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COVID Inquiry announced – but ‘Vaccine efficacy’ not included, career epidemiologist appointed Chair

COVID inquiry news

A Royal Commission to prepare New Zealand for future pandemics through lessons learned from COVID-19 has been announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today.

The Royal Commission will have no power however to inquire into and report on ‘vaccine efficacy’ – one of the most controversial issues to come out of the COVID crisis. Other contentious issues, however – mandates, vax passports, face-masks tracing and lockdowns look to be covered by the terms of reference.

A Royal Commission into the Parliament Protest has not yet been announced.

“Every country in the world has grappled with COVID-19 and there was no playbook for managing it,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“It had been over 100 years since we experienced a pandemic of this scale, so it’s critical we compile what worked and what we can learn from it should it ever happen again.

“New Zealand experienced fewer cases, hospitalisations and deaths than nearly any other country in the first two years of the pandemic but there has undoubtedly been a huge impact on New Zealanders both here and abroad.

“A Royal Commission of Inquiry is the highest form of public inquiry and is the right thing to do, given the COVID-19 emergency was the most significant threat to the health of New Zealanders and our economy since World War II.”

Today Cabinet approved the terms of reference. The Royal Commission has been asked to look at the overall response, including the economic response, identify what we can learn from it and how that can be applied to any future pandemic.

It will be chaired by Australian-based epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely, alongside two members, former Cabinet Minister Hon Hekia Parata and former Treasury Secretary John Whitehead, CNZM, KStJ. Each brings a unique set of skills, and importantly, are independent of the Government and its response.

“Professor Blakely’s understanding of public health is extensive. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to lead this work. Hekia Parata and John Whitehead will add expertise and bring useful perspectives on the economic response and the response for Māori,” Minister of Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti said.

“New Zealand’s COVID-19 response has been heavily examined, both internationally and nationally. So far 75 reviews have been carried out within New Zealand since 2020, generating a total of 1,639 recommendations.”

The Royal Commission will begin considering evidence from 1 February 2023 and conclude in mid-2024.

“A report will then be prepared which will help inform any future Government’s pandemic response,” Jan Tinetti said.

The following matters are outside the scope of the inquiry:

  • Particular clinical decisions made by clinicians or by public health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How and when the strategies and other measures devised in response to COVID-19 were implemented or applied in particular situations or in individual cases
  • The specific epidemiology of the COVID-19 virus and its variants
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • The recent reforms to New Zealand’s health system, including the organisational arrangements for public health services
  • The judgments and decisions of courts and tribunals and independent agencies such as the Ombudsman, the Privacy Commissioner, or the Independent Police Conduct
    Authority relating to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The operation of the private sector, except where the private sector delivers services integral to a pandemic response
  • Particular decisions taken by the Reserve Bank’s independent monetary policy committee during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Any adaptation of court procedures by the judiciary during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Any adaptation of parliamentary processes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The conduct of the general election during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The full terms of reference can be downloaded or viewed here.

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  1. Jabby must think we are pretty stupid not to recognise a whitewash when we see it. This is a setup from sparrow’s fart till sunset. Mind you that she called it is a smart move and her paid lobbyists will lap it up as they tell Kiwis the truth about the last few years… Bollocks..!

    • If it takes 5 to 10 years to identify the side effects of the vaccine, then this issue ‘must’ be logged in the to do list as part of this inquiry and the Commission must be held to account for this aspect.

      I sincerely believe many aspects of the response need to be reviewed as to effectiveness and impact but the signed waver with Pfizer is of significance. Will anyone be brave enough to reveal the true impact on those adversely impacted with vaccine associated lifelong impairments?

      Another concern is the inability to receive a vaccine exemption when applied for by a GP. If the GP holds the Medical records and was aware a person had been vaccine adversely impacted previously, why was it ok for this to be denied by the MOH Covid Team with the Patient paying the ultimate price due to loss of employment?

      I am looking forward to a thorough investigation as I presume there will be many other NZLrs directly affected by the decisions of this Labour Govt. Covid is now a part of everyday life and without being disrespectful to anyone who has suffered or lost Loved ones due to this pandemic…we all did the hard work and deserve honesty, transparency and a ‘thorough investigation ‘. and report.

      This Inquiry needs to be opened up to public scrutiny to enable the situation to be openly debated , the issues clearly documented , remedial work undertaken and then maybe one day it can be laid to rest.

      • Sorry to disappoint you, but there will be no thorough investigation. Its putting lipstick on a pig exercise.
        The whole narrative is wrong. There is no Covid. Once you realise CoNvid was created for the mRNA vaccines and the vaccine wasn’t created for Covid, everything will start making sense. But you have stop believing in deception.

        No Vax for HIV after 40 years of research, no vax for Cancer after 100 years of research, no vax for the humbled common cold. And YET a ‘Safe and Effective’ Vax is found in less than 12 months for a mysterious virus- a virus so deadly that you have detect it with a dodgy PCR test. Seriously? Man is equipped with common sense and logic but he hardly uses it.

        • The original cov was a planned hoax to discover how many would fall down, sadly billions did. Hardly anyone died in 2020, although the lying media et Al said thousands did, and the hospitals overflowing, which wasn’t true at all. Paid actors did the job. Because it was so successful * they* decided to have more cov and with mocking names like omicron- moronic- stupid person in the dictionary. As * they* got more confident,
          It led * them* to really stick it to us, by using real harmful and killing material to really kill us, all these cov were patented, so definately not a true disease. Big pharma’s made a killing when they **invented * a * cure* so quickly that it could never have been tested legally. All a scam, planned after ww11. To genocide us.

    • “…the COVID-19 emergency was the most significant threat to the health of New Zealanders and our economy since World War II…”
      No, no, NOOO…The COVID-19 scam tyranny was the most significant threat to freedom and health of New Zealanders and our economy since World War II… See, fixed it for you.
      Tony Blakely, a tax-funded university careerist, Hekia Parata (intergenerationally snout-troughing in politics), and John Whitehead, a former World Bank Executive Director…what could go wrong?
      It’s just another attempt to white-wash the crime that has been perpetrated upon the NZ people.
      And the matters which are deemed by our honourable (hahaha) schemers to be outside the scope of the inquiry tell it all, especially the involvement of the Reserve Bank’s INDEPENDENT (hahaha) monetary policy committee.
      Just another scam to pull the wool over the sheeples eyes.

    • Agreed. According to my point of view, this commission has a mission to analyzing all the data regarding NZ legislation connected with COVID for future use that must prevent people’s rights. All points above are related only with NZ legislation not prevention. Agreement with Big Pharma says that legislation regarding pandemic must be above national legislation.

    • National? ALL parties in parliament were in on this horrendous scam to further impoverish and make people more dependent on government. ALL OF THEM!!!

      • Correct. No mainstream party can be trusted. One of the worst ones are the Greens. One of their leaders is the biggest purveyor of the man made climate change hoax. Everywhere you look, you find a fake.

  2. “It had been over 100 years since we experienced a pandemic of this scale”
    Utter bollocls. There have been many but none with a sales campaign like covid.
    “and the response for Māori”
    One must assume from this that Maori have different immune and economic systems. Who knew?

    • They always try to hit every point on the diversity bingo card in all their announcements.

      “Muh Maori”
      “Muh women”
      “Muh LGBT and other marginalised communities”

      I’m frankly surprised they didn’t find a way to wedge CLIMATE CHANGE in there.

  3. * Why she threw the `Pandemic response plan` in the dumpster and decided to wing it with a whole new plan that they just made up on a day to day basis that was based on politics.

    • Theatre for the journalists.

      So that the professional dingbats on the platform and Newstalk ZB can spend the next few years sighing exasperatedly at callers and saying, “Ugh, this stuff has been thoroughly investigated and debunked, you’re wasting our time, I’m cutting you off…”

      More fake and contrived legitimacy to keep the normies uninterested and fast asleep, even as their blood clots grow, their cancer rates increase and their tickers implode. Utterly maddening to have to watch it happen in real time.

      Our biggest mistake was assuming common sense is common.

  4. We all know this will be a backslapping whitewash wasting millions of dollars.

    The pathetic narrow terms of reference says it all.

    Jab safety and the 64,000 reported adverse reactions is so far outside of scope it didn’t even make the ‘outside the scope’ list.

  5. NZ has never previously had a plandemic directed by Fauci. Having such an adviser who had a financial interest in the outcome should have immediately been rejected by NZ’s gulliblment. The whoe Scandemic appears tainted by fraud.

    • NZ would never rejected the scamdemic. Jabsinsiter is of Klaus’ foot soldiers. People like her, Trudeau, Albo, etc are all hand picked young leaders that Klaus keeps banging on about. Once she became the PM, it was game over for NZers. Remember Fauci is not only the one who made bucket loads, how do you think Jabbis net worth all of a sudden went upto $25 million?

  6. They just want to do an inquiry so they can work out how to stop so much dissent from happening next time.
    The lame stream media are already saying the “Anti Vaxx” movement (their phrase not mine) is shrinking, however when you talk to ordinary people Vaxxed and Unvaxxed it is actually growing.

  7. Why not get an independent body to do the inquiry? I don’t think it will be a fair and just, they will just please the pm in the report. I pray that NZers have woken up and able to read between the lines.

  8. I guess by ‘adaptation’, the crippled epistemologists wrangling these miserable rules; around the stinking elephant in the room they apply to; meant addressing any ‘unconstitutional ‘or ‘illegal’ or ‘without due process change’ to legal, moral, and ethical court and parliamentary processes and principles this idiot government ran over on their way to anal SCWHABS barby.
    “Whitewash” doesn’t begin to describe this Machiavellian travesty. The questions not to be addressed, are an open admission to every specific ill the past 3 years has delivered. Every single real question to be asked, is covered in the list of questions NOT to be. The three stooges sitting at the high bench might as well be waving their flags in the support of holocaust. That the VAERS and YELLOW-CARD and EU data, numbering the DEAD and HARMED due directly to this toxic gene therapy, in the hundreds of thousands, will not be addressed by the omission; pretty well sums up the times we live in. If you changed ONE WORD in the title; to shift this pile of garbage into the world of pain we the people are experiencing during this needle cultist pogrom, it would be to to change the word ‘outside’, to ‘inside’: So that it reads “The following matters are INSIDE the scope of the inquiry:”

    Then we would get something Done.


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