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Ditching Paul Hunt a good start, but not enough to fix the HRC – ACT

Human Rights Commission news

“The Justice Minister’s decision not to reappoint Paul Hunt is a good start, but doesn’t go far enough to acknowledge the Human Rights Commission’s rot,” says ACT MP Todd Stephenson.

“Just this week the Human Rights Commission hired an additional high-paid chief executive and launched a new gold-plated ad campaign, pushing the ‘partnership’ Treaty interpretation and decrying pay gaps. The Commission is practically begging to be scrapped.”

“The Commission’s ‘must-do’ list could easily be mistaken for that of any left-wing action group. We’ve got no shortage of lefty lobby groups in New Zealand and ACT doesn’t see why taxpayers should fund an extra one.”

“The Commission is beyond salvage. It needs to be abolished, with its resources allocated to more worthy causes.”

ACT renews call to abolish Human Rights Commission

“The Human Rights Commission’s appointment of a second Chief Executive is just the latest example of a taxpayer-funded bureaucracy serving itself at the expense of delivery for New Zealanders,” says ACT MP Todd Stephenson.

“Julia Amua Whaipooti comes direct from left-wing criminal justice reform group JustSpeak, where she has promoted ‘a world without prisons’. The appointment comes after the Commission also hired Claire Charters, a co-author of the radically divisive He Puapua report.”

“ACT has long said the people at the Human Rights Commission are left-wing activists masquerading as politically-neutral bureaucrats. There’s no denying it now.”

“The Commission continues to exploit precious taxpayer resources to promote co-governance, and has previously campaigned in support of benefit hikes, a ‘living wage’, and restrictions on speech.”

“The new co-Chief Executive, entering a position advertised with a salary of up to $286,900, will serve in addition to the existing two bosses. The Commission boasts how this expensive appointment reflects its dedication to Treaty partnership principles. It’s a thumb to the nose of every New Zealander who voted against co-governance in October’s election.”

“The tidiest course of action is to abolish the Commission entirely, commit to political neutrality in the public sector, and leave ideological debates to elected representatives. The money saved could be redirected toward core services, debt reduction, or tax relief for working Kiwis.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. get rid of HRC, most unions as though do not support their members especially the through plandemic, housing and urban development, thousands of houses could have been built with the salaries paid to these people who have no accountability to the thousands of people and children living on the streets or in disgusting motels that are not fit for rats! HNZ another failing government funded department who are not following healthy homes, there are HNZ homes also not fit for rates but HNZ staff don’t give a stuff. cyfs is another as for MBIE what a joke! they are a big part of the plandemic – INZ bringing misery on migrants shame on you!!!

  2. This Auckland War Memorial Museum seems to be outside its jurisdiction also
    Lighting up for what is tolerated as Israel
    Flying Ukrainian Flag on ANZAC Day
    Both abhorrent woke culture

  3. Ditch the HRC- we have found that they did NOTHING for the disabled members in our family!
    They can also get rid of the Commerce Commission, and the Consumer Rights Advocacy, which always places the onus (NOT to be confused with ‘anus’ which is where many policies seem to come from…) onto the complainant.
    This is similar to the post-death actions involving the Freemasons, and the missing Great Masonic Restrainer, Manly Palmer Hall, post his death in 1990.
    That is when, all of a sudden, we had ‘Service Managers’ appear in the hospitals, cushy hospital jobs went to the wives and children of the Masonic Doctors, Board Members, etc., and the ranks of Government Employees began to swell to the point that the bureaucracy that created stifled any services that the public called upon.
    Unless…of course,…you’re from a family that is ‘In The (Masonic Lodge) Know’..!
    Those who were ‘In The Know’ had supreme health services extended to them, especially if one was not only Masonic, but also J*****!
    Don’t even get me started with the Zionist-based Banking Ombudsman who did not even react nor offer help top recover funds when a South Island resident was ‘De-Banked’…plus the overcharging of fees, services, etc. later to be was proven in a complaint that was separate from the Ombudsman.
    The J**dicial System is biased, deeply Masonic and Zionist, and targets the ‘profane’ and those ‘Not In The Know’ in order to deny them their factual due-process after discovering that it was a part of the Deep (Zionist) State and the Old Boy / Girl Network (Masonic) who may have have wronged them.
    But then the ‘unenlightened’ end up spending tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to seek unbiased ‘justice’ when actually none exists for the common non-Masonic non-J***** Kiwi…!
    The Masonic and Zionist / J***** Lawyers on both sides are then laughing all the way to their Zionist Global Banksters…!

  4. Wasn’t Paul Hunt related top former Parliamentarian House Speaker from 20 years ago to Jonathan Hunt, who was later posted to the UK?
    I remember when a Labour Party back-bencher in 2003 brought up the subject of Masonic influence in the NZ House, & Jonathan Hunt immediately cut her off and sent her out of the House for the rest of the day…!
    What did the then-NZ House Speaker have to hide?
    And the current NZ House Speaker was reported seen going to a Masonic Lodge meeting in Fendalton in full regalia some years ago…so it’s just like the U.S. Presidency in many globalist ways as many are Deep State Luciferian positioned in government, whether ‘elected’ or not on a global basis!
    All but two (2) U.S. Presidents have been Freemasons, and the two (2) who were not were…(you guessed it!…) ASSASSINATED!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Good riddance to Paul Hunt. He’s done NOTHING for human rights in this country. Now go through the rest of the public service and get rid of most of them. What do these paper shuffling academics actually do anyway? Nothing has improved in this country so what’s the point in most of these Ministries and Departments? Save this country some money and DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  6. NZ has a Bill of Rights which cover all the key human rights, although the Labour government chose to override a number of those rights, backed up by ALL the parties in parliament in the case of coercing vaccination. There’s no need for a Human Rights Commission, particularly on the record of the past 6 years, where it has shown itself to be overtly racist and ideologically motivated.
    Great to hear Hunt is going but we now have even more extreme Left-wing, high salaried top managers being employed!!!
    ACT are clearly opposed but it looks like National/NZ First think this is a good idea.

    Come on guys. This is a bad example to set in your first two weeks in government, especially when you’ve pledged to hack back staff across the public sector.
    Close it down and use the money saved for something worthwhile.


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