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Census gender question – NZDSOS concerned with encouragement of ‘gender dysmorphism’

2023 Census news

Tangible evidence of the depths to which intellectually lazy but dangerous ideology has infected every level of government was shoved unwelcome into everyone’s letterboxes last week, building on carbon neutral, safe and effective, “do it for grandma” and other ideologies that appear intent on eroding yet more of the essence of being human.

Since Roman times, the census has always been hated by the people, given its end goal of collecting tax. A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) “is concerned there is far more than tax collection going on”.
Dieuwe de Boer’s article from popular news site The BFD discusses questions three and four of the 2023 Census. The answer to Question 3 “What is your gender” can be one of the following: Female, Male or Other. The 4th question on the NZ Census form asks “What was your sex at birth?” This implies that sex can be changed, a biological impossibility.

This information, along with the question about current gender identity, is of intense interest to social engineers – namely, how many of the vast majority of people born clearly male or female have been infected successfully with the society-wrecking notion that biological absolutes are sacrificeable to dogma and magical thinking? They will be wanting to test how effective their ‘woke demic’ has been.

de Boer suggests answering Question 3 with” other” and then noting your “othergender” as “none”.

“The word ‘Gender’, normally defined in the English language as either of the two divisions, designated female and male, by which most organisms are classified on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions – their sex.

“NZDSOS has become increasingly concerned with the encouragement of gender dysmorphism and its pharmaceutical and surgical ‘cures'”, said the spokesperson. Nowhere in mainstream media have underlying causes been explored, such as normal childhood behaviour of dressing up, the elephant in the room of widespread hormone disruptors in the environment or the attempted derangement of what it is to be human.

“Shouldn’t we put research money into further proving the influence of these chemicals on the psyche, then get rid of them? Let’s stop the woke social engineering that drives our young into damaging psychodramas with grossly mistaken counsellors and devastated but meekly supportive parents; to yet more petrochemical toxins in the form of artificial hormones; and ultimately the irrevocable chop of the surgeon’s knife”, said the spokesperson.

“Clearly, downfallen Scottish premier Nicola Sturgeon and the cruel ‘woke brigade’ at London’s Tavistock ‘genderforming’ clinic are feeling the public backlash for their ideological folly, and we need to make our cynicism known here too”, said the spokesperson.

We object! Humanity is a biological genus of humans, male and female, regardless of sexual preference, rather than some transhuman, gender-confused hybrid.

Read the full write-up from NZDSOS here.

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  1. Under the UN Human Rights Treaty, Part 1, Item 1.1, we see that New Zealand agreed in 1978 to be legally bound by the ICCPR Articles 12 and 17.

    Under Article 17, items 1 & 2 addresses the bound agreement that ‘No one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, etc. & ‘in reflection, the scope of Article 17 protects privacy, but also interference with the individual’s family and home life, written affairs, and personal identity and standing.’

    Most nations only ask ;
    1. How many people are living at a particular address, and-
    2. Their ages only.
    Nothing more is asked.

    This is a sneaky Labour / National Party methodology of invading our privacy and this could actually be considered to be an audit without the targeted parties being afforded legal representation(s).
    To threaten a $2K fine is also in legal theory illegal, encroaching, and a violation of privacy.

    The causal effect of this is that the Stats NZ ‘survey’ is actually an audit, and an intrusive one which we believe conflicts with UN Articles that protect us.

  2. There are questions that should not be answered. That are nobody’ s business. Such as religion, sexual orientation etc.
    I myself never answer and send back any forms. If asked why not i just say i did not get it with the post. I absolutely refuse to give info to the ” authorities”. I fill my tax
    form once a year; that s it.
    But one could make a joke of it and answering, i come from mars and i am the queen of sheeba…

  3. Our govt is an illegal entity. Since 1986 NZ give became a corporation. A corporation can not make LAWS! The answers are all there for those who research. No entity/corporation can make us fill out that form that is going under the title census

  4. There is also a prospective $2000 fine for not completing the offensive document. I picked up the nuances and was horrified. I have a 24 yr old non-binary” family member with a tribe of like friends to deal with. They are full of hate and intolerance. I suffered child molestation as a 11 yr old and found such people were on a recruiting drive to increase their ilk.

    The gulliblement has much important matters to deal with but they need a diversion for their incompetency.

  5. Crazy stuff in this census. But only two genders – male and female, just like it says in Genesis 1 in the King James Bible:

    27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

  6. Sticky beak interfering.

    The harm this ideology causes. The pervasive suggestions to young and vulnerable minds will cause irreversible damage. It is no better than other brainwashing treatments used for young adults.

  7. Brainwashing by lies, is the real job of news media. Goebbels speaking of how Hitler took control of Germany “we played the media like a piano”. Which requires control of media. Funny how Tracy Martin was the chair of the media fusing being brought in by Willie Jackson. Her previous job was as the head of child protection services. Child protection services is very well known to be franchise tool of child sex trafficking and child sex abuse business networks, where they can cover up exposure of their “friends” and get access to many more children to harm as deeply as possible. See International Tribunal for Natural Justice headed by Robert David Steele, where he claimed from the Court evidence provided that pedophilia in Australia is so bad that “Australia is ready to explode”.

    • Just read ‘The Justin Davis Files’…! It’s online as a PDF. Kinda hard to follow, but it’s all there!
      They tried their shit with our autistic child, and we caught them out via the OIA accessing our child’s SLT File.
      They were NOT there to do SLT; they were there to profile us with lies, distortions and half truths!
      This was coordinated by the MoH and the MoE due to standing-up for our human and civil rights under both NZ law and ICC law!
      They tried to remove our child out of revenge and repercussion going back to CDHB!
      They overdosed our child with HiB, and our child almost died! Autism was the result of their vaccines…!
      & look at what that bullying organisation has become! It’s fully expected with higher ups that go to other nations seeking out ‘pre-pubescent’ children…and PhD’s who engaged in 3-ways at Uni…!

  8. Census? I hope all the unvaxed didn’t fill that out, I didn’t.
    F*** them.
    Oh by the way NIGGER.
    Please do not edit muh nigger, if that southland mayor can say it then it should be able to be said here.

    • but dear, ” nigger” is from the latin words ” niger”,, “nigror” etc meaning the color ” black”.

      Nothing offensive in it. The “offence” beeig in the mind


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