to themselves.

I applaud them for their honour, their bravery, their courage, and for calmly and peacefully standing for democracy and making the factual information known. They are not fighting the old system as such, but highlighting the facts and getting busy creating a new world where freedom of choice and the Bill of Rights are sacrosanct.

The first part of doing that is to give Kiwis another point of view of current issues, backed by facts, that is not sponsored by government.

Perfectly reasonable in a democracy one would have thought.

I’m with them.

Dad would be too.

Just like he carried on when times were tough, so are many Kiwis, in their own way, adding to the momentum, peacefully building the world we want. Working together in unity, honouring the Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code, and standing together for what is right (for that is the way we’ll do it). That’s what will give our children, our grandchildren, and our country, a promising future.

Join us, in whatever way you can. Have a listen to other points of view. Make up your own mind and support what you know to be right.

You’ll be pleased you did.

For it is a matter of honour — for you and for each of us — just as it was for that young boy in the 1930s.

A Matter of Hnour
Mary Hobbs’ father.

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  1. Made me cry. For your dad. And the country we once had.

    Too many children lack role models.

    And now at school they learn to play along with lies. Just like their teachers.

    One brave boy at out local school asked why in learning Malori history they are not learning how they ate each other. Oops.

    Rodney Hide

    • Thank you for this very special comment Rodney and your love for the country we had and will have again… I also wish that more children had role models, rather than indoctrination. Brave boy at the local school indeed, and all part of the history, for if we pick and choose “history” the end result, from all angles, is homogenised propaganda. Many thanks RH.

  2. All those listed above as “disinformation spreaders” are heros. A change of definition doesn’t chaneg the essential character of information.

    Why is our PM prancing around on the world stage and speaking at Harvard when she coudn’t even orgainise her own wedding? There is a strong suggestion she is traitorous too being indocttinated as a Schwabian Young Leader to be a fifth columnist in our Cabinet and preumably receiving regulat updates.
    She has demonstrated little but teeth. The Maori Causus have her under their control for reasons yet to be disclosed.

    • Thanks Kevin for taking the time to comment. I think they’re heroes, too. Differing views and the freedom to speak are the cornerstones of democracy. Many thanks.

    • Kevin, Jabcinda is definitely indoctrinated by Schwab and using the PMship of NZ as ladder to higher ‘honours’ up the food chain.

      Did anyone notice Helen Clark appearing at the WEF. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. And Jabcinda starts her day with a chat with Clark, i.e instructions from WEF. It’s clear as daylight

      • What was jabcinda doing at the Blackrock HQ also? You know the same blackrock that has controlling shares in the likes of Pfizer and others? wouldnt be collecting payment and further instruction

      • Yes I noticed Helen at the WEF and was dumbfounded but not with her rhetoric. She is like Obama to Biden running the show from the basement. There is a shadow government and they have people in powerful places tripping the heals of truth tellers all day long. Remember this globalist group work 24/7 to dispell truthtellers and to shadow their everymove. From day one my gutt feel is that the fight to freedom is through the american patriot, they are working 24/7 in responmse to the true disinformation, condemnation and articulation of deconstructing society as we knew it, they are winning, i urge NZ patriots to learn from their actions. Their voices are loud and unapologetic.
        Yes it is interesting that the PM and Oconnor and others have been visiting the major partners of the WEF, they are in panic mode so people be aware that when this group of thugs steps up a gear for they are using us our families our friends in the form of policing and policymaking to disrupt and control our truth. They will never conceed and nor shall we, what is this a receipt for? let that sink in.

  3. Excellent commentary, for such a time as this we find ourselves in, it’s more important than ever to ask more questions and follow one’s instincts than to believe everything spouted from the “one source of truth”. Lessons of the past should aid us today as we recognise strikingly similar aspects.

  4. Wokeism is actually a psychopatheic disorder but presented as a influential social movement. It makes people forget about commonsense and place them into groups and polarise on trivial issues. Jabs are safe and effective, You cant fefine women or men etc are some examples. For every rule, there is an exception but rules are rules. MSM and the woke left engage in a dis/mis/mal infornation warfare and exploit the goodness of huamns for their selfish gains. Anyone disagrees with their narrative will be gas lighted and cancelled. JabSinDa is a perfect example of this Orwellian assault on public. When Hitler did this, Germans thought they were for a great cause. When people fooled by JabCinDa using the same trick, public fell for it. No wonder the American wokes praised her and awarded a doctorate.

    • I very much agree that common sense is absolutely vital, as is ensuring the Bill of Rights remains sacrosanct and that no government can tamper with it.

  5. It’s a shocking sign of the group think times we are in when scientists asking questions and publishing their conclusions get publicly pilloried and run out of their jobs, when in fact a scientist’s proper role in the world is to ask questions and publish their conclusions..

  6. Another fantastic article Mary Hobbs! Thank you for so eloquently speaking out in this age of appalling and alarming censorship against the ‘official’ narrative and thank you Daily Telegraph for continuing to provide a platform for debate 👏

  7. This is so unbelievably wrong. And you can see that there is a worldwide prescribed method of stopping the truth from getting out.
    The “lists of 12” What a terrible development. I am quite frightened about the coming onslaught.
    I wish someone had taught the PM about integrity like your father did for you.

    • Agree – hard to believe this is unfolding, that’s for sure, which is why we need to stand together and not consent.
      Worldwide. Thanks Rolf.

  8. Brilliant article Mary x x. I knew your Dad and what a great mentor he was not just for you but me also. A real inspiration and I’m all the better off this lifetime for knowing him. How lucky are we. If only everyone had ethical mentors/rolemodels with integrity and honour. What a great world this could be.

  9. I’ve seen people buckle in all walks of life thinking its an easier way to deal with the pressures of life, yet I’m not sure that pain will ever leave them on the inside.
    We have to be comfortable with our own actions and to me that is stand to your truth, anything else isn’t acceptable. Full Stop.
    I think the comment that vibrates with your father is
    Its non of my business what others think of me!

  10. Thanks Ewan. Yes, it was far more important to Dad that he stood for what was right, rather than what anyone thought of him. He had to be happy with his actions within himself and sometimes that takes a lot of courage. From what I know of your story, you are no stranger to that either. Everyone who does this makes us all stronger as a nation.

  11. Great article Mary. How liberating it is to stand on your own two feet, and stand for what is right! We are lucky to be amongst many fantastic people that will not be bribed or coerced, lead by the media, and make it an absolute priority to educate themselves and others.

  12. Well said Mary! One word stood out for me. Oppression. This is the daily reality of the New Zealand we live in today and it’s so sad to see our once great country suffering like this, thanks to the government oppressors. We need to push back against all forms oppression which threaten our democratic rights.

  13. Mary this is a great tribute to those that have stuck their neck out and have to suffer the consequences. In a global stage where the propaganda touches 194 countries in unison AKA – the dirty dozen list is now something we are all used to. How many speeches are tweaked but announced similarly and simultaneously by western global leaders? . Your Dad was a brave and humane spirit that has rightfully been celebrated here with lovely responses from everyone . Lucky Mary having him as you dad: what a guy:) chat soon

  14. I know Leighton Baker and a more honest good and decent man would be hard to find. If he makes the list then the others are in excellent company. I think the list should be interpreted as a list of who’s bravely speaking the truth in the country of lies.

  15. Inspiring article Mary. You are a shining example of what true honest journalism should be. I fear for our once great country at the moment

  16. Thank you to all the courageous, honest humans speaking out…please don’t stop. I have great admiration for you all for your integrity.
    I have this quote stuck to my fridge…” questioning and doubting what is going on these days does not make you “anti” anything. Nor does it make you a conspiracy theorist. Actually,questioning is and should be,the place of reason. The fact that questioning has become taboo,should,in fact,send a chill up everyone’s spine.”
    Never stop speaking your truth.

  17. An excellent article Mary. So well put.
    I too felt a ripple of disbelief at the pronouncement of “the single source of truth” in 2020. My immediate reaction was ” this is a cult”. Turned out to be the Cult of Covid, CoC a fitting term for those in it’s practise.
    But I welcome their “list of twelve” and revel in the knowledge that the “discrediting of 12” was tried long ago. It became the biggest worldwide movement for peace and good will on earth for over 2 millenia.
    Christianity may not be seen as perfect these days but there is no doubt it can serve as the most effective moral code and spiritual guidance for the masses.
    Identifying “the 12” I take as a symbolic admission of where the real truth and light exists and it is a priviledge to be part of that renewed “movement for peace and goodwill on earth.”

    That movement became the

    • Thank you Janya. So appreciated. Like you, I retain great faith in the goodness of the human spirit that cannot be extinguished.

    • Thanks so much Linda. Your comments, and those of all here, help encourage all of us to keep shining that light out there on our beautiful country and the world.

  18. My dad was a man of unyielding integrity. He’d say “it’s always right to do the right thing”
    I have struggled living up to his standard but I’m getting close. Thanks Mary

  19. Thank you, Mary. We must never forget who the real heroes are. Many will not receive recognition, not that they seek it themselves, but we should never forget the tireless work of many that want to make New Zealand free of tyranny.

    • Exactly Kane. So many Kiwis are working non-stop to make everyone’s lives better where there is freedom of choice, body autonomy, protection of our water so it is free from added toxic chemicals, and protection of our democracy and the sovereignty of our country. Many thanks.

  20. This article should be on the front page of every “news”paper in ths country. The unquestioning
    acquiescence of so many to the lies and propaganda is frightening. Those who have stood steadfastly in the face
    of ridicule and vilification are truly inspirational. What now?

    • Bless you Susan, thank you. In answer to your question — we surround them with our support and love, and keep working — wherever we are — on bringing people the truth. Together we are strong.

  21. This article was highly nourishing for my beleaguered faith in human nature, thanks so much. It is so hard to navigate the increasing number of people who have lost their god gene, replacing it with venom and nastiness if you say anything outside their square…
    Meanwhile, those that introduced WMD to the vocabulary are overdosing on steroids paid for with all the money piling in from their current war cries. Oh look, sigh, our fearless one, in the land of mass shootings and rule by pentagram(gon) that is intent on riling the dragon, our vital wallet… The same dragon that has virtually No gun crime. There’s a lesson here that will be banned no doubt!

    • Sea, I am so glad that my article helped lift your spirits. Never give up hope, for the resilience of the human spirit to keep going and rise above it all is as strong as it ever was. It lifts my spirits too, to know that this article resonates. It seems there are more awake than any of us realise.Thank you so much.

  22. Thank you Mary, the globalist know our every move and that we would be fighting back. Their plan is their life’s goal to pursue and complete for their own gains, they use us our families and friends to manipulate, control and police ourslves with their plan. This is a war on the world population, to subdue control and eradicate us, it is no secret since they tell us that and many stupidly applaud them. If they truely thought the planet was overpopulated then they should leave. Their response to their perception of a world too heavy in humans is a very narrow and selfish and they are not affraid to tell us their plan on one hand and deny the very same plan with the other hand. we all live on the farm and now the herd is being culled. There are wars in at least 80 countries and extreme unrest in every land on the planet. Unity must prevail as the corporates unleash tyrany on the world. Our response must change through outstanding marketing to break the spell hovering the global population. Wellington freedom village was an outstanding event and with every popular movie comes a sequel or a series and i cant wait to be part of that show.

  23. A really well written article on where your Dad and the past generation come from success comes from hard graft poverty comes lack of effort and these few journalist you mention are people with integrity and I sit here as a volunteer fire fighter being told I can’t turn out to incidents because I won’t take a booster after adverse side affects yet I work every day beside all these folk I am ever likely to turn out to assist in a emergency. We got hospitals that cannot man their bed numbers and hundreds of skilled people in the country to fill those positions and mandated out of their jobs .No room any more for their mandate as covid spread rapidly though both vaccinated and unvaccinated and nobody is a risk unless they have covid .Rather ironical I received a QSM one week for services to the community only to be stood down the following.

  24. Oh Bill, I completely understand where you’re coming from. And I salute you for your service as a volunteer firefighter, which is dangerous, challenging, sad, and yet gives enormous bonds through working together with like-minded souls in an easy camaraderie knowing you have their back, as they have yours. Until the mandates. I often wish that when one decided they would not take the experimental jab, that all of those working with that person would walk off in solidarity. If that had happened then there would have been no mandates. None. Please message me and let me know where you’re located, as I know another few VFF’s in exactly the same position and it would be good for you to know each other. Thank you Bill. So appreciated.

  25. Mary what a wonderful encouragement, thank you. What do we do to stop these thuggernauts and their lies? I want to vote for honest people like Leighton rather than David Seymour who’s sold his soul, but feel like chances are they won’t make the 5% threshold.

    • Thank you RH. I hear you! In my view it is up to us to vote for those we genuinely trust, for if we all do that then, providing we take photos of who we voted for to ensure we have proof our votes are honestly counted, it will be one good way of creating a better world.

  26. I notice that this web site does not publish dissenting comments. Gee, I wonder why. I though you *****s were all about freedom and free speech but no. You are just more m****s pretending the rest of us do not count.


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