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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Pandemic policy is not based on science, so what is it based on?

Pandemic policy news

For the last year the Hatchard Report has been publishing discussions carefully referenced to published scientific papers.

These reveal an evolving picture. Unfortunately government policy has remained fairly static over the course of the year and has consequently become detached from the scientific record.

The questions everyone is asking: “How could this have happened?” and more importantly “Why is it still happening?”, and finally “Will I survive this madness?”.

It is important not to lose contact with commonsense

NZ has simultaneously the world’s highest rate of both vaccination and Covid. Record levels of all cause mortality. Unprecedented rates of vaccination adverse effects. A failing hospital system overwhelmed with a great variety of health conditions, much of which is unrelated to Covid.

Draw your own conclusions, it is not very difficult is it?

It is all too obvious that something has gone terribly wrong with our pandemic policy but the government is obstinately clinging to its course. Today enforcing compulsory mask wearing in schools. Tomorrow, who knows what they will do?

Scientists around the world are becoming noticeably more cautious about endorsing mRNA vaccines, some are openly changing sides. The German government has officially admitted a high rate of serious adverse effects following mRNA vaccination and encouraged its citizens to seek help.

Despite this, anyone publicly stating the obvious is still being cancelled by social media giants (YouTube, Google, FB, Twitter), MSM, and the pharmaceutical PR machine. Even sharing scientific papers might get your account deleted.

It all has a disturbing ring of unreality doesn’t it? It either makes you laugh or cry.

Don’t worry, the tide is turning, a sense of desperation is creeping into the pro-mRNA narrative. These are some common tropes which we fact check:

This is only a preprint paper, therefore it is not peer reviewed, so its conclusions must be suspect.
FALSE: Actually almost all Covid publishing is preprint. There are very good reasons for this, Covid mutates so quickly that papers would be out of date if they had to go through the lengthy peer review process before seeing the light of day. In any case, preprint papers are strictly vetted by journals.

It was a study done on mice, so it doesn’t apply to humans.
FALSE: Lots of studies are done on animals as a precursor to assessing the risks for humans. It is standard procedure.

mRNA vaccine does work because it is actually a therapeutic vaccine designed to alleviate symptoms.
FALSE: The term ‘therapeutic vaccine’ was first used in 2010 and is limited to certain experimental pharmaceuticals designed to aid treatment programmes for diseases such as HIV. They are administered after infection. mRNA vaccines are administered before infection.

My eye drops say they could cause irritation to one in every thousand and I use them every day without harm, so even if the vaccine has side effects it is actually very safe.
FALSE: People aren’t dying after using eye drops, as they are after mRNA vaccination.

mRNA vaccination prevents long covid
FALSE: studies show vaccination reduces incidence of long covid by only 14%, which is negligible especially when weighed against the high risk of adverse effects.

Our hospitals are overwhelmed by unvaccinated Covid patients. I am so glad that I am fully vaccinated otherwise my Covid symptoms would have been worse.
FALSE: the rate of hospitalisation per 100,000 boosted individuals exceeds that of the unvaccinated.

mRNA vaccines cannot affect the DNA in your liver because the studies were done in vitro and don’t apply to real life
FALSE: In vitro studies are routinely taken as key indicators of potential human effects.

You’ll have a hard time proving that vaccines cause harm. Temporal association doesn’t amount to causality
FALSE: Temporal association has traditionally been considered the primary indicator of causality.

Herd immunity is a conspiracy theory
FALSE: It is a highly verified epidemiological concept. Unvaccinated people are 97% protected from reinfection after their first Covid inflection, but the vaccinated remain vulnerable due to mRNA vaccine induced immune deficiency.

Masks prevent transmission and infection
FALSE: New Zealand is masked up. Go figure.

Unvaccinated people are reservoirs of infection, they are passing on Covid to others even if they have no symptoms
FALSE: We are getting very silly now, but some NZ GPs are circulating this mush.

It is a curious feature of pandemic times that some scientists and medicos want us to transfer our allegiance from our time-honoured cultural, educational, sacred, and scientific traditions, to their own inventions and imaginings. They want to deny the existence of cultural diversity, scientific inquiry, natural remediation, and ethical morality in favour of their own dictated absolutes. Now their view of health is falling apart.

We are in what physicists might call a ‘phase transition’. As the reality of poor and dangerous outcomes of pandemic policy begins to sink home, a period of confusion, disbelief and desperation is becoming more general. The potential profits and income from pandemic products and services is beginning to look far less desirable even to its beneficiaries who are looking over their shoulders as Covid catches up with them.

It is a time to stand firm, to hold on to the Self, to remember traditions and historical lessons. A time to understand science as a process of verification rather than a dogma. A time to rekindle our understanding of the sanctity of life. In the end truth alone triumphs.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Some more facts:
    1. The virus did not evolve naturally; it was very very likely made in a US lab introducing gain of function, according the Lancet Committee Chair Professor Jeffrey Sachs.

    2. The so called experts can little clue on a artificially created virus. They all got it wrong most of the time but do not want to admit it.

    3. No cost-benefit analysis. The Great Barrington Declaration. of scientists and experts were ignored in totality. Media was used to smear.

    4. No accountability on the trillions of dollars spent collapsing economies and supply chains.

    5. Circumstantial evidences such as practice games on covid outbreak run by WHO well before the pandemics. WEF, Bill Gates and others were pushing the forthcoming outbreak. MSM and other governmental bodies simply ignoring all this and call it as “conspiracy theories”.

    6. Why WEF graduates such as Jabcinda are more tyrannical than others? Are they making independent decisions? The answer is an obvious NO.

    TRUST is lost completely. Only false propaganda stays with public due to MSM and other blak leg fake experts who work for their persoal growth and funding boost.

  2. I have asked my vaxxed family do they know how many people die on average every year in New Zealand?

    Most have no idea or guess something like 5,000. The real number is 34,000. Yes that’s right! 34,000 die every year in New Zealand!! That’s 93 people who die EVERY DAY on average BEFORE covid came along!

    FACTS people FACTS.

  3. I agree Guy, we must still stand firm, we have got this far. Empathise with those who are now starting to feel deceived. I can hear a change of some peoples attitudes especially once they get covid despite being vaccinated. They see their unvaccinated friends not suffering health issues and they are angry they took it.

    A dear friend of ours has just in his 50s had a massive stroke. It’s so hard to believe. He’s a great guy, and for his age quite active and fit too. I pray he can recover. Just too many coincidences for my liking.

    Was talking to a customer the other day and she told us about one of the rescue helicopter pilots who was affected by the vaccine and can no longer fly the helicopter. Just heartbreaking stuff. ????

  4. Science has been replaced by scientism, denial and ‘magical thinking’.

    I’m stunned by the number of people who still believe the jabs are ‘safe and effective’, even though they’ve now mostly all caught covid, some twice.

    “But it would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t taken the vaccine” is always the propagandised pre-programmed mantra response.

    We live in truly bizarre times.

  5. Laughable. Biden is double vaxxed, double boostered and takes anti Covid pills. Guess who’s got Covid. I know two people who have taken all the shots plus the flu shot and they are very ill!
    Baker is a hypocrite. He said in an interview in 2020 that masks are a waste of time. Now he is paid to strenuously promote them.
    Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles was ticked off by the media council for not telling the truth. Why should I believe her.
    A sea change is coming folks.

  6. Speaking with my quad jabbed doctor friend. He is concerned about what they refer to as “long covid”. In conversation , he suggested it is unknown who get’s this and how bad they get it. Though he did suggest there is a correlation to an auto immune reaction where your own body attacks your vital organs. Of course, this is caused from getting covid. Symptoms range from fatigue, to more serious cardio vascular disorders. Patients are Covid negative, have had covid, though now have this mysterious ailment.

  7. The Vaxxed will have a hard life ahead of them there immune system will be stuffed they will catch virus after virus.

    • Don’t worry, I’ll bet all of our taxpayer’s money paid by Labour to New Zealand’s mainstream media, that Pfizer will have a very expensive vaccination or two for this, with several boosters to follow.

  8. One thing that is not mentioned is that the mRNA used in the injections is unique in the sense that the key element of uracil has been swapped for pseudouridine. Why is this significant? The change has been described as making the mRNA more biologically stable. A common statement you hear repeated is that mRNA will break down in the body after a few hours or days. The studies show otherwise. One study showing mRNA persisting in the blood at 2 weeks post injection, while another study shows mRNA in the tissue of the germinal centers at two months post injection. This is a significant difference in the pharmacokinetics of mRNA that should not pass unnoticed.

  9. On the back of the mRNA biological stability (and why it would be important) sits the idea of genetic vaccines having two distinct phases of pharmacokinetics (PK). There is a pharmacological phase along with the immunological phase. What this means practically is that without PK study the estimated risk assessment is only a guess. A useful study is found titled “Establishing the Pharmacokinetics of Genetic Vaccines is Essential for Maximising their Safety and Efficacy.”


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